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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 30 Recap

Gao Bingzhu asked Li Yichen to persuade the saint to cancel the Lantern Festival. An Baitan found it impossible. In the past six months, the government offices have exhausted manpower and financial resources for the Lantern Festival. Gao Bingzhu suggested to postpone the time. He wanted to find out the Spring and Autumn Road as soon as possible. An Baitan strongly protested against the conspiracy. The sage never postponed his actions due to any changes.

He must not be suspicious of Lian Fang’s ability because of Gao Bingzhu’s inference. The two had different opinions and a fierce dispute broke out. Li Yichen hurriedly stopped them. He knew that Gao Bingzhu was anxious for the safety of the people of God Capital, so he decided to personally report to the saint, so that Gao Bingzhu could find out the conspiracy of Chunqiu Dao as soon as possible. Gao Bingzhu wanted to see Xiaoyaozi who was imprisoned in the Neiwei Mansion.

Wu Siyue came to see Wu Youjue and saw that his face was haggard due to overwork. Wu Siyue was very distressed and actively asked Wu Youjue to do security work for the Lantern Festival. Wu Youjue asked her to go back and have a good rest. Baili Hongyi led Shen Fei to dig Baili Kuanren’s tomb. Wu Shu and Liu Ran rushed to stop him. Baili Hongyi insisted on digging a grave to find out the whereabouts of Baili Kuanren. Liu Ran and Wushu had no choice but to give up. Baili Hongyi opened the coffin of Baili Kuanren and found a pile of big rocks inside. Liu Ran was stunned. Baili Hongyi concluded that Baili Kuanren was still alive.

Baili Hongyi remembered that Baili Kuanren couldn’t enter official positions because he had six fingers. He was always depressed. He often flipped through the scrolls left by Bailihu. Baili Hongyi concluded that Baili Kuanren must know the relationship between Bailihu and Chunqiu Dao. The envoy of Zhang Qiu sent Gong Yan to assassinate Baili Hongyi, Gong Yan led people into the cemetery and attacked Baili Hongyi. Thanks to Baili Hongyi’s ambush with the archer in advance, Gong Yan had to take the assassins of Spring and Autumn Road and flee.

Gao Bingzhu came to Wu Youjue under the banner of Li Yichen. Wu Youjue didn’t buy it at all, and ordered Gao Bingzhu to be killed. Gao Bingzhu had to move out of the burning ceremony to suppress him, and Wu Youjue allowed him to see Xiaoyaozi. Gao Bingzhu came to the secret prison. Neiwei opened the iron cover on Xiaoyaozi’s mouth. Xiaoyaozi uttered a wild word, threatening to burn the saint and the weeds around her. Gao Bingzhu said a few words from the Spring and Autumn Dao. He also said that the Spring and Autumn Dao Society used Fuhuo Thunder, Xiaoyaozi regarded him as his own, and chanted mantras. Gao Bingzhu listened carefully and remembered the key words.

Wu Siyue learned that Gao Bingzhu had come to see Xiaoyaozi, dragged his injured leg to see him, Gao Bingzhu humbled and asked her warmly, Wu Siyue learned that Gao Bingzhu was leaving Shendu for a few days and wanted to go with him, Gao Bingzhu told her Take good care of his injuries, Wu Siyue reminded Gao Bingzhu not to forget his promise under the ruins. Together, they found Ah Tan and took the people with bad wells to live a good life. Gao Bingzhu promised to keep the promise.

Wu Youjue suddenly fell into a coma due to overwork. Wu Siyue came to visit immediately and repeatedly confessed to him. Wu Youjue struggled to get up and write the paper. Wu Siyue was very distressed and asked Li Beiqi to help him arrange everything. Wu Youjue urged her to do a good job in the security of the Lantern Festival, and she should not underestimate Fuhuo Thunder. He wanted Baili Hongyi to help Wu Siyue find out the matter.

Baili Hongyi guessed that Wushu knew that Baili Kuanren was not in the coffin, so Wushu had to admit that all this was arranged by Bailiyan. Ten years ago, on the night Baili Kuanren died of illness, Bailiyan personally prepared everything. After that, the coffin of Baili Kuanren was buried overnight, and the people in the mansion swear to not mention Baili Kuanren. Wu Youjue dragged the sick body to come to Baili Hongyi in person, and asked him to serve as a counselor in Neiwei to help Wu Siyue find out the details of Fuhuo Thunder.

Baili Hongyi knew that he and Baili Kuanren were classmates, so he asked him Inquiring about Baili Kuanren’s situation, and revealed that there was no corpse in Baili Kuanren’s coffin, Wu Youjue felt that it was impossible for Baili Kuanren to be alive, and suspected that someone had stolen his body. Baili Hongyi clearly remembered that on the night of Baili Kuanren’s death, Wu Youjue had been to the mansion. Wu Youjue did not want to mention Baili Kuanren’s past, so he had to take Baili Hongyi to the case storehouse of Neiwei Mansion. Inquire.

Baili Hongyi found that Baili Kuanren angered the saints by slandering the court. He didn’t believe it, so he asked Wu Youjue about the situation. Wu Youjue clearly remembered Baili Kuanren’s letter to report on Lai Junche’s numerous crimes. He was planted and framed by Lai Junche, and was condemned by the saint to slander the court. After half a month, Baili Kuanren died of illness at home for some reason, and the medical worker who treated him has also died. Baili Hongyi considered repeatedly and agreed to help Wu Siyue investigate Fuhuo Thunder.

Wu Siyue made careful arrangements and sent internal guards to guard the heaven project site. He also sent people to the city gates to check the people who came and go. Unexpectedly, Li Beiqi let a dozen refugees into the capital, but Li Beiqi did not see him. After leaving the trace, Wu Siyue immediately sent someone to search for Li Beiqi’s whereabouts.

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