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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 7 Recap

Liu Xiaomin was awakened by a nightmare early in the morning. Mother Wang Sumin was already out of bed. She sat on the bed in a daze. Thinking of the various humiliations she had suffered in Jiujiang, her heart still pierced like a needle.

Liu Xiaomin accompanies Jin Jiajun on a morning run. Jin Jiajun feels that her shoes are not suitable for running. Liu Xiaomin went out to see his mother Wang Sumin working out on the fitness equipment. Wang Sumin was still angry. He said that Liu Xiaomin’s nose was not a nose or a face, so let them go home after breakfast. , Liu Xiaomin tried desperately to please Wang Sumin, but she just couldn’t let go.

When Liu Xiaomin ran for the first time, she couldn’t keep up with Jin Jiajun, and she was still out of breath. Jin Jiajun promised to accompany her to buy a pair of shoes suitable for sports, and also taught her the essentials and skills of running. I will run and exercise with Jin Jiajun every day.

Liu Xiaomin took Jin Jiajun for breakfast and asked him to try Beijing soybean juice. Jin Jiajun found it hard to swallow. Liu Xiaomin hadn’t been used to eating after so many years in Beijing. Jin Jiajun saw that Wang Sumin was still angry, and tried to say good things for Jin Bo. Liu Xiaomin persuaded him to hurry up. Study at ease for two months, don’t worry about adults, and promise to handle these things properly.

Wang Sumin wanted to stay to help ease the relationship between Liu Xiaomin and Jin Jiajun. When they saw their mother and son go for a run, Wang Sumin was a little relieved. She secretly made up her mind to return to her hometown of Jiujiang, but couldn’t bear to take the three pots of beloved Bougainvillea for a long distance. Wang Sumin wrote a note full of precautions and pasted it on the butterfly orchid pot.

Jin Bo went to the small shop next to the hotel to have breakfast. He saw a Beijing uncle who was pouring himself and Jin Bo ordered a glass of wine. The uncle took the initiative to greet him. The more they talked, the more speculative they got, and they got together on a table and put the wine together. Yan Huan. Wang Sumin went to the bank to withdraw 5,000 yuan, and thought of sending it to Jin Bo from the hotel, but accidentally saw Jin Bo drinking with an uncle, and hurriedly called him away.

Wang Sumin complained that Jin Bo shouldn’t drink early in the morning. Jin Bo repeatedly admitted his mistakes. Wang Sumin handed the money to Jin Bo and advised him to find a job as soon as possible. Once it was written down, Jin Bo signed and fingerprinted on it, and Jin Bo had no choice but to do so. Before leaving, Wang Sumin repeatedly reminded Jin Bo to quit drinking, go to her if something happened, and never go to Jin Jiajun and Liu Xiaomin again.

Jin Bo came to the school to find Li Ping in person. Li Ping turned him away. Jin Bo sneaked into Li Ping’s office when the front desk clerk was not paying attention. Li Ping excused that too many people came to her every day, and she didn’t know that she was coming. The person is Jin Bo, otherwise he would not stop him. Jin Bo went straight to the point and explained his intentions and asked Li Ping to help him find a job. Jin Bo felt that the security quality of the school was not high, so he nominated himself as the security chief and promised that the quality of security would be improved in a short period of time.

Li Ping excuses that she does not care about personnel, and that the security department and the personnel department are outsourced. Jin Bo wants to go to the logistics department, but the school does not have logistics. Jin Bo begged Li Ping to arrange him a job casually. Li Ping repeatedly claimed that the school is a carrot. In a pit, Jin Bo begged her to help her find other jobs, but Li Ping was entangled, so she had to bite the bullet and agreed. She lied about a meeting and sent Jin Bo away in a few words.

Chen Jiajia had a runaway in English class. The teacher called her up to answer the questions. Thanks to Jin Jiajun’s whispering reminder next to him, Chen Jiajia passed the test smoothly. She gave Jin Jiajun an Oreo cookie, and Jin Jiajun ate it secretly. After class, Chen Jiajia invited Jin Jiajun to dinner, and was curious to inquire about his parents’ divorce. Jin Jiajun didn’t want to say, but couldn’t stand Chen Jiajia’s frustrations. Chen Jiajia talked about her parents’ life after their divorce, and desperately made Jin Jiajun happy.

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