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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 19 Recap

Xu Fengnian came to see King Jing’an alone. After getting started, it was rare to get rid of arrogant and arrogant words, politely speaking. Zhao Xun was very reluctant to apologize to Xu Fengnian at the request of King Jing’an, but Xu Fengnian did not respond. Instead, he kept staring at Pei Nanwei’s beautiful face and fell in the eyes of others. Naturally, he was a prodigal disciple and rude. Extremely.

On the other hand, the people waiting outside the door have their own minds. Shu Xi took the opportunity to persuade Lu Qiantang to rush into the house and kill Zhao Heng to get revenge. How could he know that he was calm and indifferent, saying that his current task is to protect Xu Fengnian, and he will not consider revenge for the time being. matter. At the same time, King Jing’an deliberately mentioned Wang Linquan, and Xu Fengnian informed him of his true identity, which made him difficult to say much.

After a contentless chat, Xu Fengnian relied on his lip service to tease Pei Nanwei again, completely ignoring King Jing’an sitting next to him. In the end, King Jingan finally couldn’t sit still, and finally got up to say goodbye. When he left the house, the father and son went first, and Pei Nanwei followed closely. Whoever thought, Xu Fengnian reached out and grabbed her, claiming that he would find Buddhist beads for gifts in the future.

Pei Nanwei was embarrassed and frustrated when he heard the words, and threw him away, catching up with King Jing’an in fear. But when they disappeared completely at the door, Xu Fengnian, who was originally smiling, changed his face instantly, his eyes were gloomy and terrifying, and at the same time he repeated the scenes in his mind, including every sentence said by King Jing’an, and every part of Pei Nanwei’s implicit expression. Frowning, and every time Zhao Xun is angry and forbearing.

Li Chungang and Jiang Ni saw Wang Linquan appearing in Xiangfan City and headed to Jing’an Palace alone. They immediately noticed that the situation was not good, and hurried back to the inn to inform Xu Fengnian. In fact, Wang Linquan suddenly disclosed the identity of the North Star spy, and confirmed Xu Fengnian and Jingan Wang’s coincidence. From the moment he received Xu Xiao’s order to accept Xu Fengnian’s arrival on the island, he had already made a contribution. The lives of the whole family.

As for Xu Xiao’s real plan, it was nothing more than to use the hands of King Jing’an to achieve his own goals. Only when King Jing’an killed the Wang’s family can gain the trust of the imperial court. By then, the relationship between Beifang and Qingzhou would be completely deadened, and Xu Xiao would also You can see the driver smoothly. Today, Wang Linquan used his wealth to protect Xu Fengnian from leaving Qingzhou and his daughter in disguise, but Xu Fengnian did not approve of his father’s behavior at all, and decided to set off immediately back to Laoshan, and would never sit back and watch Wang’s imprisonment.

In the Jing’an Palace, Wang Linquan came here, asking for nothing but the hope that Jing’an King would allow Xu Fengnian to travel east. King Jing’an turned his head and ordered Pei Nanwei to add tea to Wang Linquan. After he had drunk it, he slowly spoke, bluntly saying that someone wanted to leave and someone had to stay behind. Wang Linquan did not hesitate to express his opinion and ask to stay. Qingzhou, moved to Xiangfan with his family.

Zhao Xun watched Wang Linquan away from his back, listening to his worthy rhetoric, and was shocked by the loyal and fierce ambition of the Northern Star Army. After Wang Jingan retreated from the crowd, he fought Pei Nanwei and reprimanded him for a while. Pei Nanwei did not respond, allowing her words to be humiliated until King Jing’an saw no more evil birds, she said that she had married into the palace because of fear of death, and got up and left at the other’s humiliation, and saw Zhao Xun when she went out. Stepped forward to care, but deliberately avoided.

Xu Fengnian was about to return to Laoshan Mountain and found that all the ships were being transferred by Wang Linquan. Just as he was very anxious, he suddenly saw Wang Chudong blowing his whistle, and a giant giant horse had emerged from the water, carrying a two-meter-high wordless stone stele. Xu Fengnian was shocked by this and urged Wang Chudong not to tell others about the incident, so as not to cause trouble.

On the way to Laoshan, Xu Fengnian took the initiative to tell about his former friend Wen Hua, who was the best at stealing chickens and dogs, and clamored to be a swordsman all day long, but after becoming a swordsman, no matter how poor he is, he will not easily kill for money. , Just because the swordsman can be sloppy on the outside, but must be clean on the inside.

Because of this, Xu Fengnian was unwilling to sacrifice others to gain benefits. His words made Wang Chudong change. The two came to Laoshan Island and immediately arranged for everyone to take a boat back to Beifang. Wang Quanlin was unwilling, but Xu Fengnian took the opportunity to knock him out. Wang Chudong knew that Xu Fengnian still had things to do, and agreed to wait for him to return to take over Beifang in Lingzhou City.

Xu Fengnian met Wei Shuyang as soon as he entered Xiangfan City. Through him, he learned that Zhao Xun first fell in love with Pei Nanwei, but was later taken over by his father Zhao Heng. It is rumored that she was the most beloved princess of King Jing’an. This news was like a godsend to Xu Fengnian, so he gave the Buddha beads that he bought in advance to Wei Shuyang, and asked him to pass it on to Pei Nanwei.

King Jing’an had a gloomy face and ordered Pei Nanwei to accept the gift from Xu Fengnian. When she opened the box carefully, there was a note in it to meet in Luwei Dang tomorrow. Zhao Xun hurriedly reported that the Wang family had left Laoshan. As the navy could not leave Qingzhou, King Jingan thought of Zhao Kai and sent him from the dungeon to the main hall for questioning.

When Zhao Kai heard that Xu Fengnian was leaving tomorrow, he made a vow that he had gathered together and was absolutely sure to kill him. King Jing’an ordered Pei Nanwei to attend the appointment tomorrow, and at the same time told Zhao Kai where he would attend the appointment. By then, there would be an inevitable battle.

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