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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 12 Recap

Qian Feng and Liu Xiaojie took great pains to send Chen Zhuo upstairs. Liu Xiaojie didn’t want to arouse Chen Jiajia’s suspicion, so he said goodbye to Chen Zhuo at the elevator entrance and promised to go back to appease Liu Xiaomin.

Qian Feng sent Chen Zhuo home, Chen Jiajia hurriedly settled Chen Zhuo on the sofa, and Qian Feng left with confidence. Chen Jiajia saw that Chen Zhuo had something on his mind, and Chen Zhuo described in detail the whole process of Li Ping chasing him back then. He used to love Li Ping very much, but Li Ping didn’t love him anymore. Chen Zhuo advised Chen Jiajia to find someone who would love him in the future. Chen Zhuo said that the more sad he was, and finally burst into tears. Chen Jiajia was sure that he was in love, and asked who the other party was, but Chen Zhuo didn’t mention a word.

Liu Xiaomin watched the video of Chen Zhuo singing to her from beginning to end and was deeply moved. Qian Feng gave Chen Zhuo two virtual game experience tickets. Chen Zhuo was not interested in them and complained that Qian Feng was unreliable. Qian Feng took great pains to get these two tickets. Express delivery to Chen Jiajia, and call Chen Jiajia on the spot, Qian Feng was so angry that he could not laugh or cry.

Liu Xiaomin sent the video to Chen Zhuo, but Chen Zhuo didn’t reply for a long time, so she had to call and admit her mistake, and wanted to meet with Chen Zhuo for a detailed discussion, which Chen Zhuo could not ask for. Chen Jiajia invites Jin Jiajun to participate in the game experience. Jin Jiajun has no time to take the physics Q&A class. Chen Jiajia is not willing to give up. She asks Li Ping’s secretary Lisa for help, lying that the reporter wants to interview Jin Jiajun to deceive him, so Jin Jiajun has to accompany her to play the game experience.

Chen Zhuo came to the appointed place early, and Liu Xiaomin came later to force Chen Zhuo to admit his mistake to her. Chen Zhuo didn’t remember what happened last night at all. It rained suddenly in the sky, Chen Zhuo hurriedly took Liu Xiaomin to the door of a flower shop to avoid the rain, Liu Xiaomin found the video of Chen Zhuo singing, Chen Zhuo admitted her mistake and asked her to delete the video, Liu Xiaomin wanted to use this threat in the future Chen Zhuo, Chen Zhuo promises not to make Liu Xiaomin angry again.

The flower shop owner then rushed back and let Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin go in to take shelter from the rain. Chen Zhuo chose a bunch of sunflowers for Liu Xiaomin.

Jin Jiajun played games with Chen Jiajia, but Chen Jiajia was quickly defeated. Jin Jiajun played with ease, like a fish in water, Chen Jiajia had a good impression of him, and took the opportunity to ask what kind of girl Jin Jiajun liked. Liu Xiaomin opened up to Chen Zhuo and told the secret that had been hidden in his heart for many years. Li Ping made up limericks to make fun of her for wearing small white shoes. Chen Zhuo thought that Li Ping was jealous.

Then, Liu Xiaomin told in detail how she and Mrs. Su met friends through poetry. However, Su’s wife suspected that the relationship between the two of them was not normal, so she made the matter public. The next day, Mr. Su was silent. Liu Xiaomin had always been burdened with guilt towards Mr. Su. Chen Zhuo persuaded Liu Xiaomin with kind words and encouraged her to face it firmly. , promising to stay by her side all the time to shield her from the wind and rain, Liu Xiaomin moved to tears.

When Liu Xiaomin went home, he put the sunflowers in a flower pot, trimmed them carefully, took a photo and sent them to Chen Zhuo. When Jin Jiajun came out of the room and saw the bunch of flowers, Liu Xiaomin gave him one. Chen Jiajia asked Chen Zhuo for advice on the concept of love. Chen Zhuo completely forgot what he said last night. Chen Jiajia hesitated, and Chen Zhuo suspected that she was in love.

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