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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 17 Recap

Xiao Yi took Wan Qing to see Si Kong Ying, Si Kong Ying prepared a Kongming Lantern, hoping to make Wan Qing make a wish, but she did not expect to remind Guan Qing of Lin Sheng, she and Lin Sheng vowed to live and die together, but now Now he is the only one who lives alone in the world. Wan Qing smashed the Kong Ming Lantern angrily, Si Kongying was inexplicable, not knowing what had happened, and thought that all women liked romantic things.

Lu Qingqing and the prince were wandering in the market. Lu Qingqing missed Nangong Yixin. She found the fox mask and couldn’t help but stop and watch. When she looked up, she found a man wearing a fox mask peeking, Lu Qingqing Hurriedly chasing, at this time, Lu Yunxi also kept secretly staring at the prince and Lu Qingqing’s every move, and it was uncomfortable to see the prince’s concern for Lu Qingqing.

Lu Qingqing chased the man in the fox mask to the bridge. Lu Qingqing almost fell on the bridge. The man in the fox mask hurriedly supported him. Lu Qingqing saw that it was Nangong Yixin and took off the fox mask to reveal Nangong Yixin’s handsomeness. s face.

Lu Qingqing was afraid that she would hurt Nangong Yixin and turn around and leave. Nangong Yixin finally saw Lu Qingqing pull back and hugged him into her arms, hoping that Lu Qingqing could feel that he was no longer in pain. Lu Qingqing pushed Nangong Yixin away. She had read a lot of medical books and there was no way to cure this cold poison. Since Nangong Yixin cannot be cured for the time being, then only leaving him is the best protection for him.

The prince looked for Lu Qingqing all the way, and found Lu Qingqing and Nangong Yixin on the bridge, and Lu Yunxi and Pearl also came under the bridge and saw a few people. The prince wanted to take Lu Qingqing away and told Nangong Yixin to take a good rest. Nangong Yixin also hurriedly took Lu Qingqing’s other arm, thanking the prince for taking care of Lu Qingqing recently and wanted to take Lu Qingqing with him. go. The prince was anxious to explain that he was taking care of Lu Qingqing, and Lu Qingqing saw the two arguing and struggled to get rid of the situation. They were about to leave alone.

The salesman happened to pass by and accidentally knocked Lu Qingqing off the bridge. Nangong Yixin broke the seal without thinking and jumped down and rescued Lu Qingqing with spiritual power. Lu Yunxi also looked worried and saw someone rescued. Only at ease with my sister. Due to the use of spiritual power, Nangong Yixin’s chest pain intensified. The prince hurriedly sent Nangong Yixin back. Lu Qingqing was afraid that she would make Nangong Yixin more uncomfortable, so she left and went back home alone.

The prince discovered that Nangong Yixin had sealed his spiritual power for Lu Qingqing, and his heart was moved by his feelings, but it was also the first time that he was so tempted by a woman that he could not give it to Nangong Yixin, and the two finally decided not to be embarrassed anymore. Let Lu Qingqing make her own choice.

Seeing that Nangong Yixin missed Qingqing so much, Sikongying decided to make an appointment for Nangong Yixin so that Nangong Yixin had a chance to have a good talk with Lu Qingqing. Nangong Yixin quickly asked Sikongying to write to Lu Qingqing to come over. , And also personally cook for Lu Qingqing.

The prince found someone to deliberately disengaged the guards of the library. In the evening, he can take Lu Qingqing to the library with confidence. The prince is pleased to take people to pick up Lu Qingqing. Lu Hongzhu heard that the prince invited Lu Qingqing to go to the center of the palace secretly. I think the day to get the spiritual power stone is just around the corner.

Lu Hongzhu took the initiative to talk to the prince, and thought that the prince’s good deeds were about to come, but the prince ordered Lu Hongzhu not to interfere with his affairs with Lu Qingqing in the future. Lu Hongzhu agreed on the surface, but secretly he wanted to get rid of it. The prince, because the prince is getting more and more indifferent to him, if he is the first to get rid of the throne, it is better to start first.

Nangong Yixin prepared a table of food and waited for Lu Qingqing to come and enjoy it together, but he only waited for Sikongying back. Sikongying reluctantly told Nangong Yixin that Prince Lu Qingqing had taken Lu Qingqing away, and Nangong Yixin Regardless of eating, he immediately took Xiaowu to the prince’s palace.

The prince was about to invite Lu Qingqing to dinner, Nangong Yixin broke in uninvited, and wanted to have a drink with the prince. Nangong Yixin sat at the dining table unceremoniously for dinner, and the prince took food to Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing was picked up by Nangong Yixin before eating, and she personally gave Lu Qingqing some food.

Nangong Yixin proposed to go hunting and competition tomorrow. Lu Qingqing originally disagreed. She was worried that Nangong Yixin’s body would not be able to hold it, but Nangong Yixin insisted on saying that he was in good health. Lu Qingqing expressed his favor, and Lu Qingqing did not want to have a dispute between the two, so she agreed.

Just in the next dynasty, General Murong left a secret letter to the prince. It was secretly placed on his desk, revealing that General Han was murdered. He hoped to investigate this matter thoroughly. The prince ordered General Murong to check it out. These words were overheard by Lu Hongzhu. After Lu Hongzhu returned, he slapped Qi Yi severely and blamed Qi Yi for his inability to do things. Qi Yi explained that there were black people that night, and that the dark guard’s scheming was very deep, so he accidentally let him escape. The hidden guard is hiding in the mansion of King Jin.

Lu Hongzhu thought that Nangong Yixin already knew about this, and the dark guard and Nangong Yixin absolutely could not stay. Qi Yi told Lu Hongzhu that Nangong Yixin had an appointment with the prince and Lu Qingqing about hunting. .

Lu Qingqing confided in Lily. Today she saw the prince and Nangong Yixin arguing with her. She felt uncomfortable. Lu Qingqing loved Nangong Yixin in her heart. She had already told the prince that she would only be a friend, and the prince agreed. , But in Baihe’s view, the prince would not really take Lu Qingqing as a friend. Regarding the matter of going to the hunting ground tomorrow, Lu Qingqing also worried that Nangong Yixin’s body would not be able to stand it. Lily made an idea to keep her away from Nangong Yixin, so that he would have no problem riding horses and hunting.

Qi Yi secretly bought the people in Nangong Yixin’s mansion and poisoned the horse in advance. He wanted the horse to lose control while hunting. Nangong Yixin didn’t dare to hunt because of her spiritual power. He also lost to the prince, the horse. The restlessness caused Nangong Yixin to get off, but Lu Qingqing insisted on riding Nangong Yixin’s horse. Nangong Yixin asked Lu Qingqing why he avoided him after receiving the letter. His poison has been resolved.

Lu Qingqing did not receive the letter, but did not believe that the poison had been resolved. When the prince saw Nangong Yixin entangled with Lu Qingqing, he stood up and pointed out that Nangong Yixin was weak. Yi Xin sent it back. Lu Qingqing saw Nangong Yixin arguing with the prince to leave on horseback, but unexpectedly Qi Yi had already set up an ambush. He wanted to catch Nangong Yixin, but he never wanted to see Lu Qingqing.

Qi Yi didn’t dare to hurt Lu Qingqing, and when she saw Nangong Yixin who was chasing over, she covered it with a net, so that Nangong Yixin could not send out any spiritual power. Qi Yi was about to kill Lu Qing when she was about to kill Nangong Yixin. Qing rushed over to protect Nangong, and Qi Yi knew that he couldn’t succeed today and had to leave first.

Nangong Yixin pretended to be weak. Lu Qingqing couldn’t bear to let him go back alone, so she took the initiative to send Nangong Yixin back. Nangong Yixin took the opportunity to hug Lu Qingqing and explained that she was really fine now. Lu Qingqing saw Nangong Yixinhan. The poison did not burst into joy, and after returning home, he was immersed in happiness.

Lu Hongzhu knew that the operation had failed, and believed that Nangong Yixin would not be able to deal with it, and the prince must also investigate the matter. If he really found out what happened to Qi Yi, it would be difficult to handle it. Qi Yi immediately said that he could bear it all. Don’t affect anyone.

There was a rumors outside that King Jin was hurt, and the person who led the prince was the prince, and the prince caught the thief and called the thief. The news reached Lu Yunxi, and she firmly believed that the prince was not that kind of person.

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