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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 21 Recap

Gao Bingzhu watched as Yao Niang pierced her body with a halberd and fell to the ground. He was heartbroken and unhappy. Wu Youjue personally went to the cell to release Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi revealed that he and Wu Siyue carefully planned a plan to lure the snake out of the cave, but the result fell short. Wu Youjue decided that he should not use his life as bait. Baili Hongyi only wanted to Finding out the real culprit has already put life and death out of control.

Wu You decided to send Baili Hongyi to the door of the Neiwei Mansion. Liu Ran had already waited for a long time. She threw herself into Baili Hongyi’s arms in full view, and greeted Baili Hongyi. On the way home, Liu Ran repeatedly apologized to Baili Hongyi. She broke Baili Hongyi’s plan without permission. Baili Hongyi didn’t want to hurt Liu Ran, so she persuaded Liu Ran to stay away from him, so as not to be caught by Chunqiu. The assassin stared at him, but Liu Ran didn’t take it seriously. Baili Hongyi wanted to find the corpse of the Huren, and asked Liu Ran to obediently go home first. Liu Ran was warmed by Baili Hongyi’s words and felt happy.

Gao Bingzhu came to Yao Niang’s room and couldn’t help but think of the past that he and Yao Niang shared life and death together. Now it is yin and yang. Gao Bingzhu’s heart is mixed. Wu Siyue witnessed the whole process of Yao Niang’s suicide. She didn’t know how. Comforting Gao Bingzhu, Gao Bingzhu didn’t expect to avenge his dead partners in such a way, he only said that Yao Niang was the heinous assassin and left Shiraye.

Shen Fei saw Liu Ran returning home alone, and couldn’t wait to ask her where Baili Hongyi was going, but Liu Ran didn’t know. Baili Hongyi found the Guanglin Inn according to the clues provided by Li Ji, and wanted to see Hu Shang Kang Zhanbi’s body. The man lied that the body had been taken away by people from Henan Province. Baili Hongyi didn’t believe it at all. He had nothing to do with Henan Mansion. It was concluded that the corpse was still in the inn. He rushed in and searched in spite of his opponent’s objection, and he hurried to report the letter.

Gao Bingzhu returned to the autopsy room, he was upset, so he had to use wine to pour his sorrow, Wu Siyue accompany him to drink, Gao Bingzhu opened his heart to Wu Siyue through Jiujin. Since his partners were killed, he has been living in this dark and damp autopsy room, hating the living things, and now his partners’ grievances have been reported, but he can’t feel relaxed at all.

Wu Siyue told Gao Bingzhu that her mother died because of her dystocia, and her father died when she was two years old. Her brother Wu You decided to raise her into the palace and serve as a saint for the saint. However, Shangshan Fengyu is to taste poison for the saint. of. Wu Siyue knew that her mother and elder brother used their lives to grow up for her, and she couldn’t blame herself for her growth, and she wanted to live happily.

Baili Hongyi finally found Kang Zhanbi’s body, and detected that he was killed by the snake venom in his body. The shopkeeper Qin hurried to the inn. He recognized Baili Hongyi at a glance and hurriedly prepared a large table of dishes. Baili Hongyi asked Baili Hongyi to give him an “acceptable” evaluation. Baili Hongyi took the opportunity to inquire about Kang Zhanbi’s situation. The shopkeeper Qin explained that the inn has rules. If the guests here die, they must bring their bodies back and wait for their relatives to claim them. Shopkeeper Qin waited for two days, but no one came to ask. Baili Hongyi wanted to stay in the room where Kang Zhanbi used to stay for one night.

Wu Siyue returned to the Neiwei Mansion and saw that Li Beidou was punished by Wu You for twelve hours for imprisoning Baili Hongyi without permission. Li Beidou revealed to her that Wu Youjue let Baili Hongyi away, and Wu Siyue let Li Beiqi went to Jishan Bofang to collect the body of the young woman. She went to Baili Hongyi overnight. Baili Hongyi tasted the dishes, wrote down an acceptable comment, and asked the shopkeeper Qin to send someone to the mansion to collect the money with this sign. The shopkeeper Qin happily closed his mouth from ear to ear.

When the buddy came to Baili Mansion, Shen Fei recognized that the two characters were written by Baili Hongyi, but they were different in the usual way. Shen Fei asked Yunzhi to take the buddy to the ledgers to collect the money. He was worried about an accident with Baili Hongyi. Go to Guanglin Inn to save people. Wu Siyue hurriedly came to Baili Hongyi, and when she learned the whole story, she went to the inn to find someone.

Baili Hongyi checked Kang Zhanbi’s room and found that the clogs under the bed were all left feet. Obviously, a pair of clogs were taken away after the murder. He concluded that there was another person living in the room. Wu Siyue came afterwards. She and Baili Hongyi came to find shopkeeper Qin together. Shopkeeper Qin tried to cover up. Wu Siyue threatened him and intimidated him. He had to admit that another person was Kang Jin, but Kang Jin had disappeared.

He couldn’t get in touch, he kept hiding it because he was afraid of getting into trouble. When Gao Bingzhu returned to Bad Well, he heard his friends waiting for him to drink from a distance. Gao Bingzhu came to the room but found no one. He came to his home as if he heard his mother’s request that he must find his sister. Ah Tan, Gao Bingzhu thought of his family members and friends who had died, and his heart was like a knife.

Gao Bingzhu was sitting on the ground feeling sad, and suddenly heard the ugly man shouting to him, Gao Bingzhu holding the ugly man and crying, vented all the grievance and resentment accumulated in his heart. He regretted taking his friends out of the bad well. , Chouweng kindly persuaded him, persuading him not to take all the guilt on his head, Gao Bingzhu learned from his pain, and decided to find the master behind Wang Dengcheng and Shiliuye to completely destroy his conspiracy. Chouweng forbids him. He is nosy, so that he can stay in the bad well with peace of mind, Gao Bingzhu has decided.

Pei Jian led people to seal up Jishan Bofang, and Zhang Qiu made Zhi Shiliuye dead. She sent people to investigate carefully and learned that Gao Bingzhu had been looking for Shiliuye and that Baili Hongyi had not met with the supervision of the Ministry of Engineering. It was Pei Jian’s subordinate, Zhang Qiu, who inferred that the death of Sixteen Nights was related to the two of them.

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