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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 6 Recap

Wang Sumin said that Jin Bo’s parents were not indifferent to them when they were alive, and feel that Jin Bo is very pitiful now. Liu Xiaomin mistakenly thought that Wang Sumin asked her to take care of Jin Bo. As a result, her life was messed up, and she and Jin Jiajun were strangers. Wang Sumin pointed out to her face that she had done something extraordinary that year.

Liu Xiaomin vented all the grievances she had pressed in her heart for many years, and repeatedly emphasized that she and Teacher Su were innocent. They only exchanged a few letters, but the city was full of troubles, and Jinbo drank too much. Become natural, go home and yell at him and Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaomin had to let the six-year-old Jin Jiajun come to Beijing.

Wang Sumin helped Liu Xiaomin to take care of Jin Jiajun for many years. Unexpectedly, Liu Xiaomin not only didn’t appreciate her, but also resented her. She slammed the door in anger. Wang Sumin had no relatives, she had nowhere to go. She couldn’t help but think of her old friends and neighbors far away in Jiujiang. Her heart was unspeakably sad. Wang Sumin saw that there was a square dance in the park, so he leaned over to dance with him. An old man took the initiative to greet Wang Sumin. When he learned that Wang Sumin was Liu Xiaomin’s mother, he was full of praise for Liu Xiaomin.

Jin Jiajun settled down and Jin Bo went home. He learned that Liu Xiaomin and Wang Sumin had quarreled. Guessing that they had a dispute because of Jin Bo’s arrival, Liu Xiaomin advised Jin Jiajun not to worry about these things. Chen Zhuo drove down to Liu Xiaomin’s house and sent a message to meet her. As soon as Chen Zhuo saw her, he saw that she was unhappy. Liu Xiaomin vomits bitterness to Chen Zhuo, Chen Zhuo wants to share her sorrows, Liu Xiaomin does not want to let Li Ping, Jin Jiajun and Chen Jiajia learn that they are in love, but Chen Zhuo disagrees.

Liu Xiaomin grumbled with hunger. Chen Zhuo took her to dinner. Liu Xiaomin was sad because of grievances. Chen Zhuo told her to make her happy. Liu Xiaomin always wanted to find a man whom she would admire. He didn’t expect to be bounced around by Chen Zhuo all day. The jumping man was deeply attracted, and she felt that Chen Zhuo was very warm. Chen Zhuo once heard Li Ping talk about Liu Xiaomin’s past, and mistakenly thought Liu Xiaomin liked people like Teacher Su, and Liu Xiaomin repeatedly explained that they were innocent.

After dinner, Liu Xiaomin didn’t want to go home, so Chen Zhuo took her to the hotel to open a room. He wanted to have a long conversation with her, drink tea together and enjoy the night view of the capital together. Chen Zhuo advised Liu Xiaomin not to have a psychological burden on their relationship. As long as she is in a happy mood, Liu Xiaomin is drunk in Chen Zhuo’s sweet words and can’t help herself.

Chen Zhuo is worried that she can’t sleep after drinking tea, so she changes to chrysanthemums. Chen Jiajia sent a message to urge Chen Zhuo to go home quickly. Chen Zhuo lied to be with the client and promised to go back when he finished socializing.

Liu Xiaomin went home very late. She quietly went back to the bedroom and saw Wang Sumin with her back facing her. She mistakenly thought that Wang Sumin was asleep, so she gently washed her face and brushed her teeth. Jin Jiajun tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He couldn’t help but think of an incident in Jiujiang. One day when he came home from school, he saw several men come to the house to ask for Jin Bo to collect debts. Then, Jin Bo asked him to sign an agreement and promised Ma Uncle’s son counseled him to enter Jiujiang No. 1 Middle School.

Uncle Ma promised to give Jin Bo one hundred thousand yuan. Jin Jiajun flatly refused. He wanted to rely on Tsinghua University. Jin Bo knew that he wanted to go to Beijing to find his mother Liu Xiaomin. Liu Xiaomin abandoned, he worked hard to raise Jin Jiajun, Jin Bo got angry more and more, and angrily confiscated Jin Jiajun’s ID card. Jin Jiajun took advantage of Jin Bo’s sleep and secretly took away his ID card, and followed Wang Sumin to Beijing. Jin Jiajun thought of the past, with mixed feelings in his heart.

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