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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 17 Recap

During this trip, the first son of Bei Miao will rest in Laoshan on the way, so Wang Linquan mobilized the crowd to prepare a rich banquet and respectfully welcomes Xu Fengnian into the mansion. The family members have been waiting outside the door for a long time. Wang Linquan introduced his daughter, Wang Chudong, to Xu Fengnian and arranged for her to wait in bed tonight, but Xu Fengnian was shocked.

When Zhao Xun came to look for his father, he happened to see Princess Fei Nanwei serving by him. King Jingan learned that Wang Linquan had gone to welcome Xu Fengnian without authorization, and then he understood the real reason why he was hiding in Qingzhou, and now that he suddenly revealed his identity, it was actually Xu Xiao’s warning to King Jingan. Jing’an Wang thought for a moment and ordered Zhao Xun to invite Xu Fengnian and Wang Linquan, but Zhao Heng was depressed about why his father had been reluctant to do it, so he planned an assassination with Zhao Kai in private.

That night Xu Fengnian introduced Wang Linquan to Lu Qiantang to know him. How did he know that Mrs. Lin’s family was in the house, and the other female relatives were safe and sound. Full of excitement, Lu Qiantang went to visit his mother and told him truthfully that he had taken refuge in Beifang. However, when Lin’s mother heard the words, she was furious and reprimanded him for not having the slightest son of Lin’s arrogance. He refused to leave Qingzhou, absolutely Will not go back to Beifang with him.

After all, Mother Lin turned and entered the room, and closed the door severely. It was only a door apart, making Lu Qiantang’s filial piety unrequited, and there were hardships and hardships to say. When Wang Linquan saw Lu Qiantang coming out of the other courtyard, he stepped forward and spoke clearly, saying that he could transfer the descendants of the Lin family, provided that he must be loyal to Xu Fengnian and always guard him. Safety, secondly, the Lin family will tell Xu Fengnian all the secrets about the imperial court.

Originally Xu Fengnian wanted to stop it, but Wang Quanlin was ordered by Xu Xiao to order the Lin family to do it. Wang Linquan nodded in satisfaction, and at the same time apologized to Xu Fengnian for the fact that he was going to bed today. After Xu Fengnian left, he comforted Lu Qiantang by saying that he would accompany him into the city tomorrow.

In the early morning of the next day, Xu Fengnian was about to set off for Qingzhou. Before leaving, Wang Quanlin arranged for his daughter Wang Chudong to accompany him. On the contrary, Wang Chudong was reluctant to live and die, so angry that he almost did it, but Xu Fengnian stopped him. Except for Yu Youwei who left on the island with the Bodhisattva and King Kong beasts, the rest of the people have already boarded the ship in disguise.

Everyone didn’t leave Laoshan very far, and saw three Huanglonglou boats slowly approaching from a distance. It was the Qingzhou navy of King Jing’an. It was not good to see the visitors. Compared with the boats that Xu Fengnian was standing on, it was nothing short of ignorance. Great witch. Although Wang Chudong didn’t like Xu Fengnian, he realized that someone was going against him and hurried to call Wang Linquan. The father and daughter stood on the top of the mountain and looked at them, anxious.

Zhao Xun was repeatedly instigated by Zhao Kai and ordered the boat to be surrounded, and it must be sunk without leaving alive. As the two majestic and majestic giants approached, Xu Fengnian was not afraid at all. All the soldiers of Fengziying got out of the cabin and stood with spears. Everyone was ready to jump on the boat and fight each other.

The soldiers on the boat on the boat followed the order and hurriedly pulled the rope to reef the sail. Seeing this, Ning Emei flew off and picked off the boat on the pole to make it impossible to get close to him. The other party failed to make a plan, but tried another trick. They threw the barbs at the boat and tried to lift the boat with the hook distance. Xu Fengnian ordered Ning Emei to seize the boat first. Stepping on the rope, he easily knocked over a group of soldiers.

Just as Zhao Xun was about to make a dark arrow aim at Xu Fengnian, who would have thought, Xu Fengnian had a sharp eye and cut the arrow off with a single knife. At this time, Wu Liuding appeared in a light boat, threatening to collect debts from Xu Fengnian for the Wu family, and then propped up the whole ship with a bamboo stick in his hand. Obviously, he wanted to sink the boat where Xu Fengnian was in, and he was determined to sink the boat.

Li Chungang was no longer standing idly by. He stepped out, his figure drifting like a dragon, passing everyone, stepping on the deck of the ship, and stunned that Huanglong ship was overturned into the water. Knowing that Wu Liuding could not beat Li Chungang, he simply left on a flat boat. Xu Fengnian joined hands to rescue the soldiers who fell into the water. Zhao Kai dispatched an ambush red armor to sneak attack in the water, but it did not hurt Xu Fengnian at all.

Now that the situation of victory and defeat is clear, Zhao Kai will leave first, and when Xu Fengnian boarded the Huanglonglou ship, he found that Zhao Xun had found a scapegoat, and cut off the opponent’s head in front of him. Xu Fengnian watched calmly and walked over to slap Zhao Xun in public. This was especially hard, forgiving him for not daring to fight back.

Although Zhao Xun was angry inside, he still put patience as the most important thing, and respectfully sent Xu Fengnian off the ship. Wang’s father and daughter watched such a wonderful battle, and the heart that had been hanging around finally fell. Wang Chudong never thought that the famous son of Bei Miao, who was not completely sloppy, gradually changed his view of him. Wang Linquan had his own plan and decided To send Wang Chudong to Xu Fengnian.

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