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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 7 Recap

Qianqian told Wu Shiyi that the person calling 120 was Dapeng and his location was his home. The medical expenses had been paid in advance, and he was deducted from his salary. The Marquis was familiar with him, and he also taught Wu Shih that he should treat himself as a friend and brother. Qian Qian couldn’t help being in his early years.

She told the Marquis about what happened to Wuxi over the years. After his parents divorced, Wu Tianyi was eager to prove that he was deceived in investment. The job is very important to her, and I hope that the Marquis will cooperate with her as much as possible, and don’t let her lose her job because of his willfulness. The Marquis quickly agreed and asked Wu Tianyi how much debt he owed, but Qianqian did not answer.

Wu Shiyi wanted to leave after the nurse came to check, but the Marquis said that he would stay with her to accompany her. Wu Shiyi was a little surprised. Wu Tianyi did not forget to call Li Shu while lying on the hospital bed to explain that the problem was not Wu Xi, but Dapeng. He had to say that it was related to his daughter’s reputation. Wu 11, who came back from dinner, was very moved when he heard these words.

President Ma was worried that Liu Tiehao would confess him, but if he thinks about it carefully, it will not do any good. After all, he is the God of Wealth. Liu Tiehao has to be sentenced to at least three months’ imprisonment, and will find him if he needs money after he comes out. But President Ma was not willing to leave so easily. He wanted to make good use of these three months to earn a huge fortune for himself and Min.

The Marquis and Wu Shiyi stayed with Wu Tianyi one day and slept in the ward at night. The Marquis sent a message to apologize to Wu Shih. Today, he ran to fight with others and made Wu Shihn even care about his father’s illness. Thinking about it, he was quite a bastard. If there was no such thing as today, Wu Shiyi would not care about Dapeng, but after today, she also wanted to retaliate severely against the scum.

The Marquis actually envied the father-daughter relationship between Wu Shiyi and Wu Tianyi. Wu Shiyi asked him and Hou Zhirong along the way. The Marquis said that he was not good to his mother, but he did not want to elaborate. The Marquis also said that he would try his best not to provoke Wuxi again. This night was also the night when the two of them gradually opened their hearts.

The company account was transferred with 20 million yuan, and the whereabouts were unknown. Hou Zhirong was very dissatisfied with this, but he didn’t even have a single object of suspicion. This matter was obviously done by President Ma and Xiao Min, because Hou Zhirong had always trusted President Ma, so there was no doubt.

Zhang Yingnan went to the hospital to visit Wu Tianyi. The Marquis hired a caregiver for him, and Wu Tianyi asked her not to worry. Wu Tianyi said that he had gone to Dapeng, and he figured out that Dapeng had derailed first. Zhang Yingnan was also very angry. He heard that Dapeng was participating in the selection of writers recently. Peng squeezed out the top ten. Dapeng was helpless about this. He didn’t want to get into trouble, so he mixed oil with Li Xuemei.

Hou Zhirong suspected that Xiao Min was the number one winner in the college entrance examination and had a high IQ. It was easy to do this kind of thing, and Ma always had a guilty conscience. Haixing bought a lot of dishes early in the morning and made a sumptuous takeaway called Wawa to give money and money. Seeing that Qianqian was a little bit yin and yang, Wawa turned around and groaned when she gave the things to her, making her feel helpless. Qianqian didn’t want to suffer without merit, but Haixing didn’t want his money. His mouth was a kind of native love. Wawa’s expression became even more ugly when he heard these words.

The Marquis accompanied Wu Shiyi to the hospital to see Wu Tianyi. Seeing that he told them to go, but actually expected them to stay, the Marquis offered to stay with him tonight. Wu Shiyi was both awkward and moved. Turning around, the Marquis rented two escort beds and came back. He was still working quietly at night and said he was going to the company to get things.

Wu Shiyi quickly got up and followed. Xiao Min was always worried and afraid that Hou Zhirong would find out about this incident. President Ma hid in the stairwell to comfort her and said that Hou Zhirong could not find it out. There was no need to be afraid. The Marquis and Wu Yi were also returning to the company at this time.

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