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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 15 Recap

The group of people waited straight to Qingcheng Mountain, but did not see Wu Lingsu, the king of Qingcheng, but was blocked by the disciples of the sect. Lu Qiantang took the lead in the battle. Because of his practice of Chixia Sword Art, he relied on the implosion of blood and energy to make moves. Even though he could reach dozens of enemies, the more he leveraged, the more serious his body was worn out and his life span was extremely short.

Xu Fengnian ordered Shu Xiu to go and help. Seeing that the two of them were still at a disadvantage, just as he was preparing to do it, Ning Emei and the others hurriedly arrived, and the other party discovered that the person was actually the son of Bei Meng. Xu Fengnian made it clear that he wanted to find the old Meng bandit and Xiao Que’er, and the first female disciple knew nothing about it until Wu Lingsu showed up and calmed down the fighting.

Seeing that the little Queer beside Wu Lingsu was safe and sound, Xu Fengnian was slightly relieved and was invited to enter the mountain alone. Wu Lingsu led Xu Fengnian to the private house in the inner courtyard and rejected Xiao Queer, leaving only him and Xu Fengnian, as well as Jiang Ni and Li Chungang hiding on the roof to observe. Xu Fengnian was not afraid of Wu Lingsu’s threats, and forgive him for not daring to do it. If his son died here, Xu Xiao would surely step down on Qingcheng Mountain.

Sure enough, Zhao Yutai led Xiao Queer out of the room. Xu Fengnian was overjoyed. Unexpectedly, after she took off her visor and went into hermitage, she actually married Wu Suwei and was in charge of the promised Qingyang school. The Wu family always chooses servants for the young Jianguan, and since they choose people with foreign surnames from the market, they grow up with their masters, and this Zhao Yutai is Wu Sujian, who loves sisters to each other.

Later, Wu Su walked the Liaodong for Xu Xiao’s white horse and left Wu’s sword tomb. Zhao Yutai followed him. He was born and died. When Wu Su passed away, he was lurking in Qingcheng Mountain under Xu Xiao’s secret order. The real cause of death. As the voice just fell, Jiang Ni exclaimed, attracting Zhao Yutai’s attention, Xu Fengnian quickly explained to her to avoid misunderstanding.

Li Chungang didn’t want to hear more about the secrets of the Xu family. He left the Qingyang Sect first, and informed the people before the stage that there was no need to worry, and then went into the carriage to rest. Jiang Ni stayed with Xu Fengnian. Through Zhao Yutai, he learned that Wu Su was pregnant with Liujia and returned from the capital, but was seriously injured on the way. After giving birth to Xu Longxiang, he passed away, and his cause was unspeakable.

Zhao Yutai concluded that this matter was inseparable from the Liyang royal family, so he handed over the evidence collected in recent years to Xu Fengnian and asked him to continue to investigate the truth. After listening to the ins and outs, Xu Fengnian was full of grief and indignation, holding Jiang Ni’s hand hard without knowing it. Although Jiang Ni felt pain, she never said a word. She knew that the princess was the purest person in the world and should not die in vain. Find out the truth with Xu Fengnian.

After reading the evidence and burning it down, Xu Fengnian analyzed that the Liyang imperial family secretly intercepted and murdered the princess of Beiming. He must have sent many masters of the rivers and lakes, and now he vowed to kill this group personally to pay homage to his mother. On the other hand, Zhao Yutai discovered that Wu Lingsu was secretly transmitting information to the capital, and immediately intercepted him, threatening him with life not to harm Xu’s family. He would definitely think of the best of both worlds to rescue his son Wu Shizhen.

At the time of parting, Zhao Yutai took Xu Fengnian to the cliff and empty valley, and a stone monument was sitting in the center, which was also the secret of her decades of keeping the monument. In the past, when the Wu family passed away, the saber had to return to the sword mound, but since Wu Su broke with the Wu family, the sabre went out with her, and was finally sealed at the bottom of the valley.

Zhao Yutai smashed the stone stele with his palm, and the sword box reappeared in the sky, and the four characters “Great Cool Dragon Sparrow” appeared impressively. This sword that once made the heroes of the world bow their heads became Wu Su’s only link to Xu Fengnian. Wu Su had explained before his death that if Xu Fengnian learned martial arts, he would inherit the saber. If he met a good woman who happened to practice the sword, he could also give it as a gift.

Just as Xu Fengnian took over the sword box, a roar of wild beasts rang in his ears, and Zhao Yutai was puzzled when he saw him, and told the origin of the strange beast Hukui. Jiang Ni who was waiting outside the valley was awakened by the sound, but Xiao Que’er seemed to be accustomed to it, because she had already joined the Qingyang School and could not go with Xu Fengnian.

In order to prevent others from learning about the relationship between Qingcheng Mountain and Beifang, Xu Fengnian asked Jiang Ni to take a detour with the sword box, meet at the foot of the mountain, and leave from the main entrance. Unexpectedly, Jiang Ni was walking deep in the mountains and forests, and heard the tiger’s howling like thunder from the top of his head, which seemed to be the wailing of the wild behemoth dying, which shook the other people’s scalp numb.

It is said that Hukui is extremely ferocious and extremely powerful. It has attacked the land of Qingcheng Mountain without encountering natural enemies. Today, it looks strangely strange. Considering that Jiang Ni was alone and had no power to tie the chicken, Xu Fengnian was a little worried, so he ordered Qingniao and Wei Shuyang to follow him up the mountain, and the rest of them stay where they are.

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