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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 26 Recap

Wu Siyue asked Li Dun about the whereabouts of Dai Zhou and learned that he had been missing for several days. Liu Shi carefully looked through the manuscripts of Tiantongren’s alchemy alchemy with the Northern Emperor Xuanzhu, and felt that there was nothing clever, and there were still a lot of nonsense. Baili Hongyi asked him about alchemy techniques and precautions.

Gao Bingzhu was restless at Wu Siyue. He was fidgeting at Bailang’s house, and the pot of water was not even noticed. Thanks to Bailang rushing back in time, he could see that Gao Bingzhu was worried about Wu Siyue, so he couldn’t help but teased him and reminded him that he had joined the league. Fang, don’t be constrained by the seven emotions and six desires, Gao Bingzhu is angry that he will burn his house. Wu Siyue came back soon and reported the results of the investigation to Gao Bingzhu 1510. The most important thing at the moment is to find Dai Zhou.

Wu Siyue found out that Dai Zhou was addicted to gambling and owed a lot of money from gambling shops, Wu Si Yue wanted to disguise and investigate. Gao Bingzhu disagreed with her taking the risk and wanted to take Bailang. Bailang revealed that Gao Bingzhu almost burned his home because he was worried about Wu Siyue’s trance. Wu Siyue was warm in her heart.

As soon as Baili Hongyi went home, he found out all the alchemy books. Liu Ran stayed with him every step of the way. He soon discovered that the formulas of Fuhuo Lei Tingfang and Tiantongren’s handwriting were very similar, so he sent Shen Fei to buy an alchemy furnace as soon as possible. . Liu Ran tried desperately to stop her. At first, Liu Shi, like Baili Hongyi, first read the classics, then made alchemy at home, and finally ran away from home. Liu Ran worried that Baili Hongyi would leave her. Baili Hongyi made it clear that he only Wanting to find out what the prescription on the handwritten notes of the Sky Passage could make, Liu Ran felt a little relieved.

Wu Shenxing learned from Yang Huan that Li Dun’s alchemy room was on fire, and wanted to take the charge of colluding with Song Liang. Yang Huan reminded Wu Shenxing not to act rashly. After all, Li Dun is the son of the saint. Gao Bingzhu and Bai Lang found the gambling house hidden deep in the alley. There were people guarding the gate. They pretended that the gambler entered the gambling house smoothly. Gao Bingzhu exposed the croupier to make a ghost and forced him to call the gambling house shopkeeper and threatened to report to the official.

The shopkeeper was so scared to beg for mercy after reporting fraud in the gambling shop. Gao Bingzhu asked him about Dai Zhou’s whereabouts, and learned that Dai Zhou owed a large sum of money to the gambling shop and only pledged a tortoise charm. The shopkeeper also sent people to look for him. He heard that he had resigned and went to Jiangnan. Gao Bingzhu saw When the shopkeeper was lying, he calmly took Bailang away.

Baili Hongyi began to make alchemy, Liu Ran stayed by his side, and finally took a nap in Baili Hongyi’s arms. Baili Hongyi found that there was a fire in the alchemy furnace. He hurriedly got up and checked. The alchemy furnace suddenly exploded and burst into flames, followed by sparks. Baili Hongyi hurriedly held Liu Ran in his arms. He suspected that there was a problem with the material ratio.

Gao Bingzhu brought Bailang to the back door of the gambling house. He saw that the lights were brightly lit and the gamblers were having fun. Gao Bingzhu concluded that Dai Zhou was at the gambling house and the shopkeeper would definitely not keep him again. Gao Bingzhu and Bailang were at the back door. Sit back and wait for the rabbit. Liu Feng had been waiting for Yuwen Peipei at Hongrongfang for several days, but she did not come back.

On this day, Yuwen Peipei came back very late in Dongchuan King’s carriage. She denied knowing Liu Feng, and then went straight back to the house. , Chunniang, the proprietress of Hongrongfang, persuaded Liu Feng to go home quickly and not to snatch women from King Dongchuan. Liu Feng was angry to live in Hongrongfang tonight.

Baili Hongyi carefully checked the ingredient list and found no problems. He couldn’t guess the use of Beidi Xuanzhu by the people of Tiantong. Liu Ran persuaded him to take a rest early. Baili Hongyi wanted to check it out and then asked Liu Ran. To express his gratitude, Liu Ran was happy. Liu Shi was preaching in Liubailou. The guests laughed that he would only talk about soldiers on paper. It would be better to give the medicine to the people generously. Liu Shi was not convinced and cursed the people of Tiantong to be honest, and inadvertently revealed that he had seen the people of Tiantong.

The guests questioned the reason for the alchemy handbook, and Liu Shi realized that he had made a mistake. The matter quickly spread to the Tiantong population, and he immediately panicked. Wu Shenxing found Wu Youjue and bluntly heard that Neiwei was investigating the killing of the Western Regions caravan. This matter was vaguely related to the prince. Wu Youjue was asked to investigate it carefully. Once a problem with the prince was found, it would be a good thing for him.

Baili Hongyi never sleeps, tried twelve times in a row, but returned to no avail. It was just getting dark, and the shopkeeper secretly sent Dai Zhou out of the back door. Gao Bingzhu and Bailang had waited for a long time. Dai Zhou hurriedly fled back to the gambling shop. Gao Bingzhu and Bailang caught up with him and subdued him on the spot.

The shopkeeper led people to surround Gao Bingzhu and Bailang. . At this moment, the doors and windows of the gambling house were sealed, and many poisonous smoke bombs were thrown into it. The shopkeeper and the guys were choked to death. Gao Bingzhu covered his mouth and nose and rushed out. Several guys held their breath. To help, they worked together to smash the door open, Dai Zhou took the opportunity to slip away, and Gao Bingzhu sent Bailang to chase him.

Wu Siyue took Li Beiqi to the gambling house and ran into the white waves head on, and learned that Gao Bingzhu was trapped in the gambling house. Gao Bingzhu struggled to rescue the guys one by one, but he passed out because of the poisoning.

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