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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 8 Recap

Hong Wei was going abroad to sign a contract. He was worried that Li Ping would be at home alone, and promised to fly back immediately after finishing the work. Li Ping took three years of injections to get pregnant with this child. She would take good care of her body and advised Hong Wei not to worry. Li Ping suddenly felt uncomfortable, Hong Wei asked her for warmth, Li Ping did not want him to worry, and persuaded him away in a few words.

The more Li Ping thought about it, the more afraid she became. She called Liu Xiaomin immediately for help. Liu Xiaomin took her to the obstetrics and gynecology department for a careful examination. The fetus was normal, and Li Ping was relieved. Liu Xiaomin thanked her for helping Jin Jiajun report to the Rocket Class, and suggested that she set up a file in the hospital to facilitate future pregnancy tests. Li Ping naturally could not ask for it, and casually talked about Jin Bo asking her to find a job. Li Ping excused that he did not want Jin Bo to affect Jin Jiajun’s affairs. Learning rejected him, and Liu Xiaomin didn’t care either.

Chen Zhuo suddenly called Liu Xiaomin, Liu Xiaomin hurriedly hung up, Li Ping accidentally caught a glimpse of Chen Zhuo’s name, and calmly asked Liu Xiaomin to go out to pick it up. Li Ping called Chen Zhuo quietly. His mobile phone was always on the phone. Li Ping immediately understood that Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo had an abnormal relationship, so she decided to ask Wang Sumin about the situation.

Li Ping called to invite Wang Sumin to dinner. Wang Sumin had already booked a train back to Jiujiang tonight. Li Ping invited her and afternoon tea, sent a driver to pick her up on the way, and bought two boxes of bird’s nest. Li Ping invited Wang Sumin to drink tea, first chatted with her about family affairs, and then talked about her ex-husband Chen Zhuo. Wang Sumin lied that she did not know Chen Zhuo. Li Ping tried her best to match Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo, but Wang Sumin politely declined.

Wang Sumin packed her luggage and then cleaned up her house. She called Liu Xiaojie to inform Liu Xiaojie to come back for dinner at night. When Liu Xiaomin came home from get off work and saw Liu Xiaojie at the door, he knew that his mother was leaving. Liu Xiaojie struggled to keep him. Wang Sumin wanted to go back to his hometown to participate in the free medical examination for retired employees. Liu Xiaomin no longer insisted. Liu Xiaojie wanted to drive her home during the Qingming Festival, but Wang Sumin didn’t let her go.

Chen Zhuo made braised pork, Chen Jiajia feasted on it, and casually mentioned that she invited Jin Jiajun to eat cold noodles. Chen Jiajia curiously inquired about Jin Jiajun’s parents’ divorce. Chen Zhuo asked three questions, and Chen Jiajia was not allowed to tell others about the family. Chen Jiajia and Jin Jiajun It was only by comparison that she found that she was very happy, not as bitter as Jin Jiajun.

Wang Sumin made rice noodles in his hometown. Both Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie had a great time eating. Wang Sumin revealed that Li Ping invited her to have afternoon tea. Before she could finish speaking, Jin Jiajun went home from school. Wang Sumin had to shut up and hurriedly served him a meal. Wang Sumin asked Liu Xiaomin to help take care of the three potted flowers, and reminded Liu Xiaojie to be cautious about relationships. Finally, Wang Sumin told Jin Jiajun and Liu Xiaomin to get along well, and Liu Xiaomin advised Wang Sumin not to get angry anymore, she claimed that she was no longer angry.

Chen Jiajia gave Chen Zhuo a pair of sneakers and persuaded him to go out to exercise more. When Chen Zhuo saw that she was drawing a portrait, he curiously asked who it was. Delivering milk and fruit, she has to concentrate on finishing the painting. Chen Zhuo called Liu Xiaomin and learned that Wang Sumin was going back to Jiujiang tonight, so he decided to drive Wang Sumin to the train station and came to Chen Jiajia to ask for leave.

Jin Jiajun gave Wang Sumin a power bank, and then said goodbye to her. Chen Zhuo drove to pick up Wang Sumin and coaxed her into laughing with his three-inch tongue. Wang Sumin thanked Chen Zhuo for taking care of Liu Xiaomin all the time, and reminded them to keep a low profile and not let Li Ping know that they were in Chen Zhuo promised to communicate with each other, and wanted to wait until the children went to college to talk about it.

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