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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 4 Recap

Liu Xiaojie used Jiu Jin to complain to Qian Feng and cursed Tong Bing as Ma Baonan. Wu Bi was kind to her and scolded Tong Bing along with her. Xu Zheng has been paying attention to Liu Xiaojie’s every move. Qian Feng’s girlfriend Minnie rushed over and Liu Xiaojie praised her for her beauty. Xu Zheng took the initiative to come to Liu Xiaojie for a drink. He was allergic to alcohol, so he toasted Liu Xiaojie with tea instead of wine.

Qian Feng asked about Xu Zheng’s situation and learned that he had just returned from studying abroad. The guests at the next table smoked Liu Xiaojie and coughed. Liu Xiaojie asked the boss to stop that person. Not only did he not admit his mistake, but he also spoke harshly to Liu Xiaojie. Liu Xiaojie was angry to call the police, and Xu Zheng hurriedly stopped her.

Xu Zheng lied to accompany the pregnant woman to eat skewers, and the guests next to him hurriedly squeezed out the cigarette in his hand. Liu Xiaojie drank a lot of alcohol in one breath, and finally became so drunk that Xu Zheng offered to send Liu Xiaojie home. When Liu Xiaojie arrived at the door of the house, he suddenly vomited. Tong Bing was packing her luggage with her mother. When Tong’s mother saw Xu Zheng sending Liu Xiaojie back, she insisted that she had an affair before the divorce, and she took a photo of her certificate on the spot.

Liu Xiaojie immediately came to his senses and questioned why Tong Bing had the key to her house. Tong’s mother murmured at Liu Xiaojie and urged Tong Bing to pack things quickly. Tong Bing took out the money hidden in the private house and gave it to his mother. He was in the rice bucket. He didn’t find the money, and mistakenly thought Liu Xiaojie had taken it. Liu Xiaojie sneered at him. Tong Bing remembered that he used the money to buy game equipment. Liu Xiaojie gritted his teeth and forcibly drove them away. Xu Zhenglai gave Liu Xiaojie the car keys. He witnessed the whole process, and Liu Xiaojie had to let him in, under the pretext of going to the toilet.

Chen Zhuo wanted to choose a gift for Wang Sumin. Liu Xiaojie sent Qian Feng to advise Chen Zhuo. Qian Feng had a lot of bad ideas. Chen Zhuo felt he was unreliable, so he chose two kinds of supplements. Chen Zhuo went to pick clothes again, and Qian Feng was angry. Stop talking. Liu Xiaojie called to inform Qian Feng and asked them to go directly to the restaurant to meet up. Qian Feng fully agreed. Chen Zhuo realized that Qian Feng was interested in Liu Xiaojie. Qian Feng denied that Chen Zhuo carefully selected the cashmere vest. Qian Feng thought it was very good. Advise Chen Zhuo to stay a little longer, and you can send it slowly in the future.

Chen Zhuo rushed to the restaurant ahead of time and ordered a few signature dishes. Liu Xiaojie, Liu Xiaomin and Wang Sumin came afterwards. Chen Zhuo greeted Wang Sumin enthusiastically, and Qian Feng enlightened Liu Xiaojie to watch a movie. Wang Sumin asked about the process of getting to know Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin. Chen Zhuo answered one hundred and fifty. Chen Zhuo admitted that he was Li Ping’s ex-husband.

Wang Sumin asked them the reason for their divorce and Chen Zhuo answered truthfully. Wang Sumin advised the two of them to be cautious about remarriage, and don’t be too hasty. She thinks Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin are getting along very well now, and Liu Xiaomin has no plans to get married. Wang Sumin feels relieved. She got up and went to the bathroom. Chen Zhuocai With a sigh of relief, he was frightened in a cold sweat by Wang Sumin, and couldn’t help but spit out bitter water at Liu Xiaomin.

After the meal, Liu Xiaojie took Wang Sumin home, and Chen Zhuo sent Liu Xiaomin back to the hospital. He casually talked about Wang Sumin’s attitude towards marriage, and felt that there was something in her words. Liu Xiaomin made it clear that she did not want to get married. There was a light rain in the sky suddenly, and Liu Xiaomin wanted to be alone. She disregarded Chen Zhuo’s persuasion to get off the car midway. Chen Zhuo was confused and thought she had said something wrong.

Chen Zhuo went home and told Qian Feng about his concerns. He wanted to marry Liu Xiaomin, but both Liu Xiaomin and Wang Sumin were afraid of marriage. Qian Feng thought it was sweeter to just love and not get married. As soon as Jin Bo arrived in Beijing, he came to the hospital to find Liu Xiaomin with his luggage. He repeatedly explained that he had come to give Jin Jiajun something. Liu Xiaomin could tell at a glance that he was lying. Jin Bo had to admit that he had a quarrel with Jin Jiajun, and Jin Jiajun came to Beijing in anger. Jin Bo wanted to apologize to Jin Jiajun, so Liu Xiaomin had to take him to Nengcheng Education School.

Jin Bo didn’t even bother to drink any saliva along the way. Liu Xiaomin hurried to buy him water. Jin Bo saw from the window that Jin Jiajun was in class, and waved to him excitedly. Jin Jiajun ran away hurriedly with fright. Jin Bo held his luggage tightly to him. After chasing, the security guard stopped Jin Bo and wanted to drive him out. Jin Bo and the security guard fought, Jin Jiajun hurried forward to dissuade him, and Chen Jiajia rushed out to argue with the security guard.

Chen Zhuolai Nengcheng picked up Chen Jiajia from the school and met Liu Xiaomin at the door. As soon as the two of them entered the door, they saw Jin Bo fighting with the security guard. Li Ping came to Liu Xiaomin and Jin Bo and introduced Chen Zhuo to Liu Xiaomin and Jin Bo as her ex-husband. Chen Zhuo and Liu Xiaomin pretended not to know each other. Li Ping invited Liu Xiaomin to attend the class reunion next time. Liu Xiaomin was too busy with work, so Li Ping agreed to invite her alone. Have a meal. Before leaving, Jin Bo wanted to add Li Ping’s WeChat account, and Li Ping lied that he did not bring a mobile phone.

Chen Zhuo wanted to take Chen Jiajia home, Li Ping wanted to take Chen Jiajia to see the teacher introduced by Hong Wei, Chen Jiajia did not want to go, Li Ping bought her a limited edition figure of the artist, Chen Jiajia was happy, and immediately agreed to follow Li Ping Go to see the teacher.

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