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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 28 Recap

Hanjiacang is a royal granary. The rations of the 200,000 people of the gods and the civil and military officials are all placed here. The saints are very concerned about the safety here. Wu Shenxing and Yang Huan went to Hanjiacang to inspect the warehouse, and Wu Youjue personally escorted them there.

There is a wall between Liu Ran and Baili Hongyi, but their hearts have never been so close. Liu Ran wanted to help Baili Hongyi solve problems, but he was arrested together. Baili Hongyi made it clear that they were husband and wife. , They should support each other, and since she married Liu Ran, she can understand herself, Baili Hongyi feels very good, he does not allow Liu Ran to think about it, Liu Ran is very touched, knowing that Baili Hongyi has her in his heart, not only ran everywhere The Eighteen Rouge Shops of God Capital looked for her and painted her a portrait. Liu Ran vowed to pester him for the rest of his life.

Gao Bingzhu saw the old man Zhang who lives at the bottom of the mountain deliver food to the Taoist priests in the other courtyard. He thought of a good way. He and Wu Siyue stopped him and added a lot of salt to the food. Baili Hongyi tasted the meal delivered by old man Zhang, remembering the bitter tricks he and Gao Bingzhu had used in Bad Well, and immediately guessed that Gao Bingzhu came to save him. Baili Hongyi claimed that he thought of a raw material for refining pill. When he wanted to see the passage of heaven, the Taoist priest took him to the alchemy room. Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue clearly saw Baili Hongyi coming out of the room. He stretched his waist deliberately and took the opportunity to point out where Liu Ran was being held.

Baili Hongyi came to see the people of Tiantong. The people of Tiantong have realized that fire is the most important thing in alchemy. Baili Hongyi advised him to add a little phosphorite to keep the furnace temperature, otherwise the ice-forming Beidi Xuanzhu will burn. When an explosion occurred, the Tiantong people didn’t believe it at all, because phosphorite is combustion-supporting. Baili Hongyi quoted classics and proved that as long as the amount of phosphorite was used, the explosion could be prevented. Tiantong people asked him to test it himself.

Baili Hongyi took a few pieces of phosphorite and threw them all into the alchemy furnace. The alchemy furnace exploded, and the alchemy room instantly billowed with smoke. Gao Bingzhu, Wu Siyue and Li Beiqi led people into the courtyard to save people, Wu Siyue rescued Liu Ran, Tiantong people led people to surround Baili Hongyi, Gao Bingzhu came in time to relieve the siege, Tiantong people took the opportunity Going away, Gao Bingzhu chased him.

Wu Siyue followed. She and Gao Bingzhu went to chase the people in the sky passage together. They chased to the back mountain and found a cave. They went in with ease and saw that there were many copper boxes in the cave filled with black. powder. Tiantongren suddenly appeared. He admitted that the black powder was Fuhuo Thunder, and then threw a torch at the black powder, threatening to blow up Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue. Fuhuo Thunder exploded instantly when the fire was encountered, and the fire blazed into the sky. Gao Bingzhu took Wu Siyue and flees desperately, but was still trapped.

The envoy Zhangqiu came to find the envoy Zhangchun theory, urging him to refine Fuhuo Thunder as soon as possible, and rush to blow up the saint at the burning ceremony after the completion of the Heaven Palace. The news that the son is still alive made Zhang Qiu ecstatic. The people from Tiantong sent people to send good news to the envoy Zhangchun. He has successfully cultivated into a thunder and fire, and the envoy Zhangchun is very happy.

Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran escaped, and the two returned to the house together. As soon as Baili Hongyi arrived home, they brought Shen Fei to the room where Bailiyan lived before they were alive, and found out the relics of his brother Baili Kuanren. Baili Hongyi was in the sky. The person in the channel saw the handwriting of Baili Kuanren. He repeatedly compared and confirmed that it was the handwriting of Baili Kuanren. Baili Hongyi suspected that Baili Kuanren was still alive.

Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue were buried in the rubble after the explosion. Gao Bingzhu tried his best to get out. He came to save Wu Siyue and found that her leg was firmly pressed under the rock. Gao Bingzhu Desperately removing the stone that was pressing on her leg, Wu Siyue injured her leg. Gao Bingzhu helped her simply stop the bleeding, and then shouted for help, but no one answered.

The saint called Wu Youjue and made him a British public. Wu Youjue hurriedly asked for his gratitude. The saint claims to be old, and his only wish is to personally light the lamp for the giant Buddha that was built in heaven. He hopes that Wu Youjue will be responsible for the safety and security work on the day of the burning lamp ceremony. Wu Shenxing wanted to use Dai Zhou to completely destroy Litton, but he did not expect the saint to open up to Litton. Wu Shenxing learned that the saint had only given Wu Youjue to a British duke with a false name, and persuaded him to do his utmost to do the burning ceremony. The work of defending, hoping to be reused by the saint.

Wu Youjue suddenly received a secret report and learned that Wu Siyue was missing. He came to Baili Hongyi overnight to ask for details, and Baili Hongyi had to answer truthfully. Wu Youjue personally rushed to the Beishan Courtyard to find Wu Siyue. Before leaving, he gave a ruthless word. If Wu Siyue had three long and two shortcomings, he would never spare Baili Hongyi.

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