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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 5 Recap

Hou Zhirong and Mr. Ma went to meet with Bao Xiaohan, a designer of the competing company, and offered him a lot of good terms, but the condition was that the bidding plan had to come with people. Bao Xiaohan didn’t understand at first, Mr. Ma. After Hou Zhirong left, he specifically mentioned a few words. This society does not lack talents, but lacks opportunities to realize his ideals and ambitions. Bao Xiaohan chose to seize this opportunity and seize this larger platform.

Zhang Yingnan took a look at Wu Xi’s company and saw that the sweet-mouthed Marquis liked it very much, and couldn’t move his eyes away. The Marquis went back to the office and rummaged through the cabinets and wanted to invite Zhang Yingnan to eat chocolate. He did not expect that he had already left, and even wentssiping about Wu Xi’s parents.

Wu Yi’s parents have been divorced for 17 years, but his father still wants to remarry, of course Zhang Yingnan disagrees. The Marquis said that Zhang Yingnan and his mother looked a little like, but Wu Yi didn’t care about it. When Bao Xiaohan came to work in the design department, Mr. Ma specially took him around, and the Marquis could only look out of sight and out of mind. However, the Marquis was full of praise after seeing Bao Xiaohan’s design, and Wu Shixi was also rare to see him boasting.

Zhirong Construction successfully won the bid, and Hou Zhirong was very satisfied with it. Tomorrow was a celebration banquet, and the Marquis reminded Wu Shixi that they should not wear too badly. While talking, he opened her closet. Wu Shixi rushed over to stop her. The next day Bao Xiaohan went to work but found that the design department was empty. The front desk said that the design department could go to the reception without going to work in the morning.

He also showed him the list of participants in the reception. There was no Bao Xiaohan’s name on it. The Marquis was surprised to see Bao Xiaohan not coming, but Hou Zhirong already regarded him as an abandoned son. Without his company, how could Bao Xiaohan’s design win the bid. The Marquis couldn’t help rolling his eyes. After all, the successful bidding was Bao Xiaohan’s plan, but the celebration banquet was not called to others.

But Hou Zhirong is prepared for Bao Xiaohan. Since he can quit, he can also move to other companies in the future. Another reason for doing this is that Hou Zhirong wants the Marquis to lead the project. The Marquis did not want to step on others to take the lead, but Hou Zhirong kept saying that this is the law of success. How can he stand higher without stepping on others? The Marquis dared not refute, but he felt ashamed.

Wu Shixi wore a suit today and was very capable with a low ponytail, but the Marquis looked awkward at her. The other girls were wearing small skirts with big waves, but she dressed like an invisible person all day long. Hou Zhirong called the Marquis in to make friends with all the bosses. Seeing that he was unwilling to stay on such an occasion, Wu Yixi called him out for a reason.

Mr. Ma’s accountant is in a private relationship because Hou Zhirong does not allow office romances. Mr. Ma had long been resentful of Hou Zhirong, because Hou Zhirong felt that he was an outsider defending him, so Mr. Ma had already sighed for revenge. The Black Marquis computer was also made by Mr. Ma, but this is just the beginning.

The banquet was mixed with two fishing girls. It was the manager Mary who brought the young actor Fang Lu, who had just debuted, to make contacts. When he heard that the person on the sofa was Mr. Xiao Hou, he rushed in to strike up a conversation. Wu Shiyi looked at the side blankly. Mary’s method of accosting was very advanced and she was honest with the Marquis.

She said that her fans bought her clothes and rented her clothes, so she could only work hard to pack for her dream and seize every opportunity. The Marquis took the bait step by step, and the two had an appointment to meet another day. After the banquet, the Marquis gave Fang Lu a lot of praises on Weibo. Fang Lu felt that he was different from the men she had known before. It was even happier to see him introduced on Weibo as a member of the rescue team.

In the elevator the next day, Bao Xiaohan met Hou Zhirong. Hou Zhirong said politely that he would not let him go to the reception because he was afraid that he would be bored, and Bao Xiaohan kept his grudges silently. Haixing sang her new song in the restaurant, which attracted a group of fans, and then Haixing packed up and went out for a date. When the Marquis saw Bao Xiaohan eating in the restaurant alone, he deliberately greeted him. Bao Xiaohan was very cautious, and shouted each other. The Marquis wanted to withdraw from the project and let him take the lead. It can be seen that he couldn’t speak like this, and Bao Xiaohan really didn’t look to take the lead.

Haixing went to the security company to look for money and invited her to eat in her own shop. Qianqian promised her money and money very happily. Haixing was a little flattered. The first time he asked a girl, he was ready to be rejected. Qianqian still has classes to attend, so I asked him to meet in the afternoon. Of course, money is not to give him a chance, but to shut his throat with a sword to cut off his thoughts.

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