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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 13 Recap

Xu Fengnian was successful in learning martial arts, and decided to go to Wang Xianzhi to compete and find Lao Huang’s sword box as soon as possible. Before departure, Xu Xiao arranged for Wei Shuyang and Shu Xiu to accompany him all the way. After all, Shu Xiu was familiar with the various ways of the rivers and lakes, and could solve any special situation. Originally Xu Fengnian thought that he would take these two people. Who would have thought that Yu Youwei was in the carriage, indicating that where the princess was, she was there.

As soon as the voice fell, I saw Jiang Ni coming out of the palace with large bags and small scrolls. Xu Fengnian was stunned. This time he was going to the rivers and lakes instead of dragging his family. Xu Xiao thought that it was inconvenient for him to go out alone and should be served by a maid. Daily life. Moreover, leaving Jiang Ni in the mansion alone, it is hard to guarantee that Xu Fengnian’s second sister will not send someone to hurt her, and it is better to stay with her to be safer right now.

As expected by Wang Chonglou, Zhao Fengya was worried because of Xu Fengnian’s acquisition of the Rhubarb Court, and because of Hong Xixiang’s submission, he decided to support him as the head of Wudang. On the other hand, when Xu Fengnian woke up safely, Wang Chonglou was very pleased. It shows that Xu Fengnian fits well with the Rhubarb Court. As for the fact that Xu Fengnian can stay true to life, it depends on his personal good luck. I also hope that he will take over Beifang in the future and never disappoint Wudang.

On the way back to Beijing for the princess team, Sun Diao Temple came to the tea shop to meet with Chu Lushan on the grounds of preparing tea and inform the situation of Wudang Mountain. Zhao Fengya was suspicious. Even if she was the chief eunuch who had lived in the palace for many years, it was not enough to make her completely trust her, so she asked the guards to secretly investigate and confirm that it was reliable before setting off to return to the palace.

Fortunately, Chu Lushan had predicted in advance that the so-called tea shop was built temporarily by him, and there were people from Beifang inside and out. So when the princess left, Chu Lushan led his men to Wudang Mountain to meet Xu Fengnian, and at the same time demolished the tea shop and burned to ashes.

Now that Xu Fengnian’s exercises have been added, the sharp edge has been completed, and Chu Kuang slave has kept his promise to protect him for more than two months, and is also preparing to go out for a wandering trip. Xu Fengnian knew it was useless to keep it, so he simply cherished it, and then heard a sorrowful cry from his dead father and mother, and knew that it was Chu Lushan who came to pick him up home.

At the time of the separation, Xu Fengnian asked Hong Xixiang when to meet Xu Zhihu. Hong Xixiang’s affection for Xu Zhihu is undiminished, but he can’t disobey his teacher’s orders, so he promised that he will be the number one in the world and he will go down the mountain.

Returning to Beixing from Wudang, Sweet Potato and Jade Bird were already waiting outside the city. Both of them were embarrassed. They hesitated to understand the reason. Xu Fengnian hurriedly ran back to the palace and happened to meet Xu Xiao who had taken refuge in the palace. The person who can make the father and son so jealous, looking at the entire palace, there is probably only Xu Weixiong, the second daughter of the Xu family.

In terms of majesty, this person can be said to be one and the same in the Beifang Palace. His mother, Wu Su, died young, and she played the role of a strict mother and was very strict with her younger brother. In terms of talent, she is a well-known strange woman, holding an ancient sword Red Chi, excellent swordsmanship, murderous since childhood, countless horse bandits who went out of the city to annihilate when she was young, she is the first wizard in Shangyin Academy for decades. .

Xu Fengnian tremblingly presented the carefully carved chess pieces to the second sister, but was ruthlessly overturned by Xu Weixiong, and demanded that Xu Fengnian take over Beixingqi and assume the responsibility of being the son of Xu’s family. After that, Xu Weixiong turned and left, and went straight into the other hospital, threatening Jiang Nixiu to hurt Xu Fengnian again, or she would definitely throw her into the well.

However, Jiang Ni was not afraid. He carried a large bucket and walked to the courtyard in anger. As the big dragon walked away, seven characters “Jiang Ni swears to kill Xu Fengnian” appeared on the ground. Xu Weixiong ignored the situation and walked out of the Beiming Palace with a black chess piece. As she passed the city gate, she saw Chen Zhibao coming from the opposite side.

At the beginning, Xu Xiao sent Xu Weixiong to the academy to study the king and dominion classics, and he learned how to control and balance Chen Zhibao. But now that Xu Weixiong left Beifang, Chen Zhibao suddenly stopped her and told her not to come back again. No one knew what she meant by this.

Xu Fengnian knew that Jiang Ni had been wronged by her second sister, so she spent money to hire her to study for herself to pass the time. But now there is one thing that makes Xu Fengnian puzzled. He has always hated Xu Weixiong, who was passed down by disciples of the family. Why should he let his younger brother take over Beifang? Unless there is another reason, it is by no means related to the blood of the Xu family.

Jiang Ni was also curious about why Xu Fengnian was stubborn and refused to accept the arrangement of his family. Even if Xu Fengnian did not want to see someone sacrifice for this matter, even if he did not participate in it, he would not be able to prevent future developments. Because of Jiang Ni’s words, Xu Fengnian was completely awakened, and he went out without saying a word.

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