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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 5 Recap

In a blink of an eye, Lin Tanhua was no longer generous. At this moment, like a concubine, she got up and bowed nervously, echoing his words. The knowledge he had learned all his life was used as flattery and became his life-saving straw.

Xu Fengnian withdrew all his servants, leaving Jiang Ni by his side, letting her take care of the oars and take Lin Tanhua on a boat trip on the lake. Li Yishan was upstairs in the Tingchao Pavilion, and he could see the lake through the window, but he chose to turn a blind eye, already predicting what Xu Fengnian would do next.

As the Qingzhou reached the middle of the lake, Xu Fengnian suddenly opened his mouth to break the silence and ordered Jiang Ni to stop and scatter the fish. Lin Tanhua calmly observed the surroundings to ensure that this assassination went smoothly and that no one could stop him. But he did not expect that Xu Fengnian used himself as a bait, not an impulsive move, but a perfect plan.

Seeing Xu Fengnian turned and jumped into the lake, Lin Tanhua followed him closely with his superb water. Just as he thought that victory was in sight, a shocking scene came into view. It was a place similar to a cage in the water. In the center was a man with his eyes closed and his limbs confined by chains.

The man opened his eyes, without any emotion, Xu Fengnian immediately gestured to him, asked for his help, and promised to take meat in return. Originally Jiang Ni was concerned about Xu Fengnian’s safety, but he also jumped down. He happened to see this scene. Before he could react, the man urged his internal skills to send the three to the shore.

Lin Tanhua lay beside him unconscious, but Xu Fengnian and Jiang Ni were unscathed. Jiang Ni was curious about the identity of the man at the bottom of the lake, but Xu Fengnian didn’t know much about it. He only knew that he had a deep inner strength. He often called him in the name of Lao Kui, and lived by eating raw fish and swim bladder every day.

Jiang Ni thought that Xu Fengnian had tempted her, and couldn’t help being a little annoyed. It wasn’t until Xu Fengnian swore on the spot that this gradually disappeared. Lao Huang prepared clothes for Xu Fengnian, how did he know that Xu Fengnian suddenly returned to the water, and soon got out again, holding the sword box he found at the bottom of the lake.

Although Xu Fengnian didn’t know the secret of the sword box, he always saw Lao Huang with him often and rarely left him. Lao Huang had mixed feelings for a while, and he had made a lot of determination to abandon the sword box, but soon Xu Fengnian discovered that perhaps it was a good luck for heaven, and he was destined to have no way to say goodbye to the past in this life.

That night, Xu Fengnian came to the prison alone and bluntly said that the Lin family was defeated. Whether he believed it or not, this had already caused a big mistake. Lin Tanhua still refused to believe it, thinking it was Xu Fengnian’s alarmist talk, but in fact he was not sure about it.

All things came to light, and Xu Fengnian could finally go to see Master and solve the puzzle. In just a few days after he returned, he suffered three assassinations. In front of him, there were remnants of the Chu State who cut off the road and besieged; afterwards, there was Yu Youwei, who danced with a sword to kill; , Recruiting serials, the killer is close at hand, but Yizhe is thousands of miles away.

Xu Fengnian took a break, and the game became clear, confirming that the mastermind behind the scenes was Jingan Wang Zhaoheng. As everyone knows, Jing’an King Zhao Heng was in Qingzhou and controlled the navy, and he could be regarded as choking Beizhu’s throat, but after all, he fought for the throne and could not be trusted by the emperor, so Qingzhou’s financial power was always controlled by the Hedong Lin family.

The Lin family is also the biggest obstacle if they want to fully take Qingzhou into their pockets. Zhao Heng’s strategy of winning stably shows that his city is extremely deep. After the three rounds of assassinations, the Lin family fell into a vortex of conspiracy, if the assassination succeeded, except for Xu Xiao’s eldest son, chaos in the north and benefited Qingzhou; if the assassination failed, they could also use Xu Xiao’s hands to get rid of the Lin family, Qingzhou soldiers and horses, and all of them could be started.

Unexpectedly, there is a situation outside the game, and there is a sky outside the game. Xu Xiao has long arranged a dark child to take over the financial power of Qingzhou, and this vital dark child is a shame disguised as a girl Fan. Lin Tanhua is a nerd, and he is silly to read. A crappy occasional arrangement can make him fascinated by him and bring him into the Beixing Palace without knowing it.

Xu Xiao ordered Shu Xiu to send a letter to Wang Linquan, asking him to destroy the Lin Family of Hedong step by step. Only at this moment did Lin Tahua truly confirm that the Lin Family was completely defeated. As for Jing’an Wang Zhaoheng, he had a far-reaching plan, and in the end he missed a move. As Li Yishan said, the game not only depends on the chess game, but also depends on the plan of the chess player.

Xu Fengnian was dealing with wisdom, so he didn’t get into the hearts of the people. When he took Li Yishan’s token to the deepest level of the prison, he actually saw Ning Emei who was supposed to be released. Coming out of the prison, Xu Fengnian immediately went to Xu Xiao to inquire about it. Unexpectedly, his biological father had known about the assassination plan of King Jing’an, so in order to eradicate the dissident, he simply used his tricks and gave the portrait of Xu Fengnian to the remnants of Western Chu.

Nowadays, many generals in the army praise Xu Longxiang, because of his natural power, which is rare in the world, and some people even support him to take over the military power and take charge of Beifang. Ning Emei is one of them. If you change to an ordinary person, the problem is that Xu Long Xiangkong is arrogant, and his mind is as simple and innocent as a child.

If you want to avoid Xu Longxiang being implicated, Xu Fengnian has to come forward to take on this big task. Xu Xiao pointed out two ways for him, either to kill Ning Emei with his own hands and punish the army’s ambitions, or to send Xu Longxiang away and draw a salary from the bottom. But Xu Fengnian was resolute and did not choose any of them, not only to protect Emei, but also to keep Xu Longxiang.

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