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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 8 Recap

Accompanied by Lao Kui at the bottom of the lake, Xu Fengnian came to Wudang Mountain. Not only did he see Wang Chonglou, the head of Wudang Mountain, but he even saw Hong Xixiang, the ox-riding Taoist who made his eldest sister leave Beixing in regret. Even if the head was present, Xu Fengnian couldn’t control too much. He rolled up his sleeves and rushed over to beat Hong Xixiang violently. On the other hand, Wang Chonglou seemed to turn a blind eye and still introduced Hong Xixiang’s identity with a smile.

As the youngest and best uncle teacher, Hong Xixiang naturally became the next head, but this prospective head saw Xu Fengnian like a mouse and a cat, even if he was knocked down to the ground, he did not resist. The reason for this is mainly traced to the love-hate relationship between Xu Fengnian’s eldest sister Xu Zhihu and Hong Xixiang.

When Xu Zhihu first went to Wudang Mountain, he had a deep admiration for Hong Xixiang, the younger brother of Wudang. When Hong Xixiang saw Xu Zhihu dressed in red, he was like a fairy, and he fell in love at first sight. However, when we met for the second time, Xu Zhihu was about to marry Jiangnan. Hong Xixiang insisted on his master’s order and made the vow that he would not be number one in the world and would never go down the mountain, thus breaking the relationship between the two.

Nowadays, Xu Fengnian still has some resentment towards Hong Xixiang, but the most important thing at the moment is to find his brother Xu Longxiang first. Knowing that his brother’s roots had not been removed, Xu Fengnian breathed a sigh of relief, and was about to take him back to Beifang. On the contrary, Xu Longxiang was reluctant to leave because his father had told him that if he returned to Beifang again, it would cause Xu Fengnian to be very serious. trouble.

Wang Chonglou saw this situation, so he persuaded him, thinking that if Xu Longxiang returned to Beifang, he would be involved in the dispute of rights, and eventually the two brothers would be victims. Therefore, Wang Chonglou suggested that Xu Longxiang stay in Wudang first, and he promised Xu Fengnian that he would not destroy Xu Longxiang’s roots before making a decision.

Considering the importance of this matter, Xu Fengnian no longer insisted on it. Wang Chonglou took Xu Longxiang back to the Taoist temple first, and Lao Kui also went to stroll around. Hong Xixiang was not used to being alone with Xu Fengnian, and seemed nervous and scared the whole time, even drinking tea was cautious.

After a long silence, Hong Xixiang talked about the incident. He supported Wang Chonglou’s view. Only Xu Longxiang staying in Wudang was the safest. Even if Xu Fengnian’s meeting involved the Liyang imperial family, in Hong Xixiang’s opinion, the royal family never dared to rob people, so this sentence also awakened Xu Fengnian.

On the other side, Zhao Fengya, Princess of Suizhu, learned through Sun Diao Temple that the Xu Fengnian brothers had left Lingzhou and went to Wudang Mountain one after another, so she ordered to set off as well. It is precisely because Xu Fengnian broke the contract privately that Zhao Fengya has become a joke among the people. Now she wants to return the humiliation she suffered to the other side.

Xu Fengnian hadn’t figured out the answer yet, so he decided to live in Wudang Mountain for a few more days, so he got Lao Kui’s support. While the two were talking, Jiang Ni suddenly went up the mountain with a big baggage on his back, and blamed Xu Fengnian for not carrying a change of clothes and supplies when he came out, so that he carried himself from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

Xu Fengnian was naturally very happy to see Jiang Ni caring about herself so much. In the evening to rest, Jiang Ni laid a mattress for Xu Fengnian because there was only one bed in the room, and then walked to the window and sat down alone. Xu Fengnian’s offer to exchange was rejected. Seeing Jiang Ni drowsily leaning against the window, worried that she would be uncomfortable, so he put the Chunlei sword under her head.

That night, Xu Fengnian stared at Jiang Ni’s sleeping face in a daze, and at the same time distressed her experience. If there was no war, she would still be Princess Xichu. The next morning, Jiang Nai went out to wash and found that the soil in the yard was suitable for planting and should not be so deserted, so Hong Xixiang took him to the vegetable garden to choose some vegetables.

The chef discovered that someone had stolen the food and hurriedly reported to Wang Chonglou. As everyone knows, Wang Chonglou had already learned about it, and instead of revealing it, he laughed in relief. At the same time, Jiang Ni had just planted the vegetables, and suddenly saw the team of Longhushan, and couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Xu Fengnian and his younger brother were chatting in the mountains and learned that he lives in the Zizhu Forest. As soon as he was about to enter, he was stunned by an internal force. When Xu Fengnian woke up, Xu Longxiang was already beside him, indicating that he was stunned by the sword spirit of the wooden swordsman. Through these few days, Xu Longxiang has become more comfortable with the environment of Wudang Mountain. He hopes that his eldest brother can return to Beifang and stop worrying about his own affairs.

Xu Longxiang’s sensibility made Xu Fengnian very heart-warming. Just as he was moved by his brotherhood, Lao Kui ran to tell Longhushan to send someone to look for Xu Longxiang. Xu Fengnian told his younger brother to hide and don’t show up, but he and Lao Kui rushed over, and happened to see Zhao Xituan, the Tianshi of Longhushan, come out of the sedan chair.

The brothers in Wudang Mountain were extremely dissatisfied with Longhu Mountain. Wang Chonglou asked Hong Xixiang for his opinion, but Hong Xixiang believed that more is worse than less. On the other hand, Zhao Xituan opened the door to express his intentions, hoping that Xu Fengnian could hand over Xu Longxiang. Xu Fengnian asked Lao Kui and Zhao Xituan to fight, unexpectedly, just after a few moves, Zhao Xituan suddenly mentioned Jian Jiuhuang.

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