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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 4 Recap

Du Heng called Luo Jia and Zhou Rui and asked them to elaborate on the product response speed, post-maintenance and emergency handling services. Luo Jia’s preferential terms were: three years of on-site engineers and one year of maintenance. Zhou Rui reminded Du Heng: The industry has common sense that if the planner of a project is not a technical background, he or she will make no mistakes.

Once they make a mistake, the consequences will be disastrous. Du Heng asked Jieke and Wellcome to make the last offer. Unexpectedly, both parties offered the same price again. Du Heng had to ask them to sing the bids face to face. Zhou Rui bid 166 million for the first time. Luo Jia bid 164 million after the round.

After leaving the house, Zhou Rui was dissatisfied with Luo Jia’s low-price competition, pointing out that she knew she had no profit but she wanted to dominate herself. Luo Jia received a call from Nurse Yu and told her to come to the corpus luteum on time, otherwise it would accelerate the aging of the ovaries.

Du Heng waited for Zhou Rui in the lobby, feeling that the performance of him and Mr. Luo had left a wonderful mark in his bidding history. Zhou Rui sighed that he killed a thousand enemies and hurt himself eight hundred. He did not admit defeat in this project, but Luo Jia was a man. Admit defeat. Du Heng forwarded the wine from President Chen to Zhou Rui.

It was raining heavily outside, and Zhou Rui sat on the steps to send a WeChat message to her mother for comfort. His mother told others that it was impossible to win all the time, and it was impossible to lose all of them, and that once in a while, she gave others a chance.

Luo Jia’s return to the company led to collective attacks from various departments. Luo Qi was angry that all departments at the top and bottom of the company were supported by her sales department. Her quotation was Wellcome’s reserve price.

After Zhou Rui returned to the company, he gave out red envelopes in the work group. Seeing everyone grabbing red envelopes enthusiastically, he felt that people most needed encouragement when they lost. Zhou Rui called Fang Wei and regretfully told him that his wish was about to be delayed. He arranged for Fang Wei to check his address alone.

Facing Chen Mingkai’s accountability, Zhou Rui confessed that Wellcome had touched his bottom line and he couldn’t do a loss-making business. Chen Mingkai told him that the quarterly payment collection rate hit a record low and that the company’s account was running out of money. He had hoped. The O&T project is now also in trouble. He asked Zhou Rui and Wei Yan about their plans for a step. Wei Yan stated that the performance of his department in charge will increase by 20% in the next quarter.

Luo Jia reported to Lin Zong that this time the bid has fallen below his bottom line, but if the price does not break through, they will definitely lose. Lin Zong knows that Luo Jia has been besieged by many departments. He chooses to be neutral and thinks he has won Jieke. In the long run, it neither damages the company’s profits, but also complies with his plan.

Luo Jia came to the shoe store to find Xiao Le to replace the broken heel last time. She did not expect Xiao Le to use bartering methods to help her solve the difficult problem of repairing limited edition shoes. Luo Jia happily invited Xiao Le to dinner to express her gratitude.

Before the meeting, Chen Mingkai asked Wei Yan and Zhou Rui to switch positions. He praised Mr. Wei for his determination to lead the team to increase the company’s performance by 20%. Zhou Rui apologized to everyone for the exit of the O&T project. He believes that an increase of 20% will not include East China’s performance.

Chen Mingkai announced the appointment of the board of directors: Ren Zhou Rui is the sales director of Beijing, Wei Yan is the sales director of North China and Beijing, the team candidates It is up to them to leave without meeting the performance targets. Zhou Rui said frankly that he should not underestimate the strength of his competitors. It is impossible to raise Beijing’s performance in one quarter. Wei Yan thinks it is possible. He distributes large and medium-sized customers to everyone. Be able to express your stance and do your best.

Chen Mingkai announced the next appointment: He called Yang Lu and used the hands-free notification: The board of directors decided that she would be responsible for the entire East China region from now on, and reported to General Wei. Yang Lu’s reply must be considered. Suddenly a fire alarm sounded in the building, Fang Wei reminded everyone that it was not a drill, and guided them to leave in an orderly manner. After he went downstairs to report to Mr. Chen, Mr. Chen arranged for him to buy a cup of coffee for each employee.

Luo Jia found that when everyone attacked her collectively, only Liu Bo didn’t say a word. Liu Bo told her that the technical department didn’t care about the quotation, but was only responsible for the technical part. Zhou Rui was also a technical background, and their plan was too short-sighted to be honest. If it’s about winning or losing, they only won for a while.

Wei Yan planned to give Ye Chaodong to Zhou Rui. He laughed to himself that if he took away all the good soldiers and strong generals, winning the performance would be impossible. Zhou Rui received Yang Lu’s message and she accepted the company’s appointment, hoping that Zhou Rui would understand.

Chen Mingkai called Zhou Rui and told him that he had verified that it was Tian Chengzhou of the technical department who had triggered the fire. He had taken it before. Zhou Rui believed that it did not cause actual losses, and suggested that Mr. Chen should not be held accountable.

In the evening, Zhou Rui and Fang Wei waited for Du Heng downstairs in the rain. He gave Du Heng the possible solutions in the O&T project. He hoped that he would take a look. Du Heng knew that Zhou Rui did not give up and invited him to sit upstairs. Sitting, Zhou Rui declined.

Cao Tianyou of Fast Future Technology asked Ye Chaodong and Zhou Rui to have a meal. He brought a Qingyuan chicken and introduced the rural logistics project they did. He had cooperated with Wellcome before, and their servers were cheap. The cooperation was due to their high processor stability. Zhou Rui taught him that it was called a “logistics company under a large logistics network.” Cao Tianyou couldn’t remember, and begged Ye Chaodong to take notes. Then he picked up the microphone and sang a song intoxicated. , Zhou Rui quickly slipped out.

Luo Jia dug Xiaole from the shoe store to her company. Starting from her assistant, Xiaole couldn’t help it. Luo Jia received a call from Du Heng and told her to let all the project team members come over.

Du Heng gave Wellcome a set of questions, listing all the problems that needed to be solved, and let the project team staff write or record the simulation processing, and he came to collect the proposal after the meal.

Luo Jia handed in a blank paper, and she was wise to see through Du Heng’s purpose with only two words: cooperation, she was willing to give a 10% share to Jieke, but she was not sure whether Lin Zong could agree. Du Heng asked for 30%. Luo Jia felt that it was too high and disagreed. Du Heng suggested that the two parties go back to discuss and discuss before signing the contract, and cooperate as soon as the deal is concluded.

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