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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 2 Recap

Zhou Rui participated in the O&T bid evaluation meeting on behalf of Jieke Group. He pointed out that the data test in the plan submitted by Wellcome is too ideal. Most of the server components are in a 20 degree test environment. The test report submitted by his company It didn’t fit the experiment. Zhou Rui burned the bidding documents in public.

Everyone was shocked. Luo Jia pointed out that he was here to hit the place, but he shouldn’t hit the customer’s place. Zhou Rui said that the unqualified plan should be burned. Du Heng arranged for everyone to have a meal first, and after the meal he went to Mr. Luo. Luo Jia walked to the door and met Zhou Rui. She disdaind Zhou Rui’s madness.

Ye Chaodong quickly called Wei Yan and told them that the plan burned and they were out. After the meal, Mr. Du asked everyone to go back and wait for the news and called Zhou Rui to the office in private.

Zhou Rui pointed out that he checked the revenue status and complaint rate of O&T Group in the past five years and found that their complaint rate was not low, but the reason for the complaint was not the consignee due to the extended time, but the source information party and vehicle information party, so This time the system upgrade, they prescribe the right remedy for these two parts, but they set the standard of the central processing unit as a high standard in the bidding document, and set the memory as a normal standard value.

He thinks this is putting the cart before the horse, like giving the patient. A cardiotonic is effective but not long-lasting. He suggested to expand the memory, otherwise the haste will not be achieved.

Luo Jia heard that Zhou Rui had entered Du’s office and immediately went in to spoil the situation. Zhou Rui asked Du to give him another minute, but Du Heng announced that he would be here today, but he was looking forward to Zhou Rui and Luo Jia’s fight again.

Leaving Du Heng’s office, Zhou Rui told Luo Jia that he did not intend to give up. Although Wellcome was determined to win, Luo Jia won’t be easy to win today. Luo Jia was confident that she had no resurgent opponents. Zhou Rui felt that she was an exception. After the two broke up, Zhou Rui saw that Luo Jia’s high-heeled shoes had broken.

When Luo Jia returned to the company, his colleagues prepared a grand birthday party for her. Mr. Lin gave her a birthday gift and praised her as the sales queen of Wellcome. He learned that Zhou Rui had burned his own plan in public and felt that this single was Jieke’s last life-saving straw, Luo Jia is sure she can win, and President Lin told her that the chairman has included Jieke in the acquisition plan.

Chen Mingkai called Zhou Rui out at night, criticizing him for not being so anxious, because for so many years, Wellcome had not made any mistakes, and Luo Jia had not lost his hand. He gave Wei Yan a fake to make room for Zhou Rui. The pot is smashed.

Du Heng sent a message to Luo Jia in the evening, saying that the stability of the product needs to be tested in a round to get her ready.

Zhou Rui saw Fang Wei repairing the sewer in the bathroom. It turned out that the company dismissed the plumber. Fang Wei could only do the dirty work. Fang Wei felt that the company was hopeless and wanted to move to a new company to do what he wanted. Sales.

Ye Chaodong thought that Zhou Rui had burned the project to be completely cool, but Zhou Rui also received a message from Du Heng, informing him that he would test the product tomorrow, and his opponent would be Wellcome. This was his last chance. Zhou Rui arranged for Ye Chaodong, Xie Yi, and Xiao Yun to cooperate with tomorrow’s product test. Xiao Yun questioned why they were only arranged, and Zhou Rui bluntly said that because they were the only ones who had no work to do.

Luo Jia met Du Heng before the product test, and she was surprised that Zhou Rui’s five minutes moved him, or the two technical men cherish each other. After returning, she asked Liu Gong to find a way. Liu Gong suggested that the CUP could be overclocked, but the stability would be greatly reduced. Luo Jia instructed him to do so.

At the product test site, Wellcome provided memory optimization equipment, and Jieke provided optimization of the central processing unit. Du Heng announced that the two processors would start at the same time at the same time, and the higher number would win. Seeing that Wellcome’s processing speed has been soaring, the technicians told Zhou Rui their tricks, if they can extend the second round of testing to more than half an hour, the side effects of overclocking will appear.

Wellcome won the first round of testing. Zhou Rui called Luo Jia outside to talk alone. He pointed out that she used overclocking to deceive customers too much. He would ask Mr. Du to extend the second round of testing by 20 minutes. Luo Jia laughed at him. Too simple, Zhou Rui picked up Luo Jia and put her in the utility room.

The second round of testing is to compare storage performance within the specified time. The one with high storage wins. Zhou Rui asked Du Heng to extend the test time to 50 minutes, so that the stability of the product can be seen more. Du Heng wants to wait for Luo Jia to arrive. Start. But Luo Jia couldn’t get in touch, and Du Heng finally adopted Zhou Rui’s suggestion. At this time, Luo Jia switched to a chair after hitting the door with high heels to no avail, but still to no avail. During the product test, Fang Wei received a call from the applicant company, but he gave up the opportunity to quit.

In the second round of testing, Jieke won. Zhou Rui opened the utility room and saw Luo Jia lying on the ground playing fun. As she expected, Luo Jia smiled bitterly. If Zhou Rui couldn’t beat herself in this way, she really looked down on him, so she took the initiative to add Zhou. Rui WeChat.

In the evening, Zhou Rui sent an apology to Luo Jia on WeChat. Luo Jia replied that she used overclocking first. They tied this round, but Zhou Rui had to lose in the next round.

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