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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Jiajia took the red envelope that Li Ping’s friend gave her and asked Chen Zhuo to accompany her on shopping spree. He wanted to take revenge on Li Ping’s secret pregnancy. After Chen Jiajia and Chen Zhuo finished their meal, Chen Jiajia still hadn’t done enough and took Chen Zhuo to the rooftop to take pictures. He had to return the necklace Hong Wei gave her with the receipt for the necklace Chen Zhuo bought, and half of the money was returned to Chen Zhuo.

Chen Zhuo felt wrong and asked Chen Jiajia to return the necklace to Li Ping. Chen Jiajia refused to do it and plausibly claimed that it would damage her mother-daughter relationship with Li Ping. Chen Zhuo had to admit that the necklace he bought was non-refundable, and Chen Jiajia decided to sell the necklace online.

Until dinner, Jin Jiajun had not returned. Wang Sumin was anxious and asked Liu Xiaojie to retrieve Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaomin refused to go. Wang Sumin knew that their mother and son were still grieving about the past. Liu Xiaomin reflected that she was also at fault, and she took the initiative to ask Wang Sumin admitted that she has a boyfriend, and also briefly introduced Chen Zhuo’s situation, specifically stating that Chen Zhuo is Li Ping’s ex-husband. Liu Xiaojie took the opportunity to report to Wang Sumin about her twinkling marriage. Wang Sumin was not optimistic about Tong Bing, a mother-in-law, but felt that their mother and daughter were divorced. Wang Sumin wanted to see Chen Zhuo on the weekend.

Jin Jiajun went home dejected and took the initiative to apologize to Liu Xiaomin. Liu Xiaomin also felt sorry for the past and wanted to find time to have a good chat with him. Liu Xiaomin repeatedly emphasized that Jin Jiajun is the most important thing in her heart. That night, Liu Xiaojie and Liu Xiaomin slept in the same room. Liu Xiaojie casually said that Jin Bo couldn’t help but struggled for custody rights during the divorce. In the end, Wang Sumin was asked to help raise Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaojie felt that Jin Bo would come to Beijing with him. Liu Xiaomin would not allow her to say this, worrying. Jin Bo couldn’t help thinking that it was really coming.

Wang Sumin made desserts and brought them to Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie. Liu Xiaojie believed that Li Ping was guilty of what happened in the past, so he was willing to help Jin Jiajun into the rocket class. Liu Xiaomin regretted that he was too young to bring Jin Jiajun to Beijing, otherwise the mother and son would not be like each other. Now she is like a stranger, Liu Xiaojie kindly persuades her, and Wang Sumin also thinks that children are the most important. Liu Xiaojie found that Liu Xiaomin’s supper was Cordyceps and white fungus, and her only fermented rice balls, couldn’t help complaining to Wang Sumin. Wang Sumin felt sorry for Liu Xiaomin’s busy work, and Liu Xiaojie refused to give up and wanted to share Liu Xiaomin’s cordyceps.

Chen Zhuo gave Chen Jiajia a cup of milk and advised her to rest early. Chen Jiajia is drawing a realistic love painting. Chen Zhuoxin made a random comment. Chen Jiajia jokes that he doesn’t understand art. Instead, Chen Zhuo persuaded her to find a pragmatic boyfriend. Chen Jiajia wanted to be more romantic. She and Chen Zhuo Lagoo agreed that whoever fell in love first should notify each other as soon as possible. Chen Jiajia agreed to Chen Zhuo’s love and would not allow him to remarry.

Wang Sumin hugged Liu Xiaojie and Liu Xiaomin, and couldn’t help but think of the scene when she brought Jin Jiajun to Beijing last time. The three of them, the mother and daughter, were eating wine and stuffed balls and chatting in the same way. Liu Xiaomin was deeply moved. She cherished this rare warmth. Liu Xiaojie clamored to drink the tonic wine brought by Wang Sumin. Liu Xiaomin took the opportunity to expose that she often drank alcohol. Wang Sumin reminded Liu Xiaojie not to have a flash marriage this time, and get along for a few more years.

Liu Xiaojie wanted to drink and relax with his girlfriend Qian Feng after get off work, but couldn’t get through his phone call, so he went to the court to find him. Qian Feng was playing with his golfers on the court and the basketball fell at Liu Xiaojie’s feet. Liu Xiaojie jumped and shot the basketball. Into the basket. The tall and handsome Xu Zheng asked Liu Xiaojie to join him in a game. Xu Zheng was responsible for passing the ball. Liu Xiaojie made a lot of shots. The two of them worked together and defeated their opponents by a big score.

Qian Feng continued to play basketball. Liu Xiaojie couldn’t help but remember that the day she and Tong Bing divorced, they came to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Tong Bing kept playing games until the staff called them to go in and go through the formalities. Advising them to think again, Liu Xiaojie couldn’t wait to divorce him as soon as possible, and lied that there was someone outside of him. Tong Bing defended in every possible way. Liu Xiaojie didn’t want to listen to him, so he counted Tong Bing with game teammates, players and parents in his heart. Only without her, Tong Bing complained that she usually didn’t have a home. Liu Xiaojie met with the author every day and went to print. The factory layout was very busy, Tong Bing didn’t care about her at all, and the two people quarreled very hard if they didn’t agree with each other.

After Tong Bing and Liu Xiaojie finished the divorce procedures, Tong Bing asked Liu Xiaojie for the wedding ring, claiming that it was an ancestral property left by his grandmother to his mother. Liu Xiaojie felt more sad as she thought about it, and couldn’t help crying secretly. Even though she covered her eyes with her hand, Qian Feng found that she was crying. He hurriedly stopped to greet her and asked his golfers to go skewers together. Liu Xiaojie borrowed wine to drench her sorrow, Tong Bing suddenly called her, she was out of anger, and vomited bitterness to Qian Feng.

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