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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 3 Recap

The Marquis brought Wu Shixi to Hou Zhirong and asked him about his crimes. Where was the bodyguard? Hou Zhirong was clearly sent to monitor him. The Marquis hated this feeling of life being changed. But Hou Zhirong’s attitude is very firm. Protecting the Marquis is to protect the safety of future family heirs. This decision cannot be changed.

The Marquis could only point her direction towards Wu Shiyi and demand twice the salary to drive her away. Wu Shiyi refused to agree, and the Marquis began to torture and make things difficult again. He was dissatisfied after changing a cup of coffee more than a dozen times. Wu Xilai Nilai obediently followed suit one by one, which was completely different from the hot personality before, and it was useless for the Marquis to deliberately provoke her with words.

As a bodyguard and part-time driver, the Marquis asked her to introduce herself in detail. Wu eleven has only two sentences. He is a bodyguard for seven years. He used to be a Sanda athlete. The Marquis was very curious about the person she was chasing after jumping off the building last time. A few people who touched the porcelain came and opened their mouths for 20,000 yuan. The Marquis had a disagreement with them and fought again, but of course it was Wuxi who did it.

Five eleven three under five divided two put them down, and got in the car to leave in the marquis’s eyes watching the excitement. Wu Shiyi quickly noticed the Marquis’s strategy, and the few who touched porcelain just now were clearly friends of the Marquis’ rescue team. The Marquis was a little embarrassed, and quickly found an excuse to say that this was his test of Wu Xi. After Wu Shixi sent the Marquis home, she also had to live in his home for personal protection.

Sister Zhang was very enthusiastic about her. Out of vigilance, Wu Shiyi first did a security check. The Marquis was very impatient, and Sister Zhang quickly stopped and said that it was someone’s work. Wu Shiyi also called someone to install surveillance at home, but the Marquis refused to agree to 10,000 and wanted to defend his privacy to the death. Wu Shiyi treated his words as air, and brought people in by himself, even if the Marquis was unhappy, he was scolded by Sister Zhang.

There is no TV in the living room, and there is only a portrait in the middle. Sister Zhang told Wu Xi that the painting was of the Marquis and his mother. When he was five years old, the Marquis’s mother drove him out to play and accidentally fell into the river. Pulling him up with all his strength to let him live, this is the pain that the Marquis has always suffered.

Mother Zhang Yingnan called to ask about Wu Shiyi and Dapeng. Wu Shiyi simply pulled her father in and explained their breakup, saying that it was a disagreement in personality, but the parents quarreled again because of this. Wu Shixi really had a headache, so he hung up the phone in a hurry and saw that the Marquis was going out on the surveillance video. Wu 11 hurried to get dressed and followed, and the Marquis would remain indifferent no matter how unwilling she was.

The Marquis went to the racing circuit and introduced to Haixing and other friends that Wu 11 was his distant relative, and asked them to be his cousin. He also bragged to others that Wu 11 was a racing champion. In the sounds of everyone’s booing, the Marquis looked a little ugly, but Wu Shiyi got into the car with a blank face and put on a helmet.

Before the Marquis finished talking, she stepped on the gas pedal and successfully completed the S-level curve challenge. Coolly getting off the car amidst the cheers, the eyes of the Marquis looking at her were full of admiration and incomprehension. On the way back, he received news that a residential building had collapsed and needed rescue, and the Marquis hurriedly asked Wu Shiyi to drive over.

The team leader said that there was a danger of a second collapse, and it was necessary to confirm whether the masses were evacuated safely. The Marquis rushed forward as soon as he couldn’t wait to step forward. He had to go in and take a look. Just when he was about to approach the residential building, it collapsed a second time, and Wu Shixi rushed to protect the Marquis in time.

But the Marquis didn’t appreciate it, and his face was full of three words of unhappy. On the day he entered the rescue team, the Marquis swore an oath to do his best to rescue others. The Marquis did not want Wu Xi to interfere in his rescue. But Wu Shiyi believed that the Marquis must at least guarantee his own safety before the rescue. Rescue safety is the first, first of all, his own safety, so that more people can be rescued. Even if she was right, the Marquis would not listen, and warned Wu Xi that he would never forgive him if he influences his rescue next time.

Haixing helped the Marquis obtain Huang Yue’s wedding invitation, and investigated that his husband named Baiquan opened an oral care and plastic surgery hospital. They met online and obtained the certificate in less than three months. The Marquis came to the wedding scene with the starfish kindly, uneasy, and Wu Shixi followed him vigilantly.

Starfish thought about several damage moves, but the Marquis was always upright when he did bad things. He got the master of ceremonies and took a ring and went on stage. Huang Yue’s face was stiff when he saw him coming, and the Marquis took the microphone and said that he was congratulating Huang Yue on behalf of more than fifty ex-boyfriends.

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