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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 25 Recap

Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue went to Yuncuiguan to find out the truth, and he also specially asked Bailang for help. Gao Bingzhu asked Wu Siyue to change the official uniform, and Wu Siyue put on a generous women’s dress.

Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue came to the gate of Yuncuiguan and saw an endless stream of pilgrims. Some people pestered them to sell bracelets that could cure all kinds of diseases. They were so disturbed that Bailang hurriedly escaped from the siege and protected them from coming to Taoism. Gao Bingzhu looked around and found that the Taoist priests in Guanli were all burly statures. They suspected that they were pretending to be guards.

Pilgrims lined up to go to the hall to ask for the medicine for curing illness. Wu Siyue made Gao Bingzhu pretend to be sick, but he acted like this. Unlike, Wu Siyue punched him severely, Gao Bingzhu screamed bitterly, Wu Siyue helped him quietly to the backyard forbidden area, and saw that it was heavily guarded.

The Taoist stopped Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue, they both lied to go to the incense, the Taoist asked them to go to the front hall. Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue lined up to receive the pill. When they saw Bailang pretending that the patient took a pill and took it on the spot, they suddenly fell to the ground and clamored for Taoist priests to lose money. , Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue took advantage of the chaos and came to the backyard forbidden area.

The Taoist priest reported the letter to the Tiantong people, who hurriedly led them away. Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue watched them go away and went to each room to investigate. Wu Siyue instructed Gao Bingzhu to be careful everywhere, and Gao Bingzhu was warm. As soon as Wu Siyue entered the room, she saw a large row of medicine cabinets with drawers of Beidi Xuanzhu inside, but the inside was empty.

People from Tiantong came to see a man in black wearing a mask. The man in black complained that regardless of his financial resources, manpower, alchemy materials, and even the Beidi Xuanzhu from Kebei, he gave him a full supply, but he didn’t make it for three months. The person in Tiantong repeatedly explained the incompleteness of the ancient prescription for the nine-turn ascending elixir. He repeatedly tempered, and repeatedly let the pilgrims try to eat it, only to find out the pharmacology of the nine-turn ascending elixir. He still needs some time, and the man in black is determined not to He did, and even threatened to intimidate him, and the Tiantong people promised to develop it as soon as possible.

Wu Siyue had to work hard to find the handwriting of Tiantongren who used the Northern Emperor’s Profound Pearl to make the pill, and Gao Bingzhu let out the wind outside the door. Bailang lay on the ground and made a big noise. The pilgrims unanimously demanded that the Taoist temple lose money. The Taoist priest suddenly realized that he had been in a trick to tune the tiger away from the mountain. He hurriedly sounded the alarm bell of the Taoist temple.

When the people in Tiantong heard the alarm ringing, they immediately took someone to escort the man in black to leave. . Gao Bingzhu watched them walking away and brought Wu Siyue to the alchemy room. Wu Siyue found a gold pill box with a basalt pattern on the table. She felt very familiar and couldn’t remember where she had seen it. The Taoist suddenly came to make alchemy. Fang, Gao Bingzhu hurriedly took Wu Siyue away.

Wu Siyue suddenly remembered that he had seen this pill box in Prince Li Dun’s East Palace, and Li Dun was addicted to alchemy medicine. Wu Siyue suspected that the man in black was Li Dun, and the two of them hurried back to Baili Hongyi to discuss countermeasures. Baili Hongyi suggested to find out the relationship between Li Dun and the people of Tiantong first. Wu Siyue felt very strange. Li Dun was assassinated by the people of Chunqiu Dao. It is impossible for him to have anything to do with the people of Tiantong of Chunqiu, because Li Dungui As the prince, neither Lianfang nor Neiweifu would make a move easily unless there is conclusive evidence.

It turned out that the man in black in Yun Cuiguan was Lytton, and he thanked the guests behind closed doors as soon as he returned to the palace. Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue respectively went to Li Yichen and Wu You to petition for orders. They did not agree to investigate Litton. Gao Bingzhu had to do the investigation alone. Li Yichen reminded him not to use the name of Lianfang, and at his own risk. Wu Siyue tried desperately, but Wu You decided not to let go. He secretly sent Li Beiqi to lead people to ambush around Yun Cuiguan.

The people of Tiantong found that the handbook for refining the pill was missing. He was worried that Litton would be held accountable. He had to report to the envoy Zhangqiu. The envoy Zhangqiu gave him a severe lesson. In the name of destroying the great cause of God’s way, she was angry to kill him, Zhang Qiu saw that the envoy Zhang Chun was deliberately frustrated, and wanted to impose the charge of destroying the great cause of God’s way on her, so she had to temporarily save the life of Tiantong person. Taoist Lu Li fights the injustice for Zhang Qiu, and Zhang Qiu wants to wait for the great cause to succeed before taking revenge.

Wu Siyue came to discuss with Gao Bingzhu. She wanted to go to the East Palace to investigate Li Dun tomorrow. Gao Bingzhu would not let her take risks. Wu Siyue had already figured out a sure-fire plan. She went to the East Palace to see Li Dun early in the morning. Siyue went to Li Lu for help, and Li Lu promised to take her to Li Dun. Baili Hongyi took Liu Ran to Liu Bailou to find Liu Shi for advice, and when he learned that he had gone to Red Root Workshop, Liu Ran went to find someone alone.

Liu Feng came to the Red Ribbon Workshop every day and wanted to see Yuwen Peipei, but she refused to show up, Liu Shi rushed into the Red Ribbon Workshop angrily, and wanted to take Liu Feng home. Liu Feng rebuked him for being unworthy of being a father. He left home when he was four years old, and did not even come back when his mother died. In this life, he only listened to Liu Xiang and Liu Ran, and Liu Shi was speechless by him. Liu Ran rushed to the rescue in time and persuaded Liu Shi to return to the White House. Baili Hongyi prepared a large table of delicious food and handed Liu Shi the handbook for making medicinal pills from Tiantong People.

Li Dun bite the bullet and came out to see Wu Siyue. Wu Siyue asked directly about the Beidi Xuanzhu. Li Dun turned around and left under the excuse of being unwell. Wu Siyue took out the pill box and insisted that Li Dun had been to Yuncui Temple. Litton denied it. The alchemy room suddenly caught fire. Li Dun hurried over to see what was going on, and saw that the alchemy room was burned into a mess. He was very distressed. Wu Siyue persuaded him not to indulge in it.

Li Dun had no choice but to explain the truth. Since Song Liang’s rebellion was revealed, he had been in panic all day long, worried that the saint would anger him, and he wanted to refine the nine-turn ascending elixir to please the saint. Dai Zhou, a person from the East Palace, introduced him to the people of Tiantong. He asked the people of Tiantong for advice on the skills of alchemy. He did not expect that the fire would ruin his three months of hard work and dedication.

Wu Siyue felt that Li Dun did not need to do anything. When Dai Zhou and the Tiantong people covered up, Li Dun had to admit that Dai Zhou begged him to do a biometric paperwork for the Kebu caravan. As a result, several Husbands in the caravan died inexplicably, and Li Dun was worried that he would be involved. Wu Siyue suspected that the people from Tiantong were from Chunqiu Dao, and Li was immediately dumbfounded.

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