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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 7 Recap

Since Xu Fengnian sent off Lao Huang, he has welcomed his honorary gift within a few months. But on this day, when the snow fell, Xu Fengnian went to listen to Chaoting to find his father. He happened to see Nangong servant shooting and dancing in the snow. For a while, he couldn’t help but be fascinated.

On the other hand, Xu Xiao is cautious and always wary of Nangong Pu shot. Although he has sent people to inquire many times, he still failed to dig out his roots, which is really suspicious. Li Yishan believes that Xu Xiao must believe in Xu Fengnian’s vision and praise that this woman is a dragon and a phoenix among people, and that all living beings will be defeated within ten years.

As they were talking over there, Xu Fengnian waited for Nangong Pushang to finish martial arts, and actively invited her to participate in the ceremony, but Nangong Pushang didn’t like the excitement and tactfully refused. At this time, a secret report came from Longhushan, informing Lao Huang that he had set off and was on his way to Wudi City. Xu Fengnian thought that Huang could come back as soon as possible after the fight, but he also thought that the king of the East China Sea Xianzhi had superb skills, extraordinary people could be enemies, and it was really unsettling.

As the celebration ceremony fell, Xu Xiao took Xu Fengnian out of the Beiming Palace, went straight to Chengdongshan Road, and arrived at the top of the mountain. The tomb of Princess Wu Su came into view. The butler and maid had been waiting for a long time. According to the ancient system, a man can enter the official ranks or enter the army after 20 lines and crowns.

Xu Xiao led Xu Fengnian to the tomb of his deceased wife, not offering sacrifices to the heavens and the earth, nor to the ancestors, but only to his mother, Wu Su. After a series of tedious steps were over, the sky was filled with goose feathers and heavy snow, which seemed to have a meaning, which made Xu Xiao sad. He immediately took out the ceremonial crown sewn by his deceased wife and put it on Xu Fengnian.

As everyone knows, the princess Wu Su of Beixing was born in the arena and she is a legendary woman who is quite famous. She once held the sword crown of the previous generation and walked the rivers and lakes as a male, just like the face of a white fox. Later, Wu Su met Xu Xiao, betrayed the Wu Family Sword Tomb for Xu Xiao, dressed in white plain clothes for the Northern Star Army, and entered the imperial city alone, domineering and heroic, shocking all beings.

In the mansion, she is virtuous and virtuous for his wife, is more loving than Jin Jian with Xu Xiao, is a mother and loves his children, even the righteous son will be regarded as his own, so after many years, he is still the god of the hearts of everyone. But everyone understands that there are many doubts about the cause of Wu Su’s death, not only the taboo of the Liyang Dynasty, but also the inner scars of the Xu family’s father and son.

Xu Fengnian knelt down in front of his mother’s tombstone to worship, expressing his longing for her. Afterwards, he and Xu Xiao stood on the top of the mountain to overlook the entire Lingzhou. Originally, Xu Fengnian thought that Xu Xiao had not forgotten to let himself take over Beifang. Who would have thought that he actually sent Xu Longxiang out of Lingzhou City in private.

Because Xu Fengnian refused to make a choice, Xu Xiao resolved his worries for him. Moreover, Xu Longxiang’s situation is very dangerous now. The reason why the military ministers will look at him is simply because he has special roots. Only by becoming an ordinary person will he not regenerate right and wrong. The only school that can make Xu Longxiang wash his muscles and bones is Wudang. .

However, Xu Xiao’s good intentions could not be understood by Xu Fengnian, and he even felt vicious. Xu Fengnian immediately ran home to pack his luggage, and wanted Nangong Pushe to accompany him to Wudang. However, due to Xu Xiao’s sake, Nangong Pushe tactfully rejected Xu Fengnian, because she could not leave Tingchao Pavilion. Her only goal in this life was to practice martial arts and seek justice for the dead.

Nangong Pushe gave the Chunlei Sword to Xu Fengnian for self-defense, and at the same time suggested that he go to Lao Kui for help. At first Lao Kui didn’t agree at all, but thinking of Lao Huang’s exhortation before leaving, he had to reluctantly agree. The two came to the horse ring, only to find that Xu Xiao had already transferred the horse to the barracks to prevent Xu Fengnian from going to Wudang to find his brother.

Fortunately, Jiang Ni noticed something was wrong beforehand and deliberately pulled down two horses and handed them to Xu Fengnian. Although she said tough words, she still cared about each other in her heart. Xu Fengnian and Lao Kui were about to go out of the city on horseback. They were again blocked by the soldiers who defended the city. Even Chu Lu Mountain was not in the city, but instead sent Xu Longxiang to Wudang Mountain.

At this time, the sound of the camp horn came out, and Xu Fengnian instantly thought of Ning Emei, and hurried to find him in the prison, indicating that Xu Xiao decided to destroy his brother’s roots. Ning Emei was shocked when he heard the words, and successfully helped Xu Fengnian open the city gate. He was walking outside when he suddenly saw Chu Lushan returning from a distance. Although Chu Lushan was ordered to keep Xu Longxiang in Wudang Mountain, he did not know Xu Xiao’s true intentions.

Lao Kui comforted Xu Fengnian not to worry too much. If he wants to destroy the roots, he needs Wu beware of the rhubarb court, but no one has practiced this skill in recent years, indicating that there is still a chance of life. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, Chu Lushan immediately said that the head of Wudang Wang Chonglou had already trained in the Rhubarb Court.

Before everyone left Lingzhou, Chen Zhibao chased him out on horseback and was responsible for passing on Xu Xiao’s message to Xu Fengnian. If he insisted on going to Wudang Mountain, he would have to let Ning Emei and Chu Lushan stay in Lingzhou City, and he had to think about it. How to choose. In order not to embarrass Xu Fengnian, Ning Emei and Chu Lushan readily agreed to stay.

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