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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 23 Recap

Since Xu Fengnian abducted the princess Pei Nanwei, the story of King Jing’an angrily smashing the Buddhist temple spread throughout the capital, from the court and the officials to the civilians. The current emperor smiled with joy, sitting and watching Beifang and Qingzhou forge a deep hatred, as everyone knows, it is exactly what the other side wanted.

But now, Qingzhou has found a living game, but Jiangnan Dao has become a dead game. Because of Xu Zhihu’s fame, the Lu family sued Shengjia, and Yang Taisui believed that Xu Xiao had nothing to break and would lose. Unexpectedly, Xu Xiao didn’t rush to ask what kind of chess player was the most terrible, and immediately disrupted the chess game and repeated the next game.

A group of people here left Qingzhou and crossed Yuzhou, drove across the border of Qingzhou and Yangzhou, and arrived at Yangcheng, Yangcheng, just across the street from Lu’s house in Nahuting County. Yangcheng is different from Beifang. The so-called south of the Yangtze River is quieter, and the folk customs are not as sturdy and martial as that of Beifang. Therefore, Xu Zhihu married here. Among the many women, the habits are more unique.

Nowadays, Xu Zhihu has fornication with the man of the Liu family, and everyone in Liyang City knows that, except for the maid, Er Qiao, the entire Lu family does not want to see this young and old grandma, even the lowly slave woman can wantonly bully. Xu Zhihu is not angry and ironic, taking advantage of today’s good mood and not worrying about each other, eagerly looking forward to the long-distance reunion of the two brothers and sisters.

As Xu Fengnian and others were struggling during the trip, they simply found a restaurant in the city, and then looked for the eldest sister when they were full of food and drink. However, the group dismounts and enters the shop, watching six directions and listening to all directions. It happened to hear that the diners next door Xu Zhihu had no shame, and repeatedly seduce Mr. Chengzhai Liu Liting to no avail. In the end, he was slapped by his wife in Baoguo Temple and insulted her as a two-legged incense burner. .

The diners talked more vigorously, talking loudly, and it was so lively, unexpectedly Xu Fengnian got up suddenly and slammed into the wine table next door, frightening everyone away. At the same time, the carriage Li Chungang was riding in had not yet entered the city. He fell asleep and snorted. When Yu Youwei and Jiang Ni were chatting, they were shocked to learn that the king of Chu had given him the death of Lu’s son to lead the army, but Jiang Ni is very indifferent. After all, she is rarely known as a princess, and she doesn’t have to worry about seeking revenge from the Lu family.

When the carriage entered the city to rendezvous, Xu Fengnian borrowed the rune dagger from Li Chungang, and told Li Chungang and Wei Shuyang to take a group of female relatives to Lu’s house, and he was going to Jiangxin County to investigate. He must find out the truth of this rumor. Shu Xiu quickly found out about Liu Liting’s residence. It is understood that Liu’s family is at most a second-class gentry in Yangzhou, and Liu Liting, who is fairly knowledgeable, came out.

On the other side, Wei Shuyang and others came to Lu Mansion to visit, in order to visit relatives as the main purpose, by the way, they borrowed to stay overnight. How did he know that he knocked the door for a long time and didn’t see a response. After a while, someone opened the door. The other person was Lu Dongyang, the second housekeeper of the Lu House. This person was not surnamed Lu, but was given a surname by the head of the family because of his loyalty.

Such a glorious glory made Lu Dongyang doomed and ignored others at all. Even if Shizi Bei Miao visited, he was still unmoved and pointed to the “free” sign hanging on the door to inform today. Avoid seeing guests. As soon as this remark came out, everyone was both surprised and indignant. Wei Shuyang begged Lu Dongyang to pass on Xu Zhihu on his behalf. Unexpectedly, he bluntly said that Xu Zhihu had corrupted his family style and was not worthy to show his face.

Listening to such insults, Jiang Ni in the carriage was so angry that she wanted to rush out to make a theory, but Yu Youwei was firmly held back by her. On the other hand, Jade Bird didn’t say anything, stepped forward and kicked Lu Dongyang down, pierced the door with a long knife, and let his men demolish the door of Lu’s house. Lu Dongyang, who was originally domineering and arrogant, was paralyzed because of this. Tangxi sword fairy Lu Baijie heard the sound and wanted to ask the sword god Li Chungang to compete, until Xu Zhihu came forward to calm down.

Xu Fengnian lay on the roof of Liu’s house and watched. When he saw Liu Liting for the first time, he knew that the eldest sister would never like this kind of person. Everyone knows that gentlemen go to cook, but Liu Liting often cooks for his wife. Because she is related to the harem empress, it is probably the scholars who have always been soft and hard.

Just as Liu Liting’s sweet words to please his wife, Shu Xiu suddenly broke into the room, sat at the table swaggeringly and tasted it, openly showing that he had an enmity with Bei Fu, so he wanted to kill his adulterer, the daughter of Bei Fu. Liu Liting is also a person who is greedy for life and fear of death. He hurriedly wanted to separate himself from Xu Zhihu. Taking advantage of his wife’s carelessness, he raised the inkstone and stunned her. Only in this way can he tell Shu Xiu the truth.

Just like what Xu Zhihu and Jade Bird said, it is said that the Lu Family’s grandmother seduced Liu Liting, but Liu Liting often entangled Xu Zhihu. Every time the other party went out, they would find various opportunities to meet each other, send poems, and praise. It’s a pity that Xu Zhihu was unmoved.

The reason Xu Zhihu didn’t defend himself was because he felt unnecessary. At the beginning, he married the Lu family because of a political marriage. There was no choice. Today, it is more open. But Xu Zhihu learned of the danger of Xu Fengnian’s assassination through listening to the birds, and he was deeply worried, and he was also concerned about his younger brother in Longhu Mountain.

Shu Xi took out the rune dagger and reported the identity of the princess of Chu. Liu Liting believed that it was true. He immediately took out the letter he exchanged with the imperial court concubine from the bookcase, indicating that the court was afraid of the North, so he let himself deliberately corrupt Xu Zhi. Tiger’s reputation, including the fact that he had sent his wife to report the misunderstanding of the country’s temples, and used the power of the same clan to spread rumors against the Xu family.

Standing outside the door, Xu Fengnian walked directly into the room. After confiscating the letter, he asked Ning Emei to tie Liu Liting’s hands and feet, and drag him to Lu’s house on horseback in public. At this moment, Zhao Kai came to Longhu Mountain and happened to meet Xu Longxiang. He couldn’t help laughing at fate, so he ordered Jin Jia to do it.

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