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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 9 Recap

After fighting day and night, the O&T system is finally restored! Zhou Rui and Luo Jia rushed to the computer room. Fortunately, everyone heard Mr. Zhou. Luo Jia immediately notified Du Heng of the good news. In the evening, Chen Mingkai bought delicious treats for everyone. Zhou Rui looked at the busy Luo Jia, secretly photographed her and sent a private message, and the two ridiculed each other on WeChat.

Liu Bo told Luo Jia that he would not be able to ascertain the responsibility until tomorrow morning. Zhou Rui called Patrick and learned that most of the company’s R&D department had been laid off, and Patrick had resigned.

In the afternoon, Liu Bo quietly told Luo Jia that based on the combination of several sets of data, there should be a problem with their technology. Although he cannot be 100% sure, if the third-party internal test results come out, the responsibility lies with Wellcome and they will be more passive. The conversation between the two was inadvertently seen by Fang Wei passing by.

Mr. Liu asked Du Heng to write a detailed report to the city government. Because logistics has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives, he should not consider compensation for now. He needs to deal with the aftermath completely. Du Heng plans to hold a press conference and respond directly to the media. This incident.

Lin Zhenwei arranged for Luo Jia to deal with the accident. Luo Jia reported that the system malfunction was caused by the excessively high carrying speed. She suggested that the company prepare for compensation. Lin Zhenwei asked if the technical department found hidden dangers during the test? Luo Jia truthfully answered that it was because he found out that he decided to cooperate with Jieke, so that he can learn from each other’s strengths and satisfy customers.

Lin Zhenwei accused Luo Jia of arbitrarily calling the shots. Now it must be determined that there is a problem with Jieke’s system. Luo Jia opposes it. , She didn’t want to defeat Jieke in this way, Lin Zhenwei warned her to pay attention to her position.

Zhou Rui intends to truthfully state this matter in front of the public. He is dissatisfied with Master’s decision not to prevent the company from abolishing the R&D department when he was in a state of exhaustion. Chen Mingkai asked him to wait for the O&T project to end before discussing it. Zhou Rui was angry that the project itself was both a sales and a salesman. It is R&D.

The R&D department is the heart of the company. Master supports them to stabbing a knife in the back, not only themselves, but also self-harm. Chen Mingkai shouted that the premise of R&D is that the company must live, and he is not fighting the battle alone! Zhou Rui applied to let Fang Wei enter the sales department, and he came to bring it. Chen Mingkai hoped that he would bring more than himself.

Before the press conference, Fang Wei presented the speech draft prepared by the public relations department to Zhou Rui. The company’s point of view was clear and the responsibility of Wellcome should be passed to them. Fang Wei mentioned that he saw Mr. Liu Gong and Mr. Luo in the computer room last night. Muttering, think they are very guilty.

Luo Jia was the first to speak. She stated that this failure was not directly related to Wellcome’s products, but Wellcome, as the first supplier, will do everything possible to assist the partners in sharing it. After Luo Jia got down, Du Heng bluntly said that her speech made him very disappointed. Fang Wei jumped up to question Luo Jia’s reason, and Zhou Rui pushed him onto the seat.

Zhou Rui, speaking as the representative of Jieke, stated that no matter who is responsible for this failure, Jieke will do its best to minimize the user’s loss. He must rush to the computer room as soon as possible to ensure that the fault is eliminated and the data is restored. After Zhou Rui came down, reporters surrounded him and asked whether this statement was a counterattack against Wellcome’s dumping of the pot. Zhou Rui refused to answer. He saw Luo Jia leaving the meeting place, and hurriedly chased it out.

Luo Jia asked why Zhou Rui didn’t speak according to his speech. His speech was clearly a victim’s face. Zhou Rui explained that the company’s speech was written for Wellcome. He could not confront Luo Jia. Luo Jia satirized him. There are ways to win, Zhou Rui felt that she had overreacted, and Luo Jia left with disappointment.

Du Heng thanked Zhou Rui for not turning the press conference into a farce of excuses, but the remarks reminded him would push the company to the opposite side of public opinion. Zhou Rui said that the first batch of data relocation can be completed within 24 hours, but it will take 2-3 days for all to be completed. Du Heng hopes to be faster, and Zhou Rui promised to do his best.

Wei Yan met Li Dong privately and said that he had friendship with Lin always in Wellcome. If Li Dong wanted to acquire Jieke, he could help. After that, he met with Lin Zhenwei again and reported that according to his wishes, the company’s R&D department had been abolished by half through operation. Lin Zhenwei judged that the capital chain of Jieke would soon be broken after the press conference. At that time, it was the best time for him to acquire Jieke. opportunity.

Chen Mingkai called and criticized Zhou Rui for accepting Wellcome’s dumping. This would make Jieke very passive. Zhou Rui explained that he was concerned about public opinion, and Chen Mingkai was angry that public opinion could not solve the huge compensation for him.

Zhou Rui apologized to Patrick. He blamed his own problem for compelling him to resign. He asked Patrick if the underlying platform of O&T this time uses the solution they developed before, can this problem be avoided? Patrick hopes that next time they can use the self-developed system, he will drive away and hug Zhou Rui to say goodbye.

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