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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 4 Recap

The Marquis took the stage maliciously, saying that on behalf of Huang Yue’s more than fifty ex-boyfriends, he came to wish her a happy wedding, and also thanked Bai Quan for eradicating the malignant tumor from the society, with thorns in every word. Huang Yue’s wedding was ruined, and the best man was so angry that he rushed to clean up the Marquis. Wu 11 could no longer sit idly by and rushed to the stage to drag him away. It was safe to leave the hotel.

Wu Shixi also did his homework in advance and parked the car at the back door of the hotel. The Marquis was still in the car recalling the scene just now. It was too enjoyable to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend. Bai Quan was very upset because of this bad thing. Huang Yue said that they were a thing of the past. Besides, both parents were there, and Huang Yue was sincere to him.

Dapeng and his introducer Li Shu confessed that he broke up with Wu Yield, but he didn’t admit that he had cheated to death. He also framed that Wu Yield and her client were okay, and looked like a pitiful victim. Qianqian ended the failed 17th blind date with Wu 11 and called to complain. Hearing that this customer was difficult to deal with, he said that he would go to a customer return visit to help her in the afternoon. Wu Shiyi was working out with the Marquis in the gym, and did not forget to call the Star Eight Guest, the restaurant of Starfish, to order a meal.

Haixing and the clerk Wawa are wrangling, Wawa and him show off that they bought ten kilos of garlic for two dollars. This is good news for the tightly handed Starfish. Haixing went to deliver meals to the Marquis, and the money also came to visit the customers, but the Marquis and Wu Xi hadn’t returned yet, and they ran into each other. Haixing sat on the chair of the Marquis’s office. Qianqian mistakenly thought he was a Marquis. Haixing did not deny it, but instead used this to strike up a conversation with Qianqian.

Haixing kept boasting Wuxi, and Qianqian did not expect this customer to be so talkative. Immediately afterwards, the Marquis and Wu Xi came back, breaking the cognition of money. Haixing was embarrassed by the side. The Marquis counted Wu Shi’s shortcomings like pouring beans. Qianqian wanted to add his WeChat to communicate. The Marquis naturally saw the meaning of Haixing and gave him the opportunity to add WeChat.

After talking about work, Wu 11 and Qian Qian went out for lunch. Qian Qian felt that Haixing had some problems in his head. Wu Shiyi explained that he was very good, but he was too nervous to see her. Haixing looked at Qianqian’s circle of friends. He was kind and beautiful with love and sports. Haixing believed that he had met in love, but the Marquis thought he was useless. His conditions couldn’t be lowered by such a beautiful woman.

Qianqian’s conditions for choosing a spouse are indeed very harsh, and the economic conditions are not good and the education is not good, because she and Wu Shixi have the same illness and pity each other, and both have a worry-free family. Money can only find a good financial condition, or it will be dragged down sooner or later, but if the other person loves himself very much, but the financial condition is not good, then money cannot harm others. After all, family love is so unreliable. Besides, it is love.

The email written by the Marquis to the foreign tutor appeared on the computer screen of every employee of the company, and Wu Shixi quickly notified the security department to call the police. The Marquis mentioned his father’s stodgy in the email, and his colleagues had no ideas of their own. He was deeply disappointed and caused a discussion among his colleagues.

The Marquis simply confessed that it was written by him. Hou Zhirong asked the Marquis to apologize sincerely, otherwise he would be rejected by the entire company, but the Marquis didn’t want to do that. The Marquis wanted to prove himself at the meeting, but he did not expect that the design was replaced by a photo of a beautiful woman. Hou Zhirong was deeply disappointed.

The Marquis pleaded that he had completed the project. Wu Shiyi also offered to help prove it. He also showed Hou Zhirong his monitoring in the study to prove that the Marquis did work until dawn last night for the project. Hou Zhirong believed that he had apologized to the Marquis. When he turned his head, he asked about the rescue. The Marquis glanced at Wu Xixi next to him with dissatisfaction. It was obvious that she had told Hou Zhirong.

The Marquis could never stop the rescue, and he didn’t need a bodyguard at all. Hou Zhirong ran to the table and said, he needs Wu Yi to protect his son’s safety! The father and son broke up again. President Ma cautiously came in and asked Hou Zhirong if he wanted to withdraw from the bidding. After all, the plans were lost, but Hou Zhirong was optimistic about the follow-up cooperation with the Haicheng Group, and the bidding must also participate.

The Marquis suddenly invited Wu Xi’an to drink coffee, and when he came up he blew a rainbow of farts to praise her integrity, and raised the relationship between the two to the level of friendship, so there are some things that you don’t need to tell others. Wu Xixi truthfully said that if the Marquis went to rescue or threatened his safety, she would still report to Hou Zhirong. It’s a good thing to do rescue, but Wu 11 hasn’t seen anyone who doesn’t protect himself like the Marquis, so he refused to say why.

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