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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 13 Recap

Chen Jiajia and Jin Jiajun confirmed their romantic relationship. She was in a good mood. She painted a portrait of Jin Jiajun overnight and sent a message to chat with him. Jin Jiajun kept answering “yes”. Chen Jiajia was very disappointed and forced Jin Jiajun to admit that they were very happy together. Jin Jiajun had to do , Chen Jiajia cheered happily.

Chen Jiajia went to school happily in the morning and couldn’t wait to see Jin Jiajun. She followed Jin Jiajun all day long. Jin Jiajun was still attentively listening to the lecture. After school, Chen Jiajia asked Jin Jiajun to take her home by bicycle. Along the way, they talked and laughed. Soon they arrived downstairs at Chen Jiajia’s house, and the two of them reluctantly said goodbye.

Qian Feng asked Liu Xiaojie to play basketball after get off work. Liu Xiaojie wanted to play badminton. As soon as they entered the court, they saw Xu Zheng. Xu Zheng hurried over to greet them and proposed to play mixed doubles. Liu Xiaojie suddenly slipped and fell to the ground, Qian Feng hurried over to greet her, Liu Xiaojie screamed in pain, Xu Zheng picked up Liu Xiaojie and went to the hospital.

The doctor checked that Liu Xiaojie had a soft tissue contusion and needed to rest in bed for a period of time. The doctor explained the precautions for nursing care, and Xu Zheng asked the doctor about the dietary taboos. Qian Feng went to pay the fee, Xu Zheng put Liu Xiaojie’s feet on his lap, Qian Feng saw this scene from a distance, and his heart was sour, Qian Feng took the initiative to ask Liu Xiaojie to go home, Xu Zheng had to leave first.

Jin Bo went to the convenience store to buy things, but was blocked by the creditor at the entrance of the hotel. He never expected the creditor to chase him from Jiujiang to Beijing. He was so frightened that he begged for mercy. Jin Bo promised to pay back 50,000 yuan within two weeks. In other words, if Jin Bo can’t repay the money on time, he and Jin Jiajun’s fingers will be chopped off. Jin Bo was desperate and had to call Jin Jiajun overnight. Jin Jiajun was very angry.

Jin Bo kept claiming that he had paid off the debt. Jin Bo admitted that he had lied, but he did not want Jin Jiajun to be distracted. He asked Jin Jiajun to borrow 50,000 yuan from Liu Xiaomin, but Jin Jiajun did not want to. Troubled Liu Xiaomin and wanted to work part-time to pay Jin Bo’s debts, but Jin Bo couldn’t think of any other way, so he had to give him a try.

Chen Jiajia sent a message to Jin Jiajun, and called him without waiting for his reply. Jin Jiajun just said that there was something at home and asked Chen Jiajia to rest early, but Chen Jiajia didn’t ask any more questions. The next day, Jin Jiajun didn’t come to class for a long time. Chen Jiajia sent several messages in a row, but Jin Jiajun didn’t reply. She was so anxious.

Jin Jiajun went to look for a job early in the morning, and accidentally saw that the Internet cafe was recruiting game sparring players. He hurried in and applied for the job. The third brother of the network administrator asked him to find a machine to practice his skills. Thinking that he can be a sparring coach for professional competitions, Jin Jiajun just wants to know how much he can get, and then add WeChat to his third brother.

Chen Jiajia finally found Jin Jiajun after a lot of troubles, without questioning him indiscriminately. Jin Jiajun was inconvenient to explain the truth, so he tried his best to find an excuse to cover up. , yelled at Jin Jiajun, turned around and left in a fit of anger, Jin Jiajun hurriedly caught up with her, apologized to her again and again, and Chen Jiajia asked him to invite him to dinner.

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