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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 12 Recap

After Xu Weixiong and Xu Xiao’s call, after careful consideration, Xu Fengnian decided to take over the Beifang Sanzhou, because only if he sits in this position can he protect his brother for the rest of his life, without becoming a pawn used by his father. Although Xu Xiao was pleasantly surprised, he felt that Xu Fengnian’s reason was not sufficient, so he asked him to visit Master Li Yishan first, saying that he would go there later.

Xu Fengnian came to the Tingchao Pavilion and found that the servant Nangong had leaned over to the ground and listened carefully. It took a while before he bluntly said that there was a dark layer underneath. However, Xu Fengnian grew up in the palace since he was a child, and knew everything about listening to the tide pavilion. He never found anything unusual about the underground, so he thought that Nangong Pushe was a little suspicious.

Nangong Pushe did not respond again, but asked Xu Fengnian to return his saber. Although Xu Fengnian was reluctant, he still returned. Then he went upstairs to look for Li Yishan, and at a glance he could see that his chess game had hidden murderous aura. Feeling dissatisfied, Li Yishan disrupted the whole game again, and dragged Xu Fengnian to accompany him to the next game.

On the other hand, Xu Xiao came to the Tingchao Pavilion alone, and used his internal force to push a wooden wheel stand with a height of more than ten meters. After the mechanism was activated, a deep and long tunnel appeared directly below. Nangong Pushe is obsessed with martial arts all day long and has never left the Tingchao Pavilion. At this moment, she is standing above the shelf and reading, naturally avoiding Xu Xiao’s sight.

After a while, Xu Fengnian went downstairs and saw the secret passage entrance, and couldn’t help being surprised secretly, and Xu Xiao was also waiting for him inside. The father and son took this opportunity to talk about the past with heart and soul. The reason why Xu Fengnian complained to his father was because he knew that his eldest sister liked Hong Xixiang and wanted to marry her to Jiangnan. It was nothing more than the exchange of Jiangnan literary circles against Beifang. support.

Including the second sister Xu Weixiong who returned to the city this time, she stayed in the mansion for a while and then left alone. Even her path to school was nothing more than getting the students from all over the world to gradually accept Beifang. Xu Fengnian could not help feeling sad when he watched Xu Xiao send off his relatives one by one, only in exchange for the stability of the overall situation.

But in Xu Xiao’s view, nowadays, powerful enemies are coveted, and the royal family is jealous. If you want Beifang to survive, you have to pay a price. In order to make his son truly grow, Xu Xiao took him to the end of the secret road, where it was like the hall of the mourning hall of the underworld, surrounded by hundreds of armors and tablets with different names.

Through Xu Xiao’s introduction, Xu Fengnian learned that this place is the home of the souls of the soldiers who died in battle. Among them is Chen Zhibao’s father. If Chen’s father had not sacrificed his life to save him, I am afraid that with his ability, the position of the lord of the three states of Beifang would also be Xu Xiao is not in his turn. At that time, six hundred Xiaos rode their homes in the bloody battlefield until the nations settled down and the river Antai, they all became bones, and on these bones, the hopes of many unfamiliar disciples were carried.

If there were no such people as Xu Xiao, today’s Liyang Dynasty is still dominated by the powerful and powerful. The people live like ants and die like clouds. How can there be fairness? How can we talk about rebirth. The Xu family’s sacrifices brought about a peaceful and prosperous age and pursued a dream together. The eldest sister and the second sister, including the younger brother, were also willing to leave. Xu Fengnian was deeply shocked and realized the importance of his responsibility, and made a deep commitment to the six hundred soldiers. Bowed.

At the same time, Yu Youwei misunderstood that Xu Weixiong sent someone to assassinate Jiang Ni. Fortunately, Sweet Potato came forward to explain, only to realize that those subordinates were born as horse bandits, and they often did not leave the body, and looked fierce. On the other hand, Xu Weixiong sailed to the Shangyin Academy, staring at Xu Fengnian’s chess piece in a daze. Zhao Kai suddenly got out of the water. Although he was ignored by the other side for many times, he still had no complaints.

Wei Shuyang woke up and saw that the secret room had been opened. At first, he was surprised when he learned that Xu Fengnian and Xu Xiao were inside. In the secret room, Xu Xiao had already figured out a good path for the next step. He asked Xu Fengnian to travel around the rivers and lakes, and by the way, he asked Wang Xianzhi to return the sword case, and he went to the capital to make a deal, not only to help his son win the hereditary failure, but also to seize the initiative. , Can also take the two daughters home.

Xu Fengnian knew his father’s good intentions, and at the same time believed that he would do better than him, at least without sacrificing so many people. Hearing Xu Fengnian’s ambitions, Xu Xiao was very pleased, and told Xu Fengnian to go up first, and he wanted to chat with his old partner for a while. After Xu Fengnian left the secret room, Xu Xiao could no longer restrain his inner joy, and made a promise here that he would definitely train Xu Fengnian to become a qualified king of Beixing, comfort their spirits in the sky, and guard the world for everyone.

Then Xu Xiao went to the nearby dungeon and eagerly expressed his worry about his son. After all, there must be many dangers on the road to Wudi City, and someone must be by his side to protect him. Xu Xiao threw the secret key in, and while talking about Wang Xianzhi’s recent increase in force, he walked out and saw that Wei Shuyang was ready to go and allowed him to go with Xu Fengnian. While talking, Nangong Pushe felt murderous, and was about to make a move, but Xu Xiao stopped when a man came out of the secret tunnel.

As the New Year’s Eve approached, Xu Fengnian planned to visit Xu Yongguan before setting off. Unexpectedly, she encountered Shu Xiu halfway. She was ordered to return the key to the cell and notify Xu Fengnian to dispose of Ning Emei on her own. Xu Fengnian came to the dungeon to unlock Ning Emei’s shackles, and let him prepare to leave after the new year. You can see Xu Longxiang after passing by Longhu Mountain.

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