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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 24 Recap

When Wu Siyue and Li Beiqi arrived, Gong Yan had already killed her grandma’s son. Wu Siyue and Li Beiqi joined forces to deal with Gong Yan. Gong Yan didn’t want to be in love, so she jumped out of the window and escaped. Wu Siyue went to chase the palace. Yan, let Li Beiqi be optimistic about Kang Jin.

Gao Bingzhu gave a detailed report to Li Yichen about what Chen Qingzhi explained. After Xiaoyaozi was arrested, Chunqiu Dao was in charge of Zhangqiu and Zhangchun. There was a suspicion between the two of them.

The series of cases that occurred in both Gods were all in charge. The ambassador carefully planned, the ambassador Zhangchun ignored vulgar things, and looked down on what the ambassador did. He devoted himself to studying the magical methods of alchemy and medicine in the classics, and he threatened to rely on these to do great things. Gao Bingzhu felt that Zhangchun’s envoy should not be underestimated.

Li Yichen revealed that he had told Wu Siyue of Kang Jin’s whereabouts. Gao Bingzhu made a sweat for Wu Siyue. He found out that the Kebu caravan went back and forth between the Western Regions and the God Capital every year. The two places were transported four times, and the two places were far apart. The caravan had to be non-stop to complete the task. Gao Bingzhu concluded that the buyer of the goods was related to Chunqiu Road.

Wu Siyue chased Gong Yan in desperation. Gong Yan ran away in the bustling crowd and took the opportunity to poison a passerby. Wu Siyue hurriedly sent someone to find a medical worker to save someone. Gong Yan took the opportunity to get into the crowd and slipped away. When Wu Siyue returned, Kang Jin suddenly fell to the ground and died. Li Beiqi repeatedly explained that he was just going to the door to take a look. Unexpectedly, Kang Jin would be calculated. Wu Siyue sent someone to deliver a letter to Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi hurried to the Neiwei Mansion and found white powder in the clothes left by Kang Jin. He collected some and took it back.

Liu Ran asked Baili Hongyi to arrange wine and dishes in the garden pavilion, and wanted to celebrate the Qiqiao Festival with Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi wanted to find out the composition of the white powder as soon as possible, so Liu Ran had to give up. A flower boat drove slowly on the Luo River. The goddess Yuwen Peipei sang and danced on the boat, attracting hundreds of people to stop and watch. Everyone shouted for her. Liu Feng squeezed into the crowd and recognized Yuwen Peipei as him. Liu Feng, who was thinking of Chunhe, was extremely excited.

Baili Hongyi put the white powder into the tray, Liu Ran rushed to help the ignition, the white powder gave out purple-cyan smoke, Baili Hongyi added water to the white powder, and it froze in an instant. He immediately looked up the Baigong book. Knowing that the white powder is Beidi Xuanzhu, which is the ancient name of saltpetre, especially the saltpetre produced by Kebu is the most precious. Liu Ran wanted to stay and help Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi asked her to go back to rest and gave her a copy. Gift, let her go back to the house and open it again.

Ruoan reported to Zhang Qiu that Chen Qingzhi’s identity had been exposed, and Zhang Qiu felt that Chen Chao was useless, and asked Ruoan to send someone to kill him. The coroner of the Neiweifu found that Kang Jin died of a very common wasp venom. He was stabbed to the left side of the head with a poisonous needle. Wu Siyue was unable to find out for a while. Wu You decided to send someone to call Wu Siyue and question him. Li Beiqi’s unfavorable care led to Kang Jin’s death. Wu Siyue tried his best to relieve Li Beiqi and asked Li Beiqi to write down what happened. Wu You never wanted to listen to her explain.

Gong Yan was ordered to kill Chen Chao and found that he had long since disappeared. Li Yichen asked An Baitan to rescue Chen Chao and sent someone to protect his safety. An Baitan couldn’t figure out why Li Yichen would retaliate with virtue. He wanted to kill Chen Chao to avenge Han Dongqing. Li Yichen didn’t want to harm the innocent. The culprit was Chunqiu Dao, and An Baitan had no choice but to give up.

Baili Hongyi called Wu Siyue and Gao Bingzhu and told them the test results. Gao Bingzhu concluded that the great cause of Chunqiu Dao is related to Beidi Xuanzhu, and suggested to narrow the scope of investigation. Baili Hongyi analyzed that Chunqiu Dao used saltpeter as gunpowder and pharmaceuticals. After He Huozhe, Wu Siyue suddenly remembered that Liu Shi was teaching the people in Liubailou every day, and he also regarded himself as an old god. Gao Bingzhu asked Baili Hongyi to ask Liu Shi for advice. He went to the drugstore to investigate, Wu Siyue Go check the fire.

Baili Hongyi asked Liu Ran to accompany him to Liubailou to see Liu Shi. Liu Ran promised that when they came to Liubailou, they saw Liu Shizheng discussing the knowledge of alchemy with Taoist priests. Baili Hongyi asked Liu Shi for the secrets of alchemy. Liu Shi felt that the materials were similar, and the heat was the most important. Taoists strongly opposed, claiming that handyman could do the job. Baili Hongyi supported Liu Shi’s statement. Liu Ran also helped him. Li Hongyi also compared cooking and alchemy, repeatedly emphasizing that heat is the most important thing. Liu Shi was very happy, and the Taoist priest left the table angrily.

Baili Hongyi handed the powder of the Northern Emperor Xuanzhu to Liu Shi for a glance. Liu Shi recognized that it was the first-class tribute from the Western Regions. He heard that the Tiantong people of Yuncuiguan were refining the elixir of longevity, which happened to be the first-class one. Beidi Xuanzhu, Baili Hongyi remembered that Liu Feng had said that the Kebu caravan had to rush to the god capital within the prescribed time, and suspected that they were transporting the Beidi Xuanzhu.

Liu Shi heard that Liu Feng was back, Liu Ran denied it, Baili Hongyi remained silent and did not answer. Liu Shi guessed that the rumors were true. Liu Ran tried his best to say good things for Liu Feng. Liu Shi still refused to forgive Liu Feng for what he did. . Baili Hongyi was anxious to investigate Yuncuiguan and hurriedly left with Liu Shi. He took Liu Ran to Yuncuiguan. Liu Ran went to the hall to pray for blessings. Taoists persuaded Liu Ran to ask for a lottery. Baili Hongyi heard that there was something new in the lottery.

For the smell of lacquer, Liu Ran drew one and signed the lottery. The Taoist priest deliberately made alarmist statements, claiming that Liu Ran was in danger of blood and light, and desperately recommended an expensive elixir to her. Liu Ran couldn’t wait to buy the elixir and accidentally knocked the sticks to the ground. She and Baili Hongyi picked up the bamboo sticks together. The Taoist hurriedly stopped them and hurriedly picked up the bamboo sticks. Baili Hongyi felt that something was wrong and took the opportunity to pull Liu. Then leave.

Liu Ran also discovered that the Taoist priests were fake, and that the bamboo sticks and the sticks were not right. Baili Hongyi took Liu Ran to the Taoist forbidden area unknowingly, and saw that the gate was closed, and three Taoist priests hurried to the forbidden area, Baili Hongyi At a glance, he recognized that the leading Taoist priest was the assassin who sneaked on him, and hurriedly pulled Liu Ran aside. Liu Feng broke into the Red Ribbon Workshop and clamored to see Yuwen Peipei. The old bust refused to agree. Liu Feng took out a bag of Western Region pearls and bought her.

Neither Gao Bingzhu nor Wu Siyue found any clues to the Beidi Xuanzhu. They came to Baili Hongyi Confluence and analyzed that the purpose of the Beidi Xuanzhu was to make medicine, and the secret was hidden in Yuncuiguan.

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