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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 22 Recap

Jingan Wang Zhaoheng came over, and Xu Fengnian had to get out of the carriage when he knew about it. Zhao Heng must be a bad person when he came. Xu Fengnian said he wanted to talk to Zhao Heng alone. Xu Fengnian said Wang Mingyin was dead, and Xu Fengnian knew about Lu Wei Dang. This assassination was shown to people in Beijing, and Xu Fengnian knew that Zhao Heng had always loved Pei Nanwei.

In order to irritate Zhao Heng, he deliberately walked very close to Pei Nanwei. Xu Fengnian was also thinking about what kind of person Zhao Heng Jingan was. If a person in the city mansion is so deep, he would not let everyone know. Xu Fengnian said that there is one that can let him go. The reason for this, in fact, Xu Fengnian wanted to use Pei Nanwei to let everyone know that Qingzhou and Bei Miao would never cooperate, when Xu Fengnian would take Pei Nanwei away.

On the surface, everyone would think that Zhao Heng would hate Bei Mao. The assassination of Lu Weidang must be shown to the court. Xu Fengnian actually wanted to cooperate with King Jing’an. He knew that it must be regrettable that King Jing’an did not seize Jiangshan. I have to say that Xu Fengnian knows people’s hearts very well, and Zhao Heng is naturally willing to cooperate with him, and also gave Xu Fengnian a box of sword books, thinking that he will definitely be able to use it in the future.

Xu Fengnian asked if he had sent Haha girl to assassinate him. Zhao Heng also admitted. Before he left, Zhao Heng told Xu Fengnian to kindly remind Xu Fengnian not to take Pei Nanwei to Wudi City. This woman must have asked. He suspected that Pei Nanwei approached deliberately. Son Zhao Xun, so I married her first.

Pei Nanwei breathed a sigh of relief after seeing Xu Fengnian coming back. Pei Nanwei cursed Xu Fengnian for being ruthless. After all, he knew that someone was going to assassinate him, and even asked Pei Nanwei to come over. Xu Fengnian said that these soldiers are soldiers, and the meaning of soldiers is Protect ordinary people like Wang Linquan’s family. All the sacrifices of Xu Fengnian are kept in mind, but if there is another choice like this, he will still do it, saying that Ning Emei kneels and salutes Xu Fengnian, and Xu Fengnian returns.

Jiang Ni found that Xu Fengnian’s eyes were bleeding, and he said that Qiqiao would die if he bleeds. Li Chungang said that digesting the true energy forcibly absorbed might make Rhubarb court perform better. Xu Fengnian said that both his mother’s death and Lao Huang’s death must avenge him. Li Chungang used his true energy to help Xu Fengnian introduce his veins, and Xu Fengnian screamed along the way.

Grandpa Wei stopped the carriage, and Li Chungang said that no one could help him, and that he had to bear the pain. Everyone didn’t hear Xu Fengnian’s voice worrying that Xu Fengnian might not be able to resist. Shu Xiu planned to find another way, but was stopped by Ning Emei. Shu Xiu said that he was just a guard and not a soldier.

After saying that Shu Xiugang was about to leave Xu Fengnian, he walked out of the carriage. When he came out, Shu Xiu knelt in front of Xu Fengnian and apologized. Xu Fengnian didn’t care, because Bei Meng would surely be able to accommodate Shu Xiu when he was so big.

Xu Fengnian came to a waterfall to take a bath and recuperate his body and mind. Now Xu Fengnian in the Rhubarb Court has reached the fourth level, but this speed is very fast. Xu Fengnian also asked Li Chungang to teach himself a little martial arts. Li Chungang passed the two-sleeved green snake to Xu Fengnian and asked if Xu Fengnian is really weak if he can’t learn when he arrives in Wudi City.

Grandpa Wei told Xu Fengnian that the soldiers from Qingzhou were chasing him. It turned out that it was Zhao Xun who came to ask Pei Nanwei. When Zhao Xun saw Xu Fengnian, he asked him to hand him over. Xu Fengnian said he could ask Pei Nanwei, but Pei Nanwei did not answer. At this time, Chu Lushan also hurried over. Chu Lushan’s reputation was well-known throughout Beifang, and Zhao Xun knew that he could not beat Chu Lushan and had to leave first. Xu Fengnian asked Chu Lushan to quickly meet Beifang, and before he left, he asked Chu Lushan to bring Pei Nanwei and Qingniao back to Beifang.

Zhao Kai felt that Chu Lushan had come, and now it was even more difficult to kill Xu Fengnian. Zhao Kai’s master came and told Zhao Kai that there were other ways to kill Xu Fengnian. Only by killing Xu Fengnian could Zhao Kai step into the court smoothly. Chu Lushan instructed Xu Fengnian thousands of times, and also gave the ashes of Lu Qiantang to Chu Lushan to take back. Even though Jade Bird was ill, she still asked to go with Xu Fengnian, but Xu Fengnian did not refuse. Xu Fengnian told everyone to go to Jiangnan to find her eldest sister at the next stop.

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