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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 4 Recap

Chen Zhibao is the head of Xu Xiao’s six sons. He is known as “Little Man Tu” and has the reputation of being a warrior in white. Liu, prestige is only under Xu Xiao, it can be called Beizhuding Haizhu, and his strength can find stability for the people of Beizhu, and it can also turn into ambition and chaos the three states.

Therefore, under Xu Fengnian’s temptation, Chen Zhibao stated that as long as he is there, Beifang will not be chaotic, and there is no such thing as a substitute. Xu Xiao lamented that Chen Zhibao is amazing and brilliant, but this kind of person is often the most difficult to conquer. The father and son have their own ideas. One is to pave the way for their son, with various intentions, and the other is to unintentionally take over Beifang, and want to be a slutty son and end this assassination storm as soon as possible.

Nangong Pu shot sitting on the promenade, staring at the Tingchao Pavilion next to her in a daze, but she kept her promise and would not take half a step before she resigned as a guard. When Xu Fengnian was in a good mood, he threw a roast chicken into the lake, and took Nangong Servant to listen to the Chao Pavilion. For Xu Fengnian’s strange behavior, Nangong Pushe felt a little puzzled, but not long after she had left, the roast chicken floating on the lake sank instantly.

Coming to the Tingchao Pavilion, Xu Fengnian gave a brief introduction to Nangong Pushe. All the magic weapons, treasures, secrets, and treasures of antiques are all here. Nangong Pushe wondered why Xu Fengnian, who sits in the Tingchao Pavilion that the world dreams of, didn’t take the opportunity to learn advanced martial arts, and felt that he should take over Beifang.

However, Xu Fengnian deliberately avoided talking and was about to leave. Suddenly he thought of something, so he asked for the saber shot by Nangong servant to hit the bookshelf. Wei Shuyang was so angry that Wei Shuyang ran downstairs, cursing and cursing, and he shut up immediately when he saw someone next to Xu Fengnian. Wei Shuyang was a slave of Chaoting Pavilion and an old man in the Beixing Palace. Xu Fengnian didn’t solve the assassination. He really had no face to go to see Master Li Yishan, and simply asked him a few words.

Lin Tanhua traveled a long distance to Lingzhou, and in the street angered the Xu family for taking advantage of the soldiers, seeing the court’s decrees invisible, and calling on the people in the city to resist these thieves. The common people had little literacy and could not understand Lin Tanhua’s tirades. Just as Xu Fengnian, Lao Huang and the others were watching the excitement, they suddenly saw a blind old man running to the carriage to touch the porcelain. Girl Fan spoke to defend her lover and reprimanded the old man for his unreasonable behavior. As a result, the more she argued, the more angry she was, and she almost took action.

Xu Fengnian knew the old man well, and hurriedly stepped forward to persuade him, and helped him back home. Through conversations, Jiang Ni learned that the old man was named Xu Yongguan, and he was the last rider of Yuguying. All the soldiers of the camp died in battle, but he survived. In these years, Xu Fengnian often visited Xu Yongguan and took good care of him. The reason why he concealed the identity of the son was more from guilt. After all, he was born and died for the Xu family and ended up like this.

At the same time, Lin Tanhua, accompanied by Ms. Fan, came to visit the palace. Unfortunately, his identity as the Lin family in Hedong didn’t work, and he immediately closed the door. At first, Lin Tanhua was a little arrogant. He boasted that the distinguished guests would come to the door and there would be a reception, but afterwards, there was no one to greet him. He finally felt dull and frustrated.

Because Lin Tanhua suffered such negligence, he had a worse impression of the Xu family. He pointed to the royal palace plaque and lamented that it was a trouble to the court. Once he was in power, the world would be ruined. Although Lin Tanhua failed to visit, he was still not discouraged and continued to stand outside the door until Xu Fengnian and the others came back.

Lin Tanhua didn’t know that Xu Fengnian was the son of Bei Meng, and regarded him as a kind person who had been helping the siege today. After entering Bei Meng Wang’s Mansion, he thought he was the son of the staff who served in the royal mansion. Just from the gate to the lake, Lin Tanhua kept chatting, especially when he heard Xu Fengnian’s derogatory words about his son, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed, praising him as an ambitious person who can speak righteously even in a dangerous situation.

After arriving at the lake, Xu Fengnian reported himself. Lin Tanhua realized that she was being teased. She wanted to let Girl Fan take the opportunity to assassinate. How did the green bird suddenly make a move, revealing the origin of the marksmanship. Girl Fan lost her martial arts to Jade Bird, and Lin Tanhua’s strategy was also used by Xu Fengnian to test Jade Bird, confirming that she was the dead soldier Xu Xiao sent to her side.

Seeing the assassination plan failed, Lin Tanhua instantly became discouraged, and quickly reacted, trying to separate his relationship with Girl Fan as much as possible. Xu Fengnian asked Lin Tanhua to kill Girl Fan to prove his innocence, but the sword fell in his hand as heavy as a thousand catties. As a scholar, Lin Tanhua had never killed a chicken, so how could he kill anyone?

After several struggles and hesitations, Lin Tanhua couldn’t bear to start, and begged Xu Fengnian to let Girl Fan go. In order to save her life, Lin Tanhua insulted Girl Fan in front of everyone, showing her cowardice and incompetence to the fullest, even Xu Fengnian couldn’t stand it, and ordered Qingniao to take Girl Fan away.

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