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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 18 Recap

Now Xu Fengnian is in Xiangfan City, and he has sent Lu Qiantang to the Jing’an Prince’s Mansion, at least to make a superficial effort. However, when the servants came to report the news, King Jing’an did not see him behind closed doors. His son was puzzled about this. Even if Xu Fengnian could not be dealt with, he would at least arrest Lu Qiantang. King Jing’an ignored him, saying that he waited for the student who could make a suggestion, and then closed his eyes and calmed down, seemingly confident.

At this time, Zhao Kai came to the palace in disguise, and when he was about to enter, he suddenly saw the next person taking Lu Qiantang out, so he turned and hid in the corner until Lu Qiantang went away without turning his head. Then he appeared and knocked on the door. People went to report to King Ming Jing’an, and he came here by appointment to relieve the worries of the prince and the son.

Now that Wang Linquan has aroused the suspicion of King Jing’an, Xu Fengnian must first enter this dragon lake and tiger’s lair to protect him, and then wait for an opportunity. However, Jade Bird reminded Xu Fengnian that it would be difficult to leave Qingzhou if he protects the king’s house, so he advised him to be cautious. However, Xu Fengnian believes that even if he does not take the road given by Xu Xiao, he can move mountains and fill the sea to create a new road.

At the same time, in Jing’an Palace, Wang Linquan came personally, asking for nothing but the hope that Jing’an King would allow Xu Fengnian to travel east. King Jing’an did not respond, but asked the princess to add tea to Wang Linquan. After he drank it, he slowly spoke, saying bluntly that someone wanted to leave and needed someone to stay. Wang Linquan did not hesitate to express his opinion. Please stay in Qingzhou.

Although Wang Mingyin is the world’s eleventh master of the arena, but his ambition is not in the arena, but far from the world, returning to the hidden mountain village, guarding his wife and children for happiness. It wasn’t until Zhao Kai came far that he finally broke the peace at the moment. For the sake of his dead brother, Wang Mingyin finally decided to go out and kill Xu Fengnian for the sake of his deceased brother, and use him to comfort Wang Linquan’s spirit in the sky.

Wu Liuding said that Xu Fengnian had many masters around him, and it would be difficult to get to the sky if he wanted to take his life. Zhao Kai said that he was fully prepared and showed him and Wang Mingyin the red armor of the ambush. In addition, King Jing’an will also dispatch cavalry to participate in the encirclement and suppression. Helpless.

After Zhao Kai’s layout, Wu Liuding brought the ambush red armor to fight Li Chungang. Although Li Chungang’s swordsmanship was excellent, he didn’t have any weapons in hand, so he naturally lost a bit of power. On the other hand, Wu Liuding was able to walk out of the mound as a sword crown, undoubtedly he has the most amazing accomplishments in swordsmanship. The two used swords against swords, and fought close to each other. In the blink of an eye, they fought for several rounds without knowing it.

The fighting was sound over there, and the Reed Dang here was also a strong enemy. Under the orders of Ning Emei, the cavalry of Fengziying attacked again and again, but they were beaten down by Wang Mingyin each time. I saw Wang Mingyin stepping forward without fear, apparently assuming a arrogant posture to resist the army. Several groups of people were violently bounced off by the Qi machine he wandered outside of his body. On the other hand, he was unscathed.

The group set off for Qingzhou, Zhao Yutai told Xu Fengnian to be careful of Jingan Wang Zhaoheng. At the same time, Wang Linquan, the richest man in Qingzhou, reported progress to Zhao Heng, indicating that the Lin family industry has been fully grasped. Zhao Xun, son of the King of Jingan, recommended to his father Zhao Kai, a student of Shangyin, and said that he could offer advice to help the Zhao family break Beifang.

Zhao Kai wants to get rid of Xu Fengnian, but he has repeatedly failed, but he has little intelligence but no great wisdom. The only way is to use Zhao Xun to achieve his goal. King Jingan saw that Zhao Kai had the same ambitions as his own back then. Besides, he also had the same surname as Zhao, so he might be unclear about his origin, so he ordered the chase, and if he visited again, he would be killed.

Because of this, Zhao Xun was depressed. He really didn’t understand why his father had let go of the great assassination opportunity. Zhao Kai pretended to be empathetic, claiming that it was not inexorable, and with a single finger, he pointed to the man in commoner not far away, Wu’s descendant.

Since Wu’s Nine Swords broke through ten thousand knights, every generation of swordsmen has the right to have one to nine numbers in the name, and they are all born with amazing talents. Wu Liuding, who is the sword crown of the Wu family, is naturally a dragon and phoenix. Zhao Kai wanted to use the hatred between the Xu family and the Wu family to persuade Wu Liuding to deal with Xu Fengnian, but the opponent refused.

Chu Lushan in Lingzhou city stood guard at the gate of the palace for several days until Zhao Yutai sent Jiansui. Although he didn’t know what Jiansui meant, Xu Xiao had asked before that if he saw Jiansui, he would immediately lead the people to Qingzhou. When Chu Lushan thought of going to find his son, he was naturally very happy, and immediately ordered his subordinates to set off.

Xu Fengnian decided to take the eight hundred miles of Chunshen Lake from the waterway to Qingzhou by boat. That night, when Jiang Ni was chatting with Li Chungang, he accidentally learned that he had lost his love and abandoned the sword. This is why Li Chungang wanted to accept Jiang Ni as a disciple. Only by learning the peerless martial arts can he protect himself and protect his loved ones. .

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