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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 8 Recap

At the live broadcast of “Da Guan Lun”, the host Linda solemnly introduced the historical same frame of Nan Zhou Rui Bei Luo Jia, and asked the two to express their views on “winning or losing”. Luo Jia believes that there will be harm if there is competition. Zhou Rui pointed out that Wellcome’s high-paid hiring of himself is also based on competition. If competition is unscrupulous, and eventually become a slave to competition, his hurdles cannot be overcome, and his views have won the scene thunderous. Applause.

Du Heng’s superior, Mr. Liu, saw Zhou Rui on TV and knew that he was the one who made Du Heng an additional 64 million investment. He instructed that Beijing’s operation was already on track, and the next step would be in North China, Northwest China, and Northeast China. For promotion, Du Heng hopes to promote it on a large scale after repeated internal testing. Mr. Liu believes that it should seize the opportunity.

After Chen Mingkai saw the show, he was angry that Zhou Rui did not go to Fast to collect the funds, but he became popular in the live broadcast room. His wife reminded him not to really let Zhou Rui go. Chen Mingkai was confident that Zhou Rui was eager to win, and Wei Yan would not do it with him. go.

After the show ended, Zhou Rui stopped Luo Jia and suggested that the two should work together to collect the money, but Luo Jia flatly refused. At this time, the two of them received a call at the same time, and there was a problem with the O&T system.

News media reports: O&T system server failure caused congestion in multiple channels of urban traffic. Luo Jia saw a long queue in the traffic jam, and went down for a run to the O&T computer room. At this time, Du Heng was furious and scolded the various departments. The public relations department explained that the outlets were violent, the logistics information was garbled, and the media had been blocked at the door. They could not control public opinion. Du Heng ordered all departments to prepare for a press conference. All vacations are cancelled.

Zhou Rui came to the O&T computer room. The technicians reported that the server was suddenly paralyzed with garbled characters, and alarms broke out. They suggested to restart the system. Zhou Rui initially judged that the failure was caused by insufficient computing power. Restarting could not solve the problem and the system should be reinstalled.

Du Heng reminded that tens of thousands of messages have been lost, and the loss of reinstallation will be even greater. Zhou Rui suggested building a temporary computer room to transmit the data first, otherwise more orders will be lost. Reinstall the system to reduce the loss. At the very least, he needs eight to ten hours.

Luo Jia also worried that reinstalling the system may cause a large amount of cargo to be stranded or even lost. Du Heng emphasized that Zhou Rui should understand the responsibilities he will bear. Zhou Rui fully understands and hopes Du Heng believes in himself. Du Heng promptly arranged to find equipment for data backup and prepared to reinstall the system. Zhou Rui hurriedly called Patrick, but could not be reached.

Fang Wei got news of Cao Tianyou, he immediately asked for leave and rushed to Fast to block Cao Tianyou, asking him to either pay back the money or give the equipment.

Luo Jia asked Zhou Rui whose system failure was, Zhou Rui was noncommittal. Luo Jia said that everyone wanted to see their jokes, but she wanted to see how Zhou Rui created miracles. Patrick finally called, but he still couldn’t come because he had something more anxious at hand.

Chen Mingkai led all the staff of the sales department to the logistics scene to help carry the fresh produce. This incident was reported by the media on the spot. Wei Yan called him on a video call and relayed the resolutions of the board meeting that was being held. The company decided to cut expenses and abolish the R&D department. Chen Mingkai was angry that his soldiers were fighting on the front line, but they were discussing how to deal with the funeral.

The board of directors explained Fast People ran away, and the balance payment couldn’t be recovered. There was something wrong with the O&T project, and the company needed money. At this time, Patrick rushed over and pointed out that technical defects can be remedied, but the R&D department is the core of a company. R&D takes time. They are eager for R&D and eager to sell. They only see profit. He wants to resign in a fit of anger.

When Zhou Rui learned of this, he quickly called Chen Mingkai, hoping that he would let the chairman cancel the resolution. Chen Mingkai arranged for Wei Yan to contact the disaster recovery computer room, but he said that the negotiation had been inconclusive two months ago, and Chen Mingkai furiously hung up the phone. He had no choice but to mobilize everyone who has channels to contact quickly.

The Complaints Department reported to Mr. Du that a large number of complaints were received. Du Heng discovered that 7,000 packages were sent to the same branch. Liu Bo from Wellcome immediately checked the source of the 7,000 packages.

Luo Jia saw that Zhou Rui was violent on the phone and couldn’t find the disaster preparedness machine room, so he had to give them the equipment of Lao Cao first. She explained that Cao Tianyou bought two pieces of equipment with the same amount of money. Later, the funding link was broken and it was not acceptable.

They didn’t give Jieke’s equipment to them. Now this set of equipment can be used for Jieke’s disaster. Only then did Zhou Rui know the ins and outs of the matter. He suggested that the two subordinates of the equipment should discuss it after using it, Luo Jia The reply was not discussed. Zhou Rui received Fang Wei’s call and arranged for him to immediately pick up Patrick Lee and go directly to Wellcome’s computer room.

Ye Chaodong saw that O&T had an accident. He did this project. He hoped that Wei Yan could protect himself if something happened. Wei Yan promised to protect only the monk but not the temple.

Patrick came to the disaster preparedness computer room, and the technicians followed Luo Jia’s instructions to provide him with the greatest technical support. Zhou Rui cooperated with Patrick on the other side to restart the server to try to synchronize data.

After reading the report at home, Lin Zhenwei asked Linda to help design a hot search on Farmers and Snakes. He pointed out that it was because the customer gave up 20% of the share, and now he suffers from the consequences, no matter who is responsible for the accident. Must be identified as Jieke.

This sudden incident gave Fang Wei a new understanding of sales. Zhou Rui told him that if he thinks that sales are just signing a contract, then he can’t do anything. He asks Fang Wei to smell Mr. Luo’s hair. There was a bad smell, Fang Weigang approached, Luo Jia told him to stay away from him. Zhou Rui comforted Fang Wei that Cao couldn’t run away and asked him to help them get some food.

Late at night, Luo Jia caught a cold and kept sneezing. Zhou Rui brought her a bed blanket, Xiao Le brought a cup of hot coffee, Luo Jia fell asleep against the wall after drinking, and Zhou Rui used her mobile phone to secretly take photos and then lay down. Falling asleep on the ground, Luo Jia awoke and took pictures of Zhou Rui’s sleeping posture.

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