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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 14 Recap

Liu Xiaojie took a taxi to go to work early in the morning, and when she was about to reach the publishing house, there was a sudden traffic jam on the road, so she had to walk on crutches. Liu Xiaojie was queuing up to buy breakfast at the coffee shop downstairs. By chance, he met Xu Zheng who came to this building to meet a client. He learned that Xu was a business lawyer in the firm next to him, and that the client was also on the 21st floor. Xu Zheng and Liu Xiaojie took the elevator upstairs while chatting. , Xu Zheng wanted to invite her to lunch after seeing the client, and Liu Xiaojie agreed.

Tong Bing came to Liu Xiaojie to ask for money on the order of his mother, and kept claiming that the house they bought when they got married has now risen in price, and Liu Xiaojie should give him another compensation. Xu Zheng came to protect Liu Xiaojie in time, claiming that he was Liu Xiaojie’s lawyer, and Tong Bing left in anger.

Chen Jiajia is inseparable from Jin Jiajun every day. Jin Jiajun is worried that Li Ping finds out that they are dating and reminds her to keep a low profile, but Chen Jiajia disagrees. Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo came to the school to pick up their children. Chen Zhuo wanted to drive Liu Xiaomin and Jin Jiajun home, but Liu Xiaomin politely declined. She wanted to take Jin Jiajun to dinner and then walk home. Chen Zhuo no longer insisted.

Jin Bo then came to the school and wanted to talk to Jin Jiajun about work. Jin Jiajun saw that he had something to do and wanted Liu Xiaomin to go home alone. Jin Bo proposed that the family of three eat together, but Liu Xiaomin was inconvenient to object. Jin Jiajun accompanies Liu Xiaomin to buy dishes, and repeatedly explains that he did not let Jin Bo come. When Liu Xiaomin went to the bathroom, Jin Bo urged Jin Jiajun to find a job as soon as possible. The creditor sent messages every day to urge him to pay back the money. Liu Xiaomin borrowed money, but Jin Jiajun resolutely refused.

When Liu Xiaomin returned to his seat, Jin Bo couldn’t wait to ask to borrow money. Jin Jiajun hurriedly stopped him and took him to the bathroom to wash his hands. Jin Bo had to go together. He insisted on borrowing money from Liu Xiaomin. Being able to earn 50,000 yuan, Jin Bo was worried about delaying his studies, but Jin Jiajun had made up his mind, Jin Bo felt very guilty, but he had no choice.

Chen Zhuo took Chen Jiajia to dinner, and Chen Jiajia was in a good mood, chatting and laughing with Chen Zhuo along the way. Chen Zhuo received a call from the real estate agent Xiao Sun and learned that the tenant had moved out ahead of schedule, so he took Chen Jiajia to collect the house. The tenant left a lot of garbage, and Chen Jiajia made an appointment for deep cleaning on the spot. After Chen Zhuo and Xiao Sun finished the handover procedures, he looked around the familiar home and couldn’t help thinking of many interesting things about Chen Jiajia’s childhood. Both father and daughter were very emotional.

Liu Xiaojie was going to take a taxi home after get off work. Xu Zheng drove his beloved sports car to pick her up, bought her fish maw chicken soup, and sent her home. Liu Xiaojie asked Xu Zheng to stay for dinner, and even cooked sour soup and fat beef. Qian Feng then came to deliver food to Liu Xiaojie, Xu Zheng complained that Qian Feng should not buy chicken crispy bones for Liu Xiaojie, Qian Feng thought the chicken soup was too fishy, ​​Xu Zheng hurriedly found an excuse to leave.

When Qian Feng learned that Xu Zheng sent Liu Xiaojie home, he was very puzzled. Liu Xiaojie told the story one by one. Tong Bing went to the company to ask her for money. Feng insisted that Xu was a liar, and deliberately sought opportunities to approach Liu Xiaojie. Liu Xiaojie joked that he was persecuted and delusional. Qian Feng still felt that Xu Zheng was suspicious. Liu Xiaojie saw that he was jealous and was jealous that Xu Zheng was handsome and handsome. Desperately defend.

Liu Xiaomin accompanies Jin Jiajun to exercise in the morning, and casually asks about Jin Bo’s current situation. Liu Xiaomin wants Jin Bo to rent out the old house left by his father, and persuades Jin Jiajun to work hard to prepare for the college entrance examination and not to worry about Jin Bo’s affairs. As soon as Qian Feng went to work, he complained to Chen Zhuo, thinking that Xu Zheng was plotting against Liu Xiaojie, and Liu Xiaojie looked at Xu Zheng with affection. Qian Feng admitted that he had been in love with Liu Xiaojie since his freshman year, and he was ashamed in front of Xu Zheng. All aspects of the conditions can not be compared with Xu Zheng.

Chen Zhuo complained that Qian Feng did not express his feelings to Liu Xiaojie sooner. Qian Feng regarded Liu Xiaojie as a goddess. Just because he didn’t understand, Chen Zhuo encouraged him to make a bold confession to Liu Xiaojie.

Liu Xiaojie took a taxi to work early in the morning, and Xu Zheng came to pick her up on time. Liu Xiaojie was about to park near the publishing house, worried that his colleagues would talk, but he was seen by two female colleagues. They asked Liu Xiaojie and Xu Zheng whether they were dating. , Liu Xiaojie defended in every possible way. Qian Feng thought about it again and again and decided to express his heart to Liu Xiaojie tonight. He was very nervous and came to Chen Zhuo for help again.

Liu Xiaojie suddenly called Qian Feng to have dinner. Qian Feng was very unhappy when he learned that Xu Zheng would also go. Liu Xiaomin heard that Liu Xiaojie had sprained her foot and wanted to see her, but Liu Xiaojie had already made an appointment with Qian Feng and asked Liu Xiaomin to bring Chen Zhuo to dinner. Chen Zhuo drove to pick up Liu Xiaomin from get off work. Liu Xiaomin was worried about the discussions of his colleagues and did not allow Chen Zhuo to come to pick her up at the main gate. Chen Zhuo had to agree. Liu Xiaomin wanted to take him to dinner with Liu Xiaojie and the others. Opportunity to be alone.

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