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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 18 Recap

Lu Yunxi came to visit the prince specially and expressed his trust and concern for the prince. The prince took out the sword spike and showed it to Lu Yunxi. It was flowed down by the murderer at the scene of the fight. Lu Yunxi recognized that the sword spike was exactly the same. Qi Yi’s, I didn’t want to tell who the prince was, but I heard that the people had great opinions on the prince, and the rumors were so serious that the prince became the one who wanted to kill his brother. Lu Yunxi couldn’t bear to look at his beloved. People are wronged and claim that they know who the murderer is.

Nangong Yixin and Xiaowu have been busy all day, preparing a romantic place, waiting for Lu Qingqing to take her to confession, Lu Qingqing happily nestled in Nangong Yixin’s arms, the two went boating together again , Because Nangong Yixin rowed the boat very slowly for the first time and was ridiculed by Lu Qingqing, but Lu Qingqing hoped that time would stop at this moment. Nangong Yixin shook Lu Qingqing’s hand, hoping that Lu Qingqing could promise to leave Kaiyuan Continent and go to Youhuangli as soon as possible.

Lu Qingqing believes that there is a misunderstanding between Nangong Yixin and Lu Hongzhu, and hopes that the two can abandon the previous suspicion. After all, it is very difficult for her to be caught in the middle. Nangong Yixin knows that Lu Qingqing is kind, so she no longer insists on it.

The prince summoned Qi Yi to come over, accused Qi Yi of assassinating King Jin, and forced Qi Yi to tell who was instigated by him. Lu Yunxi couldn’t bear to see Qi Yi injured and went forward to persuade him, hoping Qi Yi could tell the truth, Qi However, Yi said that he was because of love, because he liked Lu Qingqing and didn’t want to see Lu Qingqing and King Jin be together to kill King Jin, but the prince didn’t believe in celebrities flogging Qi Yi. Lu Yunxi knew that Qi Yi was lying, and guessed that he must be hiding something important.

Lu Hongzhu claimed to have caught a murderer who killed General Han, and this murderer was still with Xiaowu, and Xiaowu was also arrested. Nangong Yixin came to Lu Hongzhu for theory, and Lu Hongzhu told Nangong Yixin Xiao Wu and the murderer have a close relationship. I hope that Nangong Yixin will not interfere in this matter so as not to cause fire to his upper body. At this time, the prince ordered people to come to Lu Hongzhu, and Lu Hongzhu ordered Ah Fu to send Nangong Yixin away, and he swaggered. Go to the womb.

Nangong Yixin did not leave. He hid in the dark and heard Lu Hongzhu’s orders to throw the corpse. Nangong Yixin followed the carriage that carried the corpse all the way to the outskirts. The people ignited the corpse and left. Nangong Yixin put out the fire and opened the cloth that wrapped the corpse and found a black lotus mark on the palm of the corpse, which reminded him of the day when his father died when he was a child. In the whole hall, only Lu Hongzhu was present.

As soon as Nangong Xin entered, he was stopped by Lu Hongzhu, and then announced that the emperor had died. Nangong Yixin broke free and Lu Hongzhu ran to see the emperor, but found the same in the palm of the emperor’s palm. With the black lotus mark, Nangong Yixin had already determined that Lu Hongzhu had killed his father.

The prince summoned Lu Hongzhu to ask why Qi Yi would assassinate King Jin. Qi Yi hurriedly explained that it had nothing to do with Lu Hongzhu, and once again said nonsense about Lu Qingqing. The prince also knew that Qi Yi wanted to protect his back. The person of, immediately asked Qi Yi to behead to show the public, Lu Yunxi hurriedly interceded on his behalf, hoping to spare Qi Yi’s life. Lu Yunxi begged Lu Hongzhu to intercede for Qi Yi. Lu Hongzhu admitted that he had instructed Qi Yi to assassinate King Jin, and the prince furiously scolded Lu Hongzhu.

Lu Hongzhu confessed that he did this for the crown prince, accusing King Jin of not taking the princeling brothers to hide his evil intentions, and that the person who assassinated General Han hid in King Jin’s mansion, and lied that the assassin had committed suicide after being discovered. , Lu Hongzhu believes that Jin Wang approached Lu Qingqing also for the spiritual power stone. For Lu Hongzhu’s loyalty, the prince did not pursue this matter for the time being.

Lu Hongzhu did not blame Qi Yi for not doing things well, nor did he blame Lu Yunxi for telling the prince about this matter. He knew that Lu Yunxi thought about the prince. In fact, both of them were the same, and both were for the prince to ascend the throne as soon as possible. Lu Hongzhu told King Lu Yunxi that he had left a secret edict before he left. The prince did not know about this. Now the secret edict is in the hands of King Jin. The secret edict may be against the prince. Lu Yunxi immediately said that he would investigate it clearly.

The prince informed Qi Yi about the assassination of Nangong Yixin, but he concealed Lu Hongzhu’s rhetoric. Nangong Yixin didn’t believe it at all, so he asked the prince if he believed it. Said that it can only be believed at present. Nangong Yixin directly asked whether the prince was also infected with Lu Hongzhu’s suspicious problems? The prince did not dare to go on and left directly, and Nangong Yixin also saw that the prince was deceived by Lu Hongzhu.

Nangong Yixin asked Rong Yun about the black lotus seal in his palm, and learned that it was one of the spiritual power spells forbidden in Qiyuan Continent. This spell can force spiritual power into the opponent’s brain, and the opponent will also Died because of a severe headache, the most insidious part is that you can search the memory of people lower than your own spiritual power level, making people’s memories chaotic. Nangong Yixin told Rong Yun that a secret guard came to give him the secret edict. Nangong Yixin wanted to send him to Desolate Spirit Valley, but he was assassinated in the middle.

There was also a black mark on the palm of his hand. Death is exactly the same. Nangong Yixin worried that Lu Hongzhu had searched the memories of General Han’s subordinates and must have known about Mizhao. Rong Yun worried that if Lu Hongzhu knew about this, he would definitely not show mercy to Nangong Yixin’s subordinates, and urged Nangong Yixin to be careful.

When Lu Yunxi saw Lu Qingqing, she persuaded her to stay away from Nangong Yixin, and thought that Nangong Yixin was the one who wanted to seize power with the prince, and asked Lu Qingqing if she also wanted to participate in it and become a queen in the future? Lu Qingqing explained that she had never felt that way, and also believed that Nangong Yixin was not such a person. Lu Yunxi suppressed Lu Qingqing with Lu Hongzhu, claiming that Lu Hongzhu prevented her from contacting Nangong Yixin, but Lu Qingqing didn’t listen at all. She believed what she saw and heard, and she didn’t say what her father said. It must be all right.

Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing had an appointment to meet, but I didn’t expect that Nangong Yixin was two hours late, and after meeting Lu Qingqing coldly said to Lu Qingqing, and did not look at the snacks she brought, Lu Qingqing left angrily When I went home and talked about it with Lily, it happened to be heard by Lu Yunxi.

Lu Yunxi turned into Lu Qingqing and sent red bean cakes to Nangong Yixin. In fact, Nangong Yixin likes hazelnut cakes. Nangong Yixin saw the flaw at a glance and deliberately found an excuse to leave and give way. Yunxi stayed in the room alone. Lu Yunxi found the edict and secretly took it out and turned it over. This scene was seen by Nangong Yixin, but he did not say anything to stop or break through Lu Yunxi. He also changed the edict long ago, which Lu Yunxi saw. It’s just a fake will.

Nangong Yixin accused Lu Yunxi of Lu Hongzhu as the murderer of his father. It was clearly written in General Han’s letter that Lu Hongzhu had committed the most heinous crimes. Lu Yunxi didn’t believe that Lu Hongzhu would kill people.

In her eyes, her father was the kindest and most loyal, and she would never feel sorry for the Nangong family. Lu Qingqing thought it was Nangong Yixin who drank too much to talk nonsense, so she left, but Nangong Yixin wanted to speed up the implementation of the plan and let Lu Qingqing go back to Youhuangli, only there was the safest place.

After Lu Yunxi went back, he wrote the contents of the edict to Lu Hongzhu. Lu Hongzhu asked if there were other discoveries. Lu Yunxi shook his head, but what Nangong Yixin had said in his mind, accusing Lu Hongzhu. It is to kill the father and the enemy.

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