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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 6 Recap

Since the last time his identity was exposed, Qingniao had no face to see Xu Fengnian again. He wanted to leave the house by himself, but was retained by Xu Fengnian and told him the secret of the dead man truthfully. It turned out that as early as the day Xu Fengnian was born, Xu Xiao began to train dead men in secret, using Tiangan as the code name, respectively A, B, C, Ding.

Because the dead men acted independently, they did not communicate with each other. During Xu Fengnian’s three years of travel, dead men B and Ding had both died for him. Except for the blue bird C, the last one is still a mystery. Jade Bird is unable to determine whether the sweet potato is related to A, but at least her origin is by no means ordinary. On the contrary, Lao Huang has the most doubts, and he is also the most trustworthy.

Especially in recent times, big and small things have happened frequently, Xu Fengnian can’t figure out his clues, and his whole person is like a mass of mud. Whenever he faces the difference between siblings and feet, he feels like he is now, with a deep sense of powerlessness. Looking at Xu Fengnian sullenly, Lao Huang seemed to make up his mind. He deliberately mentioned the old Qu Chu mad slave at the bottom of the lake, suggesting that he go to Nangong servant to shoot and use a knife to chop the iron wire of the meteorite, rescue him from the cage and put him in his own use.

In fact, Xu Fengnian and Chu Kuang slaves are also considered a little friendship, after all these years, they have been given some food every three or five years, and they have mixed faces. Xu Fengnian would naturally be particularly happy if he could subdue the opponent’s strong and powerful master, so when he and Nangong servant shot Chunlei, he came to Bibo Lake as soon as possible.

However, Xu Fengnian had no basis in martial arts, and it was impossible to cut it with brute force, so he handed the knife to Chu Kuangnu and let him solve it by himself. Xu Fengnian, Lao Huang, and Nangong Pu shot patiently waiting by the lake, but after a short time, the lake water changed drastically, and Chu Kuang slave splashed out with double knives, like a dragon going out to sea, full of momentum.

Yang Tian laughed and attracted the guardian Wei Shuyang, and saw him skimming towards the eaves with his long sleeves, rolled up a jet of water, and shot directly at Chu Kuangnu, but he was smashed by two knives. On the other hand, Wei Shuyang wanted to take advantage of the victory, but his skill was lost to Chu Kuang slave, and soon fell to the wind, losing with one move.

Xu Fengnian wanted to step forward to stop it, so much so that he was almost injured. Chu Kuangnu didn’t think about his life-saving grace just now, and didn’t even put him and the others in his eyes. Looking at Yu Nei, the opponent that Chu Kuang slave can value is probably only Li Yishan.

At this time, Lao Huang held the sword box and walked out slowly. Just as Chu Kuangnu wanted to fight Li Yishan, Lao Huang used the thunder to hide his ears and blocked his way with a beckoning sword. Xu Fengnian looked at the old yellow and thin figure, flying onto the roof, suddenly a little dumbfounded.

As the red sandalwood box opened upwards, nine famous swords appeared, and one of them rose into the sky. Old Huang and Li Yishan in the pavilion chanted several mantras at the same time. The sword is gone with the dragon and the snake, the two swords are combined with the lotus, and the sword is three weights and three catties. Old Huang Yujian’s prowess is so profound that Nangong Pu shot in amazement. He only used three swords to force Chu Kuang slaves to give up again and again.

This Chu Kuang slave had a lung armor in the spring and autumn of twenty years, and he was out of water like a dragon. He defeated the Shou Ge slave with one move. Among all the people present, Xu Fengnian was undoubtedly the most shocked. How did he know that the short and thin Lao Huang was actually second only to the sword god Li Chungang, who was on the same level as Deng Tai’a, and personally drove that Lao Kui into the bottom of the lake.

The battle ended quickly, and Xu Fengnian sat at the dinner table blankly, not yet fully recovered. Lao Huang looked like a changed individual, very majestic, but in fact threatened Chu Kuang slave to stay in the palace to protect Xu Fengnian, and he needed to go out to do something. With a two-month deadline, Chu Kuang slave had no other choice but to agree.

That night, Xu Fengnian confessed a few words to Blue Bird and Sweet Potato, and went to the other hospital to find Lao Huang. He learned that he was out to do two things mainly, one was to Longhu Mountain, and the second was Donghai Wudi City. Finished frame. Xu Fengnian has a little knowledge of Wudi City. He heard that the lord Wang Xianzhi is a master of the world. When he was young, he was famous in the world, and he was in the limelight. He clearly had the qualifications of No. 1 in the world, but he regarded himself as No. .

But until today, Xu Fengnian, through Huang’s narration, knew the real reason why the top of the list was hanging. In the early years, Lao Huang was originally a craftsman. A few years later he made swords and realized kendo. Since then, he has traveled all over the world and challenged Wang Xianzhi without his own ability. But only halfway through the fight did he realize that he would lose, so he escaped and left a handle. Huang Lujian is at the head of Emperor Wu’s city.

No one would laugh at the mysterious swordsman losing the game, because his opponent was Wang Xianzhi. Although the defeat was glorious, he was more curious about the origin of the swordsman. But Lao Huang knew that he was weak and afraid of death, and he was troubled by it for more than 20 years. Until the past three years, he traveled with Xu Fengnian, and finally realized that failure and death were not terrible, and avoidance would not solve any problems.

On the eve of his departure, Lao Huang sang that old tune to Xu Fengnian. Xu Fengnian could not figure out why he was obsessed with this song before, but now he understands that he is singing himself. Lao Huang wanted Xu Fengnian to give Jian Jiu a name. Xu Fengnian recalled that he had traveled six thousand miles in three years, and then he had Jianjiu six thousand miles.

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of parting, Xu Fengnian saw Lao Huang off, and the two exchanged gifts, both of which were salt in gourds, and couldn’t help feeling sad. Xu Fengnian accompanied Lao Huang through the long street. He was speechless. He finally stopped in front of the gate of Lingzhou and watched him lead a horse with a pot hanging from his waist.

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