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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 20 Recap

Lu Hongzhu caught Xiao Wu, and Nangong Yixin came to Lu Hongzhu for evidence. Lu Hongzhu told Nangong Yixin that Xiaowu had a close relationship with the murderer, and hoped that Nangong Yixin would not interfere in this matter so as not to get caught up in the matter. At this time, the prince ordered someone to come to Lu Hongzhu, and Lu Hongzhu ordered Ah Fu to send Nangong Yixin away, while he swaggered to the womb.

Nangong Yixin did not leave. He hid in the dark and heard Lu Hongzhu’s orders to throw the corpse. Nangong Yixin followed the carriage that carried the corpse all the way to the outskirts. The people ignited the corpse and left. Nangong Yixin put out the fire and opened the cloth that wrapped the corpse and found a black lotus mark on the palm of the corpse, which reminded him of the day when his father died when he was a child.

In the whole hall, only Lu Hongzhu was present. As soon as Nangong Xin entered, he was stopped by Lu Hongzhu, and then announced that the emperor had died. Nangong Yixin broke free and Lu Hongzhu ran to see the emperor, but found the same in the palm of the emperor’s palm. With the black lotus mark, Nangong Yixin had already determined that Lu Hongzhu had killed his father.

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