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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 7 Recap

When Zhou Rui was dating Luo Jia, he received a message that his grandmother was hospitalized. After paying the bill, he apologized to Luo Jia and wanted to rush to the airport immediately. Luo Jia had no choice but to pack delicious food.

Congratulations to Luo Jia that he is one step closer to financial freedom, but this profit does not affect the current valuation of Jieke. He wants Luo Jia to dig Zhou Rui over. In the evening, he and the director have a meal and can propose that Luo Jia be promoted to the company.

The vice president, Luo Jia bluntly confessed that once Zhou Rui was hired, she would be assigned a deputy with no real power, so that the options promised by the company could be delayed indefinitely. Lin Zhenwei saw that Luo Jia didn’t take this set, so she had to ask her to open the conditions. Luo Jia said that she would weigh Zhou Rui’s conditions.

Lin Zhenwei appeared on Linda’s TV program “Daiguan Theory”. In the program, he said that the future development direction of Internet companies is the competition of technology and talents. What Wellcome has always been doing is inclusive. After the show, Linda said that Wellcome was responsible for the traffic of their show, and their duty was to be the diversion.

Wei Yan felt that it was inappropriate for him to arrange the meeting between Lin Zhenwei and Chen Mingkai. Lin Zhenwei accused Wei Yan of failing to do the O&T project. If he wanted to make up for the damage, he had to do so.

When Zhou Rui got off the plane, he went to the hospital to visit his grandmother Shen Jiazhen. Yang Lu took the opportunity to complain to him that Wang Yinan’s last time broke the company and the company almost lost its profits. Yan waited for everyone to post money back. Many old customers heard that Zhou Rui had transferred to North China, and they started looking for new partners. The most frightening thing was that Wei Yan was too hard-hearted, and everyone never knew what he was thinking. Zhou Rui comforted Yang Lu to come back and accompany her to clean up the situation when he stabilized in North China.

In the car, Chen Mingkai reminded Wei Yan that now he can only cooperate with Zhou Rui. Wei Yan said that he ran into Mr. Lin on “The Theory of Daguan”. He wanted to see Mr. Chen. Maybe it was because of O&T project cooperation that he wanted to show goodwill and listen to outsiders. Rumor has it that Wellcome wants to acquire Jieke, the two parties already have a valuation.

Chen Mingkai said that the rumors he heard were that Wei Yan deliberately suppressed the order, did not take a vacation at all, and secretly communicated with other companies. He didn’t believe this, only to see who brought profits to the company. But whether Lin always asked Wei Yan to speak up was just a coincidence, he didn’t know.

Zhou Rui sent a voice message to Luo Jia in the office to apologize. Luo Jia was outside the door. She came to send Zhou Rui a formal letter of appointment. After all, the previous two appointments were in informal occasions, but Zhou Rui didn’t even have any interest in opening it. Luo Jia suggested that he check it out because there were conditions he couldn’t refuse. Zhou Rui saw that the annual salary was empty and asked him to make a price. Luo Jia said frankly that it was his own intention the first two times, but this time it was President Lin’s intention. Zhou Rui still refused.

Luo Jia learned that everyone in the company had experienced it, and asked Zhou Rui to take him to the place where he closed last time. In the utility room, Luo Jia said frankly that even if Zhou Rui didn’t care about himself, Mr. Du would extend the test time. Zhou Rui felt that Luo Jia and Du Heng had a better relationship, while Luo Jia believed that the two of them cherished each other. Luo Jia asked Zhou Rui to see the hole he smashed in the door last time. When he approached, Luo Jia quickly went out and locked Zhou Rui inside. Zhou Rui bet her for twenty minutes to calm down, and Luo Jia went away.

When Chen Mingkai arrived at Lin Zhenwei’s office, he was watching a video of Zhou Rui and others fighting in Fast. Lin Zhenwei pointed out that the board of directors only gave Chen Mingkai less than a year, and he planned to acquire Jieke. Chen Mingkai said that unless Jieke’s CEO changes, it cannot be named Lin. At this time, Lin Zhenwei received the message, and the other party persuaded him to abandon the acquisition plan during Chen’s tenure. Lin Zhenwei no longer insisted, and invited Chen Mingkai to drink. Chen Mingkai took the initiative to add him to WeChat, suggesting that he should not pass through others when meeting in the future.

Lin Zhenwei asked Cao Tianyou to go to the tennis court and hit him with a tennis ball. He was angry that Cao Tianyou sold his equipment. Cao Tianyou admitted that he sold 20 million, but reminded Lin Zhenwei that he let himself sell Jieke’s equipment to Wellcome. He was concerned about the problem, and he recorded all the calls at that time. Lin Zhenwei promised to help Cao Tianyou smooth the 20 million account, but warned him that this was the last time. He confiscated Cao Tianyou’s phone and let him disappear for a while.

Fang Wei and Ye Chaodong came to Fast Company to collect funds, but they didn’t expect people to go to the building, only a few Qingyuan chickens were left. Zhou Rui reported the incident to President Chen. Wei Yan added fuel to the fire. Zhou Rui was angry but quarreled with him. Chen Mingkai threw out the Jieke acquisition plan of the board of directors and asked them to see if they could resist it for a while. Wei Yan angry company This month’s profits have all filled Fast’s holes, and Chen Mingkai said that both of them have to bear this responsibility.

Luo Jia was very annoyed when she learned that Cao Tianyou was running away. She reported to Lin Zhenwei that the second installment of Fast Cao would not be paid in the short term. Zhou Rui also refused the company’s invitation. Lin Zhenwei asked Finance to close the account first. Luo Jia Said that the project did not go through her, she can just ask, but if there is another next time, it is best not to let her know. After Luo Jia left, Lin Zhenwei called Linda and asked her to help with the video of Jieke’s last fight.

Liu Ming called Luo Jia, he found Cao Tianji’s server and found that it was Jieke’s goods.

After get off work, Zhou Rui organized all the employees of the sales department to find Cao Tianyou of Fast. He came to Luo Jia on the scene of the “Da Guanlun” program, thinking that Fast and Wellcome had worked together, and Luo Jia must have some clues.

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