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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 14 Recap

Xu Xiao set off for Beijing. Before leaving, he specifically confessed that Chu Lushan was guarding the gate of the palace. If he received the sword spike from Harrier Eagle, he would immediately lead his cavalry to Qingzhou. Chu Lushan responded happily and promised that with him in Beixing for a day, the adoptive father would be able to sit back and relax, but when he learned that the military power would continue to be handed over to Chen Zhibao, his fat face turned from joy to sadness. Even if he was dissatisfied, he still obeyed orders. .

In the first heavy rain in early spring, it was bustling on the border trail. The team suddenly pulled up the reins and stopped. Through the dense rain curtain, it was vaguely visible that there was a long-lost general in front of the river and the red armour, which aroused everyone’s attention. . The so-called Fu Jiang Hong Jia is one of the four great masters who were well-known in the world in the early years. Because of his vajra physique and the perception of the sky, he often wears a red armor and is named after him.

However, Fu Jiang failed to assassinate the Emperor Xianhuang and fell into the hands of the cat Han Diao Temple. He was stripped and stripped. Fu Jiang’s body and red armor were all hung on the flag for public display. Announced the demise of the Southern Kingdom Fu Jiang Hongjia. But now that Fu Jiang Red Armor appeared out of thin air, it is really puzzling, and regardless of the Red Armor’s moves to counterattack, they just stand empty-handed and let Lu Qiantang and Shu Xi sprint to gain momentum, and they are still unscathed. .

The red armored man completely ignored the two and walked awkwardly towards Xu Fengnian, obviously coming towards him. At this moment, the old man raised his hand unhurriedly, stretched out his finger, and a drop of water drifted out, condensing thousands of things into a sword, and instantly pierced the chest of the red armor man, causing it to collapse suddenly.

Xu Fengnian and the others were stunned, but the red armor of the abbot was not so unbearable. The old man got off the carriage and used the umbrella as a sword. The rain curtain seemed to be torn apart. It was even more impressive than the green dragon water sword connected by water drops. The rain all over his body suddenly stopped and gathered into a huge water dragon, completely smashing the red armor to pieces.

Between the world and the earth, everything fell silent. The old man noticed that someone was spying in the dense forest, and he bounced the raindrops calmly, which was regarded as a warning to the other party. Zhao Kai knew that this person was difficult to deal with, so he had to leave first. On the other hand, everyone except Jiang Ni was deeply shocked and bowed down to the old man.

Back on the carriage, the old man once again mentioned that he would accept ginger mud as a disciple. This time the ginger mud hesitated. Xu Fengnian took off the mask of the Scarlet Armored Man and found that the opponent had only one last breath. Wei Shuyang believed that the Scarlet Armored man must be trained as a dead soldier and there must be a process of mental destruction, so he would not know how to respond and would not surrender until he died.

There have always been five red-clad men in Fu Jiang. Xu Fengnian learned through the old man that there were three red-clad men hiding in the deep forest, and immediately realized that the situation was not good. Sure enough, as he expected, Ning Emei came with serious injuries and reported that Fengzi Camp had been attacked by the Red Armoured men. Xu Fengnian would not be punished. Instead, he asked him to escort the soldiers back to Beifang first, and then join everyone.

During the long distance of the team, Xu Fengnian chatted with the old man in the carriage, shocking him that he had reached a hundred years old, and he was so energetic, which was incredible. But the old man didn’t take it at all, saying that Xu Fengnian had already cultivated the Rhubarb Court, and he would be better able to survive in the future. Because of these conversations, Xu Fengnian knew that the old man was actually the sword god Li Chungang.

The head of the Spring and Autumn Thirteen Classes and the head of the top four masters of Jiazi, he was originally a figure who looked around the world, but eventually lost to the younger Wang Xianzhi. Because the other’s two fingers broke the wooden cow and horse, he has since been drawn to prison under the Tingchao Pavilion. Everyone thought that he broke the sword because of the formation. In fact, Li Chungang escaped only because he was too stupid to see through before.

Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni looked at each other, and they didn’t understand Li Chungang’s true meaning, so they stopped talking. In a blink of an eye, the team had arrived at Qingcheng Mountain and found a Taoist temple to rest on the side of the road. It was also the place where Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang had traveled and lived, and the memories between the two were everywhere.

Yu Youwei didn’t forget about the escape, so she found a stick and gave it to Jiang Ni, so that she could attack Xu Fengnian tonight. As a result, while eating, Yu Youwei accidentally exposed the wooden stick and hurriedly explained that it was used to cook, and thus lost the wooden stick. While several people were talking, a group of bandits broke in, and Shu Xi had many enemies and easily beat them to the ground.

The bandit was jealous and told the location of the stockade truthfully. Xu Fengnian learned that the small queer, a mountain citizen who happened upon him during his travels, was taken away by the old god Qingyang for more than two months. It is said that this person is good at collecting yin and replenishing yang. Xu Fengnian brought the blue bird to the Yin and Yang Pavilion and used brush and ink to draw the downhill form.

Originally, Yu Youwei wanted to take advantage of Li Chungang to fall asleep, pulling Jiang Ni to escape, unexpectedly saw Lu Qiantang sitting in the carriage, holding the cat named “Wu Mei Niang” in her arms. Although Lu Qiantang heard the conversation between them, he didn’t plan to stop him, because his main task was to protect Xu Fengnian, and he didn’t care about everything else.

Xu Fengnian thought of Xiaoque’er, and couldn’t help but feel sad. After Shu Xiu found the innocent woman in the cottage, he told her to kill the bandits without reporting to officials. Since this trip is going to Emperor Wucheng, we should not delay the Qingyang faction and cause troubles, but Xu Fengnian happens to be not the kind of person who is not hasty and forbearance, so despite Wei Shuyang’s persuasion, he has to break into Qingcheng Mountain to rescue Xiaoque’er.

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