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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 5 Recap

Zhou Rui received Du Heng’s message in the evening: Turns around the corners, the willows are in the dark. Knowing that things had turned around, he immediately packed up dinner and asked Luo Jia to the bar. Luo Jia told him that he was willing to give up 10% to Jieke, and President Lin also agreed, because Jieke’s plan made up for their shortcomings.

Zhou Rui asked for 30%. Luo Jia pointed out that Jieke would die. Zhou Rui’s stubbornness tonight. Zhou Rui is confident that Luo Jia’s second invitation to Wellcome is exposing their technical shortcomings. Luo Jia gave in to 12%, Zhou Rui insisted on 30, and the two broke up unhappy.

Zhou Rui called Du Heng to talk about the results of the negotiations with Luo Jia. Du Heng hoped that Nan Zhou Rui and Bei Luo Jia would join forces on his project for the first time. He would fully evaluate and discuss with both parties.

Luo Jia reported to Mr. Lin that Mr. Du was very strong, and that cooperation with Jieke was their only choice. Mr. Lin was angry to give Jieke a blood transfusion. Raising their valuation would destroy the company’s acquisition plan. Luo Jia believed that Zhou The hardware and software systems designed by Rui can indeed capture the potential needs of O&T Group better than them.

Taking advantage of their current advantages, they can share a piece of the pie with Jieke. Otherwise, Zhou Rui is a person who does not play the card according to common sense. There may be nothing about Wellcome. President Lin suggested turning Zhou Rui into a teammate, but Luo Jia had tried it earlier and it was useless. President Lin told Luo Jia that he didn’t care about the ratio, but Jieke had to die in the end.

Early in the morning, Ye Chaodong took the Qingyuan chicken sent by Cao Tianyou to the office, causing it to jump. Fortunately, Fang Wei came to catch the chicken to restore work order. Zhou Rui arranged for Ye Chaodong to stare at Cao Tianyou’s second payment and let him pay quickly.

President Chen came to Zhou Rui’s office and saw that the wine he had given Du Heng returned was a bit disappointed. He instructed Zhou Rui Huikang to block the board of directors as long as the proportion of Huikang’s share was not less than 15%. The two talked about Du Heng, Zhou Rui felt that Du Heng’s vision was very broad.

Mr. Chen felt that in the eyes of their older generation of sales, wine is the god, either toasting or kneeling, but it is different to Zhou Rui and his generation. , Kneeling is useless. No one thought that Zhou Rui really negotiated the O&T project. If they could cooperate successfully, they would drink this bottle of wine to celebrate. In addition, he arranged a new person for the sales department. Now the sales department is a dish of loose sand. Whether it can be turned into mud depends on Zhou Rui. Of it.

Du Heng interviewed Luo Jia and Zhou Rui and asked them to write their share on paper. Unexpectedly, both of them wrote 20%. Du Heng went to celebrate with champagne. Zhou Rui looked at Luo Jia’s hand and said Not dripping water is not cute at all. Du Heng brought champagne and congratulated everyone on their happy cooperation. He excitedly said that the male Zhou Rui Bei Luo Jia is enjoying the benefits of a fisherman by himself.

Fang Wei bought a sumptuous supper for everyone. Zhou Rui glanced and said that Beijing’s supper standard is higher than Hangzhou’s. Xie Yi explained that this is the standard of Mr. Wei before. According to Mr. Wei’s rules, if the cooperation with O&T is negotiated, It is also possible for them to travel to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Zhou Rui stated that he is the one who sets the rules now. In fact, he paid the excess amount of supper at his own expense in private. Fang Wei felt that this matter should be made known to everyone. Zhou Rui thought it was unnecessary. He boasted that Fang Wei could remember everyone’s ordering habits.

Luo Jia told Xiaole that sales in all walks of life are interlinked. In fact, what they sell is the connection between the Internet and the connection between people. Selling shoes with Xiaole is the same thing, and ultimately it is to win people’s hearts. The reason why she dug Xiao Le into the company under pressure is because she sold shoes to her heart. This is her talent. Luo Jia forwarded the gift from Wang Yinan to Xiao Le.

Zhou Rui came to Wellcome to deliver the contract. Lin Zhenwei took the initiative to greet him. Luo Jia accused Zhou Rui that she could not accept many of the conditions in the contract. Zhou Rui suggested that the two should join forces to ask Du Heng to increase the price. Understand that their annual upgrade costs will increase year by year, and the increase is large. They can help Du Heng spend next year’s money in advance, because most of the time customers don’t know what they want, and Du Heng is no exception. I hope Luo Jia can work with him, and he will immediately start to make a plan.

Patrick, the technical director of Jieke, reported to Zhou Rui that Wellcome could only meet O&T’s short-term needs. Xie Yi reminded Zhou Rui that there was no profit in this order and it was not included in the commission. Zhou Rui didn’t care. He plans to make O&T pay for five years in advance, arrange for Patrick to analyze their budget for the next year, and ask Shay to notify the marketing and sales colleagues to come back and work overtime.

Zhou Rui came to Ye Chaodong’s office and was very satisfied with the plan he made. Ye Chaodong believed that O&T and Fast are in the city and the other in the countryside. If they can win, they will have a firm foothold in the logistics industry. He wanted to synchronize the progress of the O&T project to Mr. Wei, but Zhou Rui felt it unnecessary. At this time Fang Wei brought the white chicken, and the three of them were eating with relish. Wei Yan came over and urged Zhou Rui to sign and get the deposit early. Ye Chaodong explained that this was a loss-making business and Zhou Zong wanted to fight again. After Zhou Rui left, Wei Yan disdainfully said that Zhou Rui was not qualified to make demands.

Zhou Rui sent an email to Luo Jia at night. Luo Jia saw that it was 46 million, and she collapsed on the table in shock. She thought Zhou Rui was crazy.

Du Heng talked about the two parties at three o’clock in the afternoon, and Zhou Rui asked Luo Jia to come to the coffee shop downstairs ten minutes in advance. At this time, Mr. Chen told Zhou Rui that the bank had issued a letter of urging and had a strong attitude. Zhou Rui reported that he was sure to let Mr. Du add another 46 million to the overall share. Mr. Chen was anxious that he could not overcome his immediate thirst, so he arranged for Zhou Rui himself. Use some means when necessary. Zhou Rui immediately arranged for Xie Yi and others to go to Fast together, and brought the whole process of video recording with the power bank.

On the way, Fang Wei reported the results of the investigation: Cao Tianyou high school diploma, legal representative of Fast Company, president of the county private entrepreneurs association. Zhou Rui asked Ye Chaodong to negotiate with Lao Cao to either pay the money on the spot or bring the equipment back. They will continue the talks after he leaves soon.

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