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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 29 Recap

In order to make Wu Siyue cheer up, Gao Bingzhu searched her stomach to tell her a joke. As a result, Wu Siyue had heard of it, and Gao Bingzhu curiously inquired about the reason for her joining Neiwei. Wu Siyue clearly remembered that she was allowed to join Neiwei after she passed the pass and defeated Li Beiqi and others. She accidentally heard that Wu Youjue let those people lose to her on purpose, so she came to Wu Youjue for theory, Wu Youjue I wanted her to realize the difficulty of being an internal defender as soon as possible, and then obediently went back to be a lady of everyone, but Wu Siyue did not expect Wu Siyue to persevere.

Wu Siyue gradually lost her energy, she was drowsy, Gao Bingzhu worried that she would never wake up again after falling asleep, and desperately shook her up, encouraging her to hold on again, waiting for Wu Youjue to rescue them. Gao Bingzhu couldn’t help thinking of his sister Ah Tan. In order to treat Ah Tan, he knelt and begged the drugstore owner to save Ah Tan, but was turned away. Thanks to the ugly man who helped him in time, Gao Bingzhu took his friends five years ago.

When he left the bad well, Ah Tan also disappeared, and his mother became seriously ill. Wu Siyue was dying, Gao Bingzhu encouraged her to persevere again, and went out with him to find Ah Tan, so that all the people from bad wells could walk on the ground. He also promised to take her to see the lanterns after going out, and guard the deity with her,

Wu Youjue personally led a team to Beishan to look for Wu Siyue, but nothing was found. He sent someone to the scene of the collapse with a hunting dog to find someone. Wu Youjue relapsed due to a sudden fire attack.

He dragged his weak body to supervise the battle. Li Beiqi persuaded Wu Youjue to go back to rest, Wu Youjue slapped him severely, reprimanded him for not fulfilling his responsibility to protect Wu Siyue, and asked him to go all out to find Wu Siyue. Neiwei quickly discovered the cave that had collapsed. Wu You decided to send Li Beiqi to clear the entrance of the sealed cave and gave a death order. If Wu Siyue could not be rescued, everyone would be buried with him.

Baili Hongyi learned that Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue were trapped in Beishan. He was anxious and sent Shen Fei to inquire about the news. He was eager to find the old master about Baili Kuanren. Liu Ran was worried about his safety and reminded him to be careful everywhere. . Wu Youjue and the inner guards moved the stones together, and finally opened the entrance of the cave. Gao Bingzhu shouted for help. Wu Youjue rushed in to rescue Wu Siyue.

Li Beiqi put all the blame on Gao Bingzhu and dealt with him. Fighting and kicking, Wu You decided to send someone back to the Neiwei Mansion for rescue. He hated Gao Bingzhu, but he did not dare to kill him in violation of his promise. He warned Gao Bingzhu to stay away from Wu Siyue, otherwise he would be bad. People in Well are better than dead.

Baili Hongyi came to see the old master and showed him the manuscript left by Baili Kuanren. The old master recognized that it was something taught by the Spring and Autumn Academy, and also revealed that Baili Hongyi’s grandfather Bailihu had taught at the Spring and Autumn Academy. After the death of the former prince, the Spring and Autumn Academy was renamed Beiming Academy, and later disappeared. Baili Hongyi wanted to know what the Spring and Autumn Academy had to do with Chunqiu Dao, but the old master had no idea about it.

The people of Tiantong detonated a fire and thunder. The rocks on the mountain were blown to pieces, and smoke billowed everywhere. The envoys of Palm Autumn and Palm Spring were very satisfied. The people of Tiantong admitted that he had succeeded with the help of Baili Hongyi. Zhang Qiu sneered at him, and Zhang Chun was furious, and ordered the people of Tiantong to prepare the fire and thunder before the burning ceremony to avoid extra branches.

Shen Fei heard that Wu Siyue was rescued by Wu Youjue. Gao Bingzhu disappeared. He returned to report to Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi was eager to find out about the Spring and Autumn Academy. The uncle heard the rumors that the Baili Tiger Tong Yao Fa was expelled from the academy, and his family moved from Jingzhao to Shendu.

When Baili Hongyi heard that Gao Bingzhu was back, he hurried to see him. Gao Bingzhu told him what he had seen and heard in the cave. Baili Hongyi suddenly realized that the people in Tiantong used the copper to pretend to be fire and thunder. Once an explosion occurs, the copper box will increase the lethality of the explosion.

Baili Hongyi wanted to use the frozen Beidi Xuanzhu to delay the refining time, but he did not expect to help the Tiantong people unlock the most important point of Fuhuo Thunder Baili Hongyi guessed that Tiantong people had successfully become Fuhuo Thunder. He blamed himself and was willing to bear all guilt. Gao Bingzhu reminded him not to tell anyone the matter again, and also advised Baili Hongyi not to immerse himself in it. In the case of mistakes, we must find ways to make up for the mistakes.

Liu Shi regretted that he had revealed the secret of the manuscript, and Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran were in a dangerous situation and almost died, but Liu Ran persuaded him not to take it to heart. Liu Shi has been paying attention to Liu Feng’s whereabouts and said that he will not interfere with his son’s decision in the future, and only hopes that Liu Feng and Liu Ran will be safe in the future. Uncle Wu hurried to report to Liu Ran, Baili Hongyi wanted to dig a grave to verify Baili Kuanren’s body, Liu Ran hurried to stop it.

Wu Siyue was awakened by the nightmare. She couldn’t wait to ask her inner guard Li Chun about the whereabouts of Gao Bingzhu. Li Chun had no idea. Wu Siyue heard that Wu You decided to save her relapse, so she rushed over to visit. Gao Bingzhu returned to Lianfang to return to Li Yichen. An Baitan mobilized all the gods and winds of Lianfang, carefully sorted out the goods that were in the middle of the gods, and found no copper boxes.

Gao Bingzhu concluded that the Spring and Autumn Road has not yet brought the fire to the thunder. In the capital of God, An Baitan suspected that Gao Bingzhu deliberately exaggerated the power of Fuhuo Thunder. Li Yichen could not guess the purpose of the Spring and Autumn Dao. Gao Bingzhu analyzed that they came for the Landeng ceremony.

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