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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 23 Recap

Baili Hongyi drew Kang Jin’s portrait according to Liu Feng’s description. He couldn’t wait to hand it over to Wu Siyue to arrest people. Liu Ran persuaded him to drink a bowl of beef soup before leaving. Baili Hongyi promised to come back and drink again, and took the initiative. Offered to give Liu Ran a portrait, Liu Ran was happy in his heart, Liu Feng jokes at her for nothing.

Baili Hongyi handed the portrait to Wu Siyue and learned that Li Ji was dead. The clues they had finally found were interrupted again. Baili Hongyi felt that everyone who had seen a drinking prostitute would be killed, Wu Siyue decided to find the link Fang helps find Kang Jin’s whereabouts. It was late at night. When Shen Fei saw Yunzhi cooking noodles, she asked curiously. Yunzhi lied about making it for Liu Ran. Shen Fei saw that Liu Ran’s room had been turned off, and Yunzhi lied to Baili Hongyi to cook it.

Face, but he hasn’t returned home yet, Shen Fei guessed that she was cooking Liu Feng. Yunzhi grew up with Liu Feng when he was a child. Liu Feng became bold and bold when he came back this time, and Yunzhi gradually became attached to him. Yunzhi was immersed in the endless yearning for Liu Feng, unable to extricate herself, Shen Fei took the opportunity to eat all the noodles, only a pot of soup was left, Yunzhi gritted her teeth with anger.

Gao Bingzhu stayed awake and looked carefully at the archives on Chunqiu Dao collected by various major yamen. He found that all pending cases would eventually be pushed to Chunqiu Dao. Tomorrow is the Qiqiao Festival. Gao Bingzhu received a secret letter from Wu Siyue and came to Nanshi to find her in person. He also bought palace lanterns for her. Wu Siyue told Gao Bingzhu about Kang Jin’s situation. I don’t understand why she is doing her best to investigate Chunqiu Dao, Wu Siyue is unwilling to admit that she is helping him, just understatement that it is the duty.

Standing on the bridge, Gao Bingzhu and Wu Siyue saw the people laughing and singing and dancing to celebrate the festival. Gao Bingzhu secretly vowed to eradicate the Spring and Autumn Road and let the people live and work in peace. The housekeeper sent someone to hang up the lights in the house, and Baili Hongyi went home very late, and Shen Fei reminded him to give Liu Ran a gift.

Wu Siyue specially bought Qiaoguo and sent it to Wu Youjue. Wu Youjue had just received the portraits of several men sent by Yang Huan. They were all handsome men with high moral character and appearance. Wu Youjue let him Wu Siyue chooses a man to be her husband. Wu Siyue is not interested in this. She can’t wait to tell him about Li Ji’s extermination. She suspects that the Neiwei Mansion has committed an internal rape. We implore Wu Youjue to find out the truth as soon as possible. Aware of the seriousness of the problem, she reminded Wu Siyue not to act impulsively, but to do what she could.

Yunzhi cooked another bowl of noodles and brought it to Liu Feng. Liu Feng didn’t want to eat it, and sent her away in a few words. Liu Feng never forgot that it was the maid of Liu Mansion Chunhe, but she didn’t know where she was now. Baili Hongyi considered repeatedly and decided to give Liu Ran a portrait as a gift. He painted a portrait overnight based on his memory.

Early in the morning, Liu Feng sent someone to Liu Ran to bring wine and porcelain from the Western Regions. He also sent a lot of servants to take care of Liu Ran. At the same time, he asked her about Chunhe’s whereabouts. Liu Ran didn’t know where Qinghe was going, so Liu Feng had a taste. A taste of the soup she boiled by herself. Baili Hongyi came to see Liu Ran, Liu Ran asked him to drink a bowl of soup, but Liu Feng was not angry, picked up a large bowl of soup and drank it, and then walked away in anger.

An Baitan heard that Gao Bingzhu was helping Wu Siyue investigate Kang Jin’s whereabouts, she immediately reported to Li Yichen, and also brought Kang Jin’s portrait to Li Yichen for viewing. Li Yichen advised her not to act rashly and waited for Gao Bingzhu quietly. The result of the investigation. Gao Bingzhu found out that Chen Qingzhi, the ghost of Chunqiu Dao in Lianfang, was tortured and tortured. Chen Qingzhi refused to confess.

Gao Bingzhu read a poem written by his son Chen Chao during the township test and exposed in person that Chen Qingzhi was bought by Chunqiu Dao. Forced to sever contact with his family, and Chen Chao studied at Beiming Academy founded by Xiaoyaozi. Later, he participated in the imperial examination and became a small official, and his identity was cleaned up. Moreover, Chen Chao’s resume was put on file, and Chen Qingzhi was carrying it to death. deny.

Gao Bingzhu was moved by reason and sentimental to Chen Qingzhi Xiaozhi, and persuaded him to turn his head back. Gao Bingzhu found out that Chunqiu Dao had killed Chen Qingzhi’s wife and used Chen Chao to coerce him and let Chen Qingzhi use Lian Fang’s identity to do things for Chun Qiu Dao, Chen Qingzhi I have been living in fear for these years, and I can only rely on collecting Chen Chao’s news as comfort. Chen Qingzhi’s psychological defense was completely defeated. He begged Gao Bingzhu not to implicate Chen Chao. He truthfully explained everything to Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu immediately reported to Li Yichen in detail.

Li Yichen sent someone to find out Kang Jin’s whereabouts, and he sent a letter to Wu Siyue. Kang Jin has a house in Xingjiaofang. Wu Siyue went to investigate immediately. Li Beiqi quietly followed Wu Siyue, and soon When Wu Siyue found out, Wu Siyue took him to Kang Jin’s mansion, and saw that it was desolate, and it was obvious that there was no one living there for a long time. Wu Siyue found the rope on the ground and analyzed that Kang Jin had been hung in the room. There were traces of struggle on the ground. Wu Siyue and Li Beiqi respectively sought clues from their neighbors, but found nothing. They did not know Kang Jin. Li Beiqi only learned from his neighbor’s grandmother that Kang Jin rarely went home and was acting secretly.

Wu Siyue brought Li Beiqi to her neighbor’s grandma, and lied that Kang Jin would give her grape wine every time she came back from the Western Regions. The grandma claimed that she had paid Kang Jin, but Wu Siyue exposed that grandma was lying, Kang Jin didn’t bring back the grape wine at all, so grandma was forced to explain the truth. Kang Jin seduce her daughter-in-law, and the two were planning to elope together. The grandmother’s son discovered their affair and kidnapped Kang Jin. At this time, the grandmother’s son had to sharpen the knife to kill Kang Jin first, and then his daughter-in-law, Gong Yan suddenly stabbed him to death from behind.

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