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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 9 Recap

Wang Sumin revealed that Li Ping began to suspect that Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo were in a relationship. Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin were both surprised, just in time for the traffic jam, Chen Zhuo pretended to introduce the night scene of Beijing to Wang Sumin calmly.

Chen Zhuo took Wang Sumin to the train station. He was curious about how Li Ping knew about the two of them. Liu Xiaomin remembered that Li Ping came to her for a pregnancy test today, and accidentally saw Chen Zhuo calling her, so Li Ping asked Wang Sumin. In this matter, Chen Zhuo didn’t want to secretly communicate anymore, and wanted to disclose their relationship to their families. Liu Xiaomin strongly protested. She and Jin Jiajun had a tense relationship and didn’t want to make it worse.

Liu Xiaomin made a leek and egg pancake early in the morning, but it turned out to be a mess. Jin Jiajun ran back and saw the smoke billowing from the kitchen, so he hurried in to help clean up the scene. Looking at the gooey egg cake, Jin Jiajun guessed that this was Liu Xiaomin’s first time cooking and was concerned about how to solve her usual breakfast. Liu Xiaomin always went to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast. When she learned that Jin Jiajun likes rice noodles, she wanted to make it for him tomorrow. To eat, Jin Jiajun asked her to prepare milk and bread.

Liu Xiaomin brought Jin Jiajun a box of milk and told him to go to school after drinking it. This morning was to answer questions. Jin Jiajun could go later, and Liu Xiaomin asked for leave to take him to a place. Liu Xiaomin took Jin Jiajun to the vicinity of Tsinghua University by taxi, and bought a pancake at a roadside stall. Liu Xiaomin went to buy water. Jin Jiajun learned from the stall owner that the corner ahead was Tsinghua University, and he was ecstatic.

Liu Xiaomin took Jin Jiajun to visit Tsinghua University. Jin Jiajun wanted to see the computer department he coveted, but the students were in class, so the two of them had to sit on the chairs downstairs to enjoy the shade. Jin Jiajun only applied for the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University last year, but he fell out of the list by a third. Liu Xiaomin is a pity for him. Jin Jiajun decided to apply for several more majors this year.

When Liu Xiaomin saw Tsinghua students riding bicycles through the campus, she was envious, so she and Jin Jiajun also found two bicycles to tour the school. Li Ping invited Chen Jiajia to dinner and gave her a small gift, and took the opportunity to ask her if Chen Zhuo had a girlfriend. Chen Jiajia firmly denied that Chen Zhuo commuted to get off work on time every day, and even if he went to the supermarket to buy things, he would come back soon. Li Ping didn’t believe it, but there was no solid evidence.

Jin Jiajun ran back at night. He came to the bathroom of Liu Xiaomin’s bedroom to take a shower. He felt embarrassed. Liu Xiaomin had to hide in the living room and recite words. The underwear was washed quickly with Liu Xiaomin on his back, both mother and son were embarrassed.

Liu Xiaomin asked Chen Zhuo to accompany her to the home improvement market, and wanted to renovate the bathroom in the guest room and install a shower room. Chen Zhuo felt it was too troublesome, so he came out and said, taking the way he and Chen Jiajia get along as an example, Liu Xiaomin decided to change rooms with Jin Jiajun, Chen Zhuo went to the house to help her pack her clothes and move the desk. Liu Xiaomin took the opportunity to ask him for tips on getting along with the children. Chen Zhuo suggested that she communicate with Jin Jiajun more.

When Jin Jiajun came home from school, he was very sorry to see that Liu Xiaomin had changed his room. Liu Xiaomin has a habit of cleanliness. She cleaned the bathroom in the guest room again, but she still felt awkward. Liu Xiaomin called Chen Zhuo overnight for help, and Chen Zhuo advised her to get used to it first. Liu Xiaomin couldn’t sleep after changing the room, so he had to get up in the middle of the night to find sleeping pills. Jin Jiajun couldn’t sleep either, so he and Liu Xiaomin changed the room again overnight.

Nengcheng school is about to hold a sports meeting. Chen Jiajia inquired about what projects Jin Jiajun reported on. Jin Jiajun had not thought about it yet. Liu Xiaomin came to the school to pick up Jin Jiajun for dinner. Chen Jiajia envied him for having such a gentle and virtuous mother.

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