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Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 Episode 1 Recap

Wu 11, a female security attaché of the security company, passed the quarterly assessment of the security company. She was admitted to the sports institute at the age of 19 and won the national kickboxing championship at the age of 22. However, she only won the seventh place, so Wu 11 went all the way.

Very sad. An off-road vehicle is galloping on the mountain road. The rich and handsome Marquis Gao, who has just graduated from the United States and returned to China, has a passion for field rescue. This time, he is carrying out field rescue with his friend Starfish. A car was stuck on the edge of the cliff, and the Marquis calmly tied the rope and went down to save the man.

Trapped is a couple. The car is stuck on a tree branch and it is crumbling. The situation is very dangerous. After the Marquis rescued them, he called Starfish to pull the rope, and the two were successfully rescued. The Marquis and Starfish were reprimanded by the rescue team leader for acting alone, but when they saw the couple apologize on the stretcher, the team leader only cursed.

Wu Shiyi was dating her boyfriend Dapeng, and she received a call saying that her father Wu Tianyi drank too much and asked her to come and have a look. Wu Shiyi had to leave Dapeng and rush back. Dapeng had long been dissatisfied because of her busy work. This makes it even more unhappy. Wu Tianyi drank too much and smashed his brand, and Wu Shiyi could only lose more than 10,000 yuan. The colleagues all took the task. Only Wu Eleven was left.

He finally received a task but only sent documents. Wu Eleven was a little disappointed, but Mr. Zhao ferociously despised her performance and said that if the next quarter Failed to pass the assessment, even not qualified to deliver express!

Wu Shiyi went to Zhirong Construction reluctantly, asked Hou Zhirong to sign for the documents, and noticed a strange person in the elevator. This person entered the office building in the name of a flash courier. After entering, he changed the clothes of the property and then entered Hou Zhirong’s office. Hou Zhirong was on the phone with his son, the Marquis. He was very scared when he saw this man rushing in with a knife. The Marquis on the other end of the phone realized that something was wrong and rushed on the road in a hurry.

Wu Shiyi, who had already signed Hou Zhirong, felt something was wrong, and went back to the company. Hou Zhirong was held hostage by Xiaowei, who was in conflict with the company. He was emotional and offered a sky-high price of 5 million. Wu Shiyi calmly asked Mr. Ma to continue to delay the time, while reporting to the police and posing as Secretary Hou Zhirong, went in to deliver water under the name of Hou Zhirong’s bad health.

The Marquis rushed to the company in a hurry, Wu Eleven slapped him down, and trembling pretended to be afraid to enter the office, and cooperated with Hou Zhirong to subdue Xiaowei. Afterwards, the Marquis waited until he came in to deal with the situation, but Wu Shixi hid his merit and fame, put on his own clothes and waved his sleeves and left here. But also because of this, Wu Shixi was late to deliver the documents.

Lying in the hospital, Hou Zhirong pointed at the Marquis’s nose and cursed. He lost money in starting a business a few years ago. Finally, he was late for the first day after graduating from college and asked him to come to the company to work. Can only follow him. Wu 11 was late and was complained by a customer, and was not allowed to work for one month in accordance with the penalty rules. Depressed Wu Shixi wanted to find Dapeng to vent, but Dapeng lightly said that there is no time for a meeting.

Hou Zhirong is still in the hospital, the tiger is not at home, the monkey is the king, and the Marquis is very rampant in the company. His girlfriend Huang Yue asked the Marquis to meet at the hotel, and Wu Shiyi also received an ambiguous message sent by Dapeng. The woman’s instinct told her that it must be difficult, so she immediately borrowed a car and went out.

The Marquis happily went to meet Huang Yue. He didn’t expect Huang Yue to take out his wedding invitation and give him a lesson. He also taught him not to send 800 WeChat messages a day. She is already someone else’s wife. . Seeing Huang Yue’s figure walking away, the Marquis was in a mess, and he was actually kicked!

Dapeng realized that it was too late to send the wrong message, and Wu Shixi came to the hotel aggressively to catch the rape. Dapeng coaxed his little girlfriend to open the door for fear that she would open the door. Wu Yixi, who was outside the door, had confirmed Dapeng’s identity with the front desk and entered the room smoothly.

Dapeng jumped off the building and ran away. The Marquis downstairs saw a man in a bathrobe climb down from above, and then a woman fell from the sky and almost broke her car. Watching the excitement and seeing himself, the Marquis caught up with him and was thrown over by Wu Eleven. Once again he got up and limped to catch up, and filmed the scene of Wu Shixi beating the scumbag violently in the grass.

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