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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 2 Recap

Wu Eleven was murderous. After playing Dapeng, he grabbed the Marquis’ cell phone and wrote down his number. He said that the man and the car would count together, but he didn’t even apologize. The Marquis dared not say a word and ran to find Starfish crying, his girlfriend was married, but the bridegroom was not me. In his heart, it was a grievance, and he asked Starfish to find out who gave him the green hat. Dapeng told his girlfriend that Li Xuemei had broken up with Wu Xi’an a long time ago, so she was also puzzled by this incident today.

Wu Shixi was caught in infinite self-doubt. Two days ago, Dapeng even said he was going to get married, but today he cheated. It is false to say that he is not sad. My friend Qianqian can only accompany her. I heard her talk about the unsatisfactory things in life. After three years of feelings, it would be gone. My father’s debts have not been paid off. I also can’t take the big orders because of my age and physical decline. She couldn’t breathe.

Li Xuemei insisted on going to Dapeng’s house, but Dapeng couldn’t stop him from a guilty conscience, but Li Xuemei didn’t find anything either. The Marquis bought a new office chair with great fanfare. Hou Zhirong refused to let him break the company’s rules and ordered him to move the chair away. Although the cynical Marquis was not satisfied, he dared not move. Wu Shiyi took the key to open the door of Dapeng’s house, only to find that he had also put on an anti-theft chain.

Dapeng Qian urged Li Xuemei not to speak and go out to deal with it. Wu Shixi just came to get her own gold medal, Dapeng carefully handed it out and closed the door mercilessly. Such a reaction was also expected by Wu Shiyi, but he was still overwhelmed. It happened that someone in the community was selling anti-theft doors. Wu Shiyi bought a door for Dapeng to install it, and took the key after it was locked. Dapeng and Li Xuemei in the room didn’t dare to come out, and they didn’t know what to do. Wu Shiyi looked at the distance, and threw the key into the water coolly, bidding farewell to the past.

4S shop. Wu eleven came to the Marquis to lose money. She could only pay 666 for the three thousand eighth compensation fee. The Marquis didn’t believe it, so Wu 11 took out his ID card and asked him to take a photo and keep it, and then left again without looking back.

On the way, Haixing and the Marquis’s car rear-ended, and the Marquis wanted to take a picture and the traffic police would handle it, but the other party publicly knocked off his mobile phone, threatening to not do anything in the chant for many years. The Marquis was not his opponent. Wu Shiyi was just watching the excitement, but in the end he couldn’t stand it anymore.

The other party was stunned, and seeing the police coming, he took a picture of the Marquis and asked him to be singled out tomorrow. Although Wu Shiyi rescued the Marquis, the Marquis did not receive the money and said that it was not the right time for her to make the move. It seemed that the Marquis exempted her from compensation because she had tied herself up, but they had no need to meet again since then.

This matter quickly reached President Ma’s ears, and President Ma immediately reported to Hou Zhirong, who held his heart and wanted to beat the Marquis. Mr. Ma knew the tempers of the two of them, for fear that the two would fight, and soon he found the information about that little bastard. He Liu Tiehao, he stared at the Marquis as soon as he was released, and he asked for one hundred thousand yuan when he opened his mouth. Hou Zhirong asked Mr. Ma to settle the matter, and Qian Jingwan asked him not to show up at the dock of the covenant to avoid encountering the Marquis.

Liu Tiehao took the money and left, but the Marquis went to Pier 5 and waited foolishly for a fight. Wu Shixi was worried that something would happen to him, but instead ran into someone arranged by Hou Zhirong, and the two sides had a fight by mistake. The Marquis drove away those people in a desperate manner, and scolded Wu Eleven that he shouldn’t be here today, it would only embarrass her if he came. Wu Shiyi didn’t want to say anything, since the Marquis was okay, they even evened each other.

But how could Liu Tiehao easily let go of this bully, he followed Mr. Ma all the way back to Zhirong Construction, and made a special note of this address. The Marquis’s house was broken into maliciously, and the big words “Go to Death” were written in red paint on the floor-to-ceiling windows. Immediately afterwards, Hou Zhirong received a steady stream of blackmail letters, one extorting in the open and the other threatening in the dark.

The Marquis offended two waves of people. Hou Zhirong was worried about the safety of the Marquis and planned to hire him an old female bodyguard to prevent him from causing trouble. Hou Zhirong thought of the last time Wu Yi who rescued him. Wu Shiyi received the task of protecting the Marquis for three months, and took office as his new assistant the next day. The Marquis was shocked when she saw her appearing in the company.

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