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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 3 Recap

Zhou Rui requested a new O&T bidding plan. Ye Chaodong shied away from it for various reasons, and Zhou Rui had to do it himself.

Luo Jia asked Liu Bo to confirm that if the efficiency of single warehouse sorting in their plan was more than 10,000 times, it would be an over-commitment. Liu Bo believed that there was no problem. He firmly believed that if Jieke followed the previous parameters, they would lose.

Zhou Rui asked Jieke’s technicians to also set the upper limit of the sorting efficiency of the single warehouse. The technicians calculated according to the maximum difficulty. More than 10,000 times will cause the computer room processor to be highly burned and the sorting robot system will be chaotic.

Seeing Zhou Rui working overtime to make plans by himself, Chen Mingkai couldn’t bear it. Zhou Rui applied for a transfer from East China. Chen Mingkai disagreed. Because commission and personnel could not be allocated, Zhou Rui was confident in the company’s technology and hoped that Chen Mingkai would allow it. He does the project in his own way.

Chen Mingkai invited Du Heng to lunch and served as a lobbyist for Zhou Rui. Du Heng immediately stated that Jieke is leading the way and can prepare for the next round of quotation with peace of mind.

When Zhou Rui was struggling, Yang Lu descended from the sky like a savior. She came to help Zhou Rui when she took a vacation. Zhou Rui embraced Yang Lu excitedly and arranged for her to start work immediately. He asked Ye Chaodong to express his views on the project and make plans together if he stayed. Otherwise, he would leave the house. Ye Chaodong used Wellcome’s estimated reserve price of 165 million yuan. He reminded Zhou Rui that there would be no profit if the two sides were too popular. The space was gone, and Yang Lu quickly calculated and reported that their base price was 166 million.

As expected, Wellcome’s reserve price was 165 million. The company only gave Luo Jia a flexible space of 4 million. Luo Jia felt that it was too difficult to apply for 5 million. The finances were not approved, so she asked Lin to apply. But President Lin did not contact.

Ye Chaodong wondered if Zhou Rui had never lost in East China, and asked him what he thinks about winning or losing. Zhou Rui believed that it depends on what he was fighting. Ye Chaodong asked whether he was Boduheng or Luojia for this project. Zhou Rui was noncommittal.

In the evening, Zhou Rui asked Luo Jia to go to the bar on the grounds of a face-to-face apology. He put the offer in his palms to bet with Luo Jia, but Luo Jia did not enter the game. The meeting between the two was seen by Wang Yinan who was passing by. Luo Jia advised Luo Jia to separate. Zhou Rui said that low-price competition is a major taboo in the industry.

Wang Yinan stopped Luo Jia’s car at the entrance of the bar and said that he could get Zhou Rui’s offer. Luo Jia believed that Zhou Rui did not chase him and Wang Yinan was too far behind him. She persuaded Wang Yinan to switch because of him. It is no longer possible to mix in the sales world. As the car started, Wang Yinan chased the car and shouted: As long as the price of Wellcome is lower than the reserve price, Zhou Rui will give up, and he will get the reserve price of Jieke before bidding.

Back at the company, Zhou Rui arranged for Fang Wei to help him follow Luo Jia and took photos of their meeting, teaching him that staying was one of the necessary skills for sales. Unexpectedly, Fang Weigang followed Luo Jia and she saw it through. Luo Jia went to see Mr. Qian from the bidding committee. Fang Wei returned immediately after taking the photo. When he returned to the company, he learned that Wei Yan had come back early, so he hurried to Zhou. Rui reported that Zhou Rui disagreed.

Wei Yan instructed Ye Chaodong to say hello to the sales teams. When Zhou Rui came, everyone had to choose sides and stand with others. He hoped that they would have a good idea. He reminded Ye Chaodong: whoever gives him food, who is his Boss.

After get off work, Luo Jia will meet Zhou Rui at the old place at nine o’clock. Zhou Rui’s new bid was half hit and jammed. After he called Fang Wei, Fang Wei quickly ran over to troubleshoot the problem. Zhou Rui entrusted him to continue printing, and he went out to see Luo Jia.

Luo Jia persuaded Zhou Rui to give up because Wang Yinan wanted to tell her Jieke’s reserve price, but she refused. Tomorrow she would take the O&T openly. After Luo Jia left, Zhou Rui immediately called Yang Lu and asked her to change the bidding document immediately. Because Wang Yinan was too familiar with his routine, they had to make two more quotations on the basis of the existing quotations. His bottom line was a guarantee 15 % Profit.

After staying up all night and opening his sleepy eyes, Zhou Rui arranged for Fang Wei to take him to the scene after breakfast. He promised that if Jieke wins today, Fang Wei’s dream of selling will be realized.

At the on-site meeting, Du Heng announced on the spot after reading the bid documents: The result of the bidding was the same as that of Wellcome. After intense discussions, Du Heng decided to let the two companies make a second offer, and the other companies were eliminated.

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