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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 9 Recap

Suddenly, Xu Longxiang’s reputation spread, and the capitals of the capital have cast olive branches. Even though Wudang was once prosperous, it has long since fallen. The head Wang Chonglou cultivated the rhubarb court technique and became a well-known master in the world. However, the martial arts are weak. Imperial decree.

On the other hand, Dragon Tiger Mountain is the world’s number one sect appointed by the royal family. It is rumored that the four great masters of Zhao surnamed Zhao, including Zhao Xituan, sit in town. Therefore, Zhao Xituan bluntly said that only Dragon Tiger Mountain could protect Xu Longxiang comprehensively, and at the same time said that his coming this time was related to Jian Jiuhuang.

Because it involves the top secret of the imperial family, Zhao Xituan has to tell Xu Fengnian separately that Lao Kui consciously leaves, and Jiang Ni is unwilling to be contaminated with right and wrong, and simply waits outside the door. Lao Kui saw that Jiang Ni had a good impression of Xu Fengnian, and advised her to cherish it as soon as possible, not to regret it is too late, as everyone knows, Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni have long been doomed to life and death.

When the people retreated, Zhao Xituan said to Xu Fengnian that there was a nobleman surnamed Zhao hiding in Longhu Mountain. This person is comparable to the ancestors of the Liyang Dynasty. He seeks the ultimate martial arts in his life, and the world is the highest, but Wang Xianzhi of Wudi City does not Became his only hindrance. Because of this, Lao Huang reached a deal with the nobleman surnamed Zhao, and was willing to use martial arts as a reason to test Wang Xianzhi’s falsehood, on the condition that Longhushan protect Xu Longxiang.

It just so happens that Zhao Xituan, who specializes in mental techniques, has strict requirements on his apprentices and must be amazed. Xu Longxiang is a rare genius in this century, and he meets the conditions for inheriting the mantle. Although Lao Huang had paved the way for Xu’s family and Longhushan was a good choice, Xu Fengnian still insisted on his original decision and wanted to take his brother home.

As soon as these words came out, Xu Longxiang suddenly broke in and said that he wanted to go to Longhushan with Zhao Xituan, but Xu Fengnian had to agree to his brother’s insistence. Before leaving, Xu Fengnian repeatedly emphasized that Zhao Xituan should take good care of Xu Longxiang, not to beat and scold Xu Longxiang, and at the same time leave Xu Longxiang’s hairpin as a thought.

Unexpectedly, the group was preparing to set off, and suddenly received the news that Lao Huang had died in Wudi City. According to the letter, after Lao Huang arrived at Wudi City, he first found a tavern and ordered two or two rice wine, half a catty of beef with soy sauce, and a plate of peanuts. On the day of the competition, at the head of Emperor Wu, Wang Xianzhi arrived, and the five swords in the old yellow box came out, and the eight-style battle took turns.

It was not until sixty-eight strokes that Lao Huang used Jian Jiuqin to destroy Wang Xianzhi’s sleeve robe, and the two were evenly matched. Fighting another forty-nine moves, Lao Huang finally sat facing north, exhausted, and left the sword box on the city wall, humming a weird ballad, and died without regret.

After reading the letter, Xu Fengnian was deeply saddened by this, and begged Zhao Xituan to pass the letter to him as a souvenir. After hearing the news, Lao Kui came and marveled at the legend that Jiuhuang’s six-thousand-mile stroke has become a legend. His deeds are circulating in the arena, but it is the Lao Huang who abandoned his sword and just wants to be a young master horseman, how many more will there be People remember.

Then for several days, Xu Fengnian was in a daze holding the letter paper, reading it over and over again and again, tearfully recalling the six-thousand-mile journey with Lao Huang for three years, vividly vividly remembered. Jiang Ni knows that Xu Fengnian values ​​love and righteousness, so he doesn’t want to give up old Huang. Through this incident, he strengthened Xu Fengnian’s martial arts heart, determined to practice sword skills, went to Wudang to fight Wang Xianzhi, and retrieve the sword box.

But this matter is not easy to say, the realm of the two is tens of thousands of miles apart, they are not on the same level at all, and the road is long and hindered. Xu Fengnian persuaded Lao Kui to teach himself martial arts and stood with his sword against the stone for half an hour. Later, Lao Kui taught Xu Fengnian four movements and asked him to practice four thousand times a day.

Hong Xixiang believes that Xu Fengnian’s optical martial arts moves are not enough to defeat Wang Xianzhi. After all, Wang Xianzhi is proud of the Emperor Wucheng. Xu Fengnian mentioned that Longhushan was going to write a statement to Wudang. After Hong Xixiang learned about it, he immediately went to discuss with Wang Chonglou.

Lao Kui admitted that Xu Fengnian was born to practice the sword, but even if he practiced the sword technique, his internal strength is insufficient, and he is still empty. Huo’s power contends with Wang Xianzhi. Xu Fengnian was naturally unwilling, so he came to the waterfall to practice zhenqi, thinking about how to cut off the waterfall with a knife, but he hurt his hand.

This scene happened to be seen by Hong Xixiang, who combined his fist skills to cut off the waterfall easily. Xu Fengnian was deeply inspired and practiced against Wudang basic swordsmanship. That night, when Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni talked about three years of travel, Huang once persuaded him to practice martial arts. At that time, he was young and vigorous and thought that wisdom would be enough, but now he thinks it is a big mistake. If he learns martial arts well, he can protect the people around him. Not to be hurt.

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