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Win The Future 输赢 Episode 1 Recap

In Hangzhou, Jieke is about to hold a signing ceremony with Xuntong Communication Group, and many media were invited on the spot. However, Zhou Rui, director of the Technology Sales Department of Jieke East China, accidentally discovered that the contract had been tampered with by Wang Yinan. He immediately arranged for his secretary Yang Lu to go to the signing venue to stabilize the situation.

Zhou Rui asked Wang Yinan to change the free upgrade within one year in the contract to one quarter in order to commission. This would make the company bear the risk of default and all commissions would be deducted. Wang Yinan said with no shame that there was a problem with the Jetco funding chain. He followed this large order.

For a long time, it was reasonable to get the remuneration, and Mr. Chen also needed the performance of this list. After weighing, Zhou Rui decided to sign the contract. He will take care of the troubles in the future, but Wang Yinan must leave the company and fire him to resign. An angry Wang Yinan chased Zhou Rui and beat him with blood all over his face.

At the Jetco executive meeting in Beijing, the directors questioned Chen Mingkai’s general manager Wei Yan in North China and sales elites like Zhou Rui in East China. Why did the company’s performance decline for two consecutive years? Chen Mingkai was angry that the technicians were cut in name by them. Only relying on sales to be so invincible, he decided to transfer Zhou Rui back to Beijing.

After Zhou Rui was beaten, he wiped the blood from his face and rushed to the signing site. He asked Yang Lu to tell the business manager of Xuntong that he would provide them with the best service without making money in the future. Yang Lu told Zhou Rui: Manager Chen has already Here it is, in the office.

Luo Jia, the sales queen of Beijing Wellcome, received an email stating that Zhou Rui of Jieke would be transferred to Beijing. She immediately arranged for someone to check whether the news was true.

Chen Mingkai informed Zhou Rui that he would be transferred to Beijing tomorrow, because Wei Yan was in charge of the sales business in North China. The company has been losing money. The board of directors gave him two options: either make the profit in the third quarter or sell the company. .

Yang Lu learned that Zhou Rui was going to be transferred, and was angry that Chen was always his master, and shouldn’t push him into the mud puddle in North China, but Zhou Rui had no choice when it was a matter of life and death for the company.

After Zhou Rui arrived at the Beijing headquarters, colleagues discussed: Nan Zhou Rui and Bei Luo Jia are all gathered in Beijing. Zhou Rui saw that not only the employees of the sales department were all at their desks but also that some people were actually buying stocks during their working hours. Chen Mingkai told him that the biggest competitor of the company’s 0&T project is Wellcome. Only if they win Wellcome can they have a way to survive.

Zhou Rui was embarrassed by Wei Yan’s operation of this project. Chen Mingkai immediately agreed to give him human rights. Zhou Rui explained that he was transferred to Central China to open up the market and not to grab people from the project. If the project is so important, the company should not let Wei Rock vacation. Chen Mingkai once again emphasized that they can survive only if they win the project. If they lose thousands of people, they will immediately destroy them.

Luo Jia of Wellcome learned that Jieke’s 0&T project was changed to Zhou Rui and decided that she would do it herself.

Fang Wei from the Administration Department gave Zhou Rui a badge. He introduced in front of the blinds: Ye Chaodong is the one who is speculating in stocks outside. He is the celebrity of President Wei, and the young and beautiful girl is named Xie Yi. She is very clever.

Wang Yinan followed Luo Jia to the entrance of the shoe store. When he was found out, he admitted that the email was sent by himself. He hoped that Luo Jia would invite him to Wellcome. Otherwise, Luo Jia would not tell her about the competitor, and Wang Yinan had to compromise. , Telling the causes and consequences of his expulsion from Zhou Rui, Zhou Rui wiped the blood stains on his face at the signing site that day and told the media: At the moment of signing the contract, he asked himself what the sales were and whether they were a group of animals with no self-esteem. ,

Or is it the group of people who drank desperately for the order and died prematurely? He now understands that it is difficult to make sales, and it is even more difficult to make good sales. If he can maintain performance while sticking to the bottom line, that day will be a good day for the entire industry. Luo Jia was deeply moved after hearing Zhou Rui’s words, and left Wang Yinan aside without looking back.

Zhou Rui criticized his subordinates for doing nothing in the 0&T project book. Wellcome handles 10,000 orders per hour. Customers have set standards in accordance with Wellcome’s capabilities. What do they use to win customers? Has Du Heng of 0&T visited? Xiao Yun retorted that when General Wei was managing, they didn’t even need to meet customers and would give them money. Zhou Rui was annoyed at how to divide money without a project?

He ordered the project to stop first and then do it after thinking about it. At this time, Ye Chaodong came over with a piece of information and conveyed that Mr. Wei asked to work overtime at night to finish binding the project. Zhou Rui asked the project to be redone, and told Ye Chaodong that he could open him if he was in East China. In North China, it is also Mr. Wei who wants to open.

Zhou Rui came to visit Du Heng, the general manager of 0&T Group, but the front desk didn’t even hand him his business card, and Luo Jia jumped in directly when he arrived.

When Zhou Rui returned to the office, he accidentally saw Ye Chaodong tell Xiao Yun and others that they were all involved in today’s affairs, and that this project belongs to Mr. Wei. At this time, Fang Wei brought everyone a supper, and was complained of shame.

Back at the office, Zhou Rui found that Fang Wei had arranged his office to look like East China. It turned out that he had specially arranged for his colleagues in East China to follow the pictures of Zhou Rui’s previous office. Zhou Rui arranged for Fang Wei to give everyone an evening snack. At night, he came to pay and let them leave work after eating. Unexpectedly, before Fang Wei passed, Ye Chaodong and others had turned off all the lights and got off work.

Walking out of the company, Xiao Yun felt that Ye Chaodong had turned off the lights too much, but Ye Chaodong disapproved.

Liu Gong reported to Luo Jia that the few times they lost were technical indicators. Jieke financed by leading technology. Luo Jia didn’t understand why Jieke was ahead in technology. Liu Gong told her because they had Zhou Rui.

Back at home, Zhou Rui recalled the first meeting with Luo Jia, and remembered what Yang Lu said to him before: Luo Jia is a legend in the industry. Buy a ticket to Tokyo today and it will appear at the bidding meeting in Hangzhou tomorrow. She once won six million dollars in Russian with 360 words. She was killed from the forest and was fierce.

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