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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 22 Recap

The ambassador Zhangqiu returned to the Spring and Autumn Palace to return to the senior brother, and advised him to get rid of Gao Bingzhu as soon as possible, otherwise the hidden piles of the Spring and Autumn Road will be exposed one after another. Above, focusing on the overall situation, a batch of goods has already been shipped to Shendu.

Chunqiu Taoist Taoist Gong Yan heard that Senior Sister Shiliye was dead. She broke into the Spring and Autumn Palace to find the envoy of Zhangqiu and Zhangchun to petition. The envoy of Zhangqiu asked Gong Yan to take over for Shiliuye, and went to escort the goods first. Several people in Huishendu dealt with it, and Gong Yan vowed to avenge Sixteen Nights.

Wu Siyue and Baili Hongyi asked from shopkeeper Qin that they do not need to register for customs clearance documents to check in at Guanglin Inn. Kang Jin and Kang Zhan did not have customs clearance documents, but they must have physical documents to enter the city. Shopkeeper Qin explained. The two of them have been in the room since they moved in. Kang Zhanbi was killed when he went out for the first time. It was obvious that someone had poisoned him while he was in conflict with Li Ji and wanted to frame Li Ji. Kang Jin also disappeared immediately.

Wu Siyue and Baili Hongyi walked through the clues they had mastered from beginning to end. They discussed separate actions. Li Ji was about to undergo the Trial of the Three Divisions. Wu Siyue found a breakthrough from him. Baili Hongyi went to the Shibo Division to find Kang Jin. He Kang Zhanbi’s biographical documents.

Baili Hongyi came to Shibosi and learned that all major yamen can do medical examination papers, and the black market can buy one for only five dollars. Baili Hongyi was very depressed. He was about to go home and met Fengchen head-on. The servants of Liu Shilang who drove back to the capital of God from the Western Regions-Liu Feng, the two talked about the past.

Liu Feng remembered that he and Baili Hongyi watched the lion sent by Daishan Kingdom together. Baili Hongyi said with emotion that the always mighty lion became a caged object, and all the prestige disappeared. Liu Feng listened to these words. Taigu empowered, feeling that he was a trapped beast in a cage, and resolutely gave up his glory and wealth and went to the Western Regions for business. When he arrived in the Western Regions, he was as free as a beast returning to the forest. Baili Hongyi claimed that he had said that for himself.

Liu Feng and Baili Hongyi talked more and more speculatively. Baili Hongyi let him live in Baili Mansion. Liu Feng wanted to go home to visit his uncle Liu Xiang and his sister Liu Ran, and then he went to Baili Hongyi to talk about the past. Baili Hongyi had to say Chu Liu Xiang is dead, Liu Ran is now his wife, and Liu Feng is stunned. After learning from the pain, Gao Bingzhu decided to continue to trace the master behind the scenes and completely eradicate the Chunqiu Dao. His spirits returned to Lianfang and asked Yanqing to find out all the information about the Chunqiu Dao. An Baitan reported the matter to Li Yichen, Li Yichen Let her call Gao Bingzhu.

At the same time, Wu Siyue came to the prison of Dali Temple and asked Li Ji about Kang Zhanbi’s situation in detail. Li Ji clearly remembered that he booked a private room in Tianxianglou that day. Kang Zhanbi took a drunkard to have fun in it. Li Ji asked Kang Zhanbi to let him out of the room. He resolutely refused to do it and clashed with Li Ji. As a result, He fell to the ground and died on the spot.

Gao Bingzhu came to see Li Yichen and asked him to link up the cipher text. He wanted to continue to trace the details of the Spring and Autumn Road. Li Yichen reminded him to abide by Lianfang’s rules and handed the cipher text to him on the spot. An Baitan thought it was sixteen nights. After his death, Gao Bingzhu lost his direction, but Li Yichen believed that Gao Bingzhu had found a new goal.

Liu Feng came to Baili Mansion to make a big fuss, clamoring to see Liu Ran, was forced out by the housekeeper, Yunzhi went back to the mansion to recognize Liu Feng, and took him home to see Liu Ran. Liu Feng saw Liu Ran personally burn wood and make soup in the kitchen. He felt distressed. Liu Ran and him hadn’t seen him for many years, and excitedly pulled him to ask questions. Liu Feng didn’t want Liu Ran to suffer any more crimes in Baili Mansion.

Insisting on taking her home, Liu Ran repeatedly explained that she was willing to cook for Baili Hongyi, and that she had a very happy life. Liu Feng didn’t believe it at all and insisted on taking her away. Liu Ran pretended to be angry and asked Liu Feng to wait for her patiently. After making the soup, she told Yunzhi to take some snacks to stabilize Liu Feng.

Wu Siyue suspected that the drinking prostitute had poisoned Kang Zhanbi, so she asked Wu Youjue to ask for leave to check the whereabouts of the drinking prostitute. Baili Hongyi wanted to go to the black market to investigate the matter of helping Kang Jin and Kang Zhanbi to buy medical documents, but he didn’t know where to start, so he sent Shen Fei to Bailang for help. Bailang was setting up a stall on the street to swindle money. Shen Fei was caught by Shen Fei.

Shen Fei threatened to arrest him and report to an official. Bailang was so frightened that he begged for mercy. Shen Fei explained his intentions. Bailang hurried to the black market to inquire about the news.

Wu Siyue came to Tianxianglou, and when she saw it was closed for business, she asked the hawker at the door about the situation. Pei Jian suddenly came to handle the case with his guards. Wu Siyue learned that the owner of Tianxianglou and his family of seven were burned to death last night. It seems that it was caused by the stove fire not being cleaned up, and the accountant and the staff were all killed. Wu Siyue Analyze this is the murder of the murderer.

Bailang soon found out that Kang Jin and Kang Zhanbi were following the caravan to Shendu. The entire caravan had a formal documentary record. Shen Fei truthfully reported to Baili Hongyi, and Baili Hongyi was puzzled. Liu Ran made the beef soup and sent Liu Feng a bowl. Liu Feng inquired that Baili Hongyi had killed Liu Xiang. Regardless of Liu Ran’s explanation, he vowed to kill Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi just returned to the house, Liu Feng.

Regardless of Qing Hong Zabai rushed up to find him for revenge, Liu Ran desperately blocked him, Liu Feng slapped himself a few times in anger, Liu Ran was very distressed, did not expect Liu Feng to become a gangster. Liu Feng claimed to be born and died with the Western Regions caravan. After going through ups and downs, Baili Hongyi asked him about Kang Jin and Kang Zhanbi of the Kebu caravan. Liu Feng refused to answer. Baili Hongyi threatened to intimidate the reporter to arrest him. Liu Feng was not afraid, and showed scars all over his body to demonstrate to Baili Hongyi.

Wu Siyue came to the cell again to look for Li Ji, only to realize that Wu Youjue sent someone to the Henan Mansion for a retrial an hour ago. Wu Siyue was worried that someone would kill Li Ji. Liu Ran gave Liu Feng a good word to persuade him. Liu Feng admitted that he knew Kang Jin and Kang Zhanbi. After he returned to the capital of God and went through the border of Gaochang, he took refuge in Crescent Spring. Kang Jin and Kang Zhanbi were in the Kebu caravan Acting secretively, he had to rush to the Shendu within the prescribed time limit, so he went on the road before the storm was over. Baili Hongyi asked Liu Feng about Kang Jin’s appearance and characteristics.

As expected by Wu Siyue, Li Ji wanted to escape during the escort, but she accidentally fell to her death and died in Huangquan. Wu Siyue carefully inspected the scene and found no abnormalities. She was very upset, but the clues that were finally found were interrupted again. .

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